7 Tips To Get The Most Fun At Universal Studios Singapore

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As you’ve read about our adventure at the Universal Studios Singapore, we thought we might just want to share something more about the theme park to help you get more fun out of it. The fact is that Universal Studios is already fun, but there are many little things that may spoil your trip.

So if you’re planning a trip to USS anytime soon, we hope these 7 tips below will help you enjoy your entire day there!

1. Go On Off-Peak Days

If you’re traveling in Singapore for a week or plan to planning a visit with your family, do visit the Universal Studios Singapore on one of the off-peak days.?They are usually weekdays and non public holidays. Anything that is in the orange is a GO!?Check out for off-peak days in the USS Calendar.

*Black out?dates are days which Universal Studios Singapore expect huge number of visitors. They are dates like Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year? or any major public holidays. (Avoid these dates as much as you can!)

Huge crowd can spoil your adrenalized mood when you realized you have to queue 1 hour for a ride of 3 minutes. You don’t want that to happen. On an off-peak day with less crowd, you can even take popular rides (Return of the Mummy / Battlestar Galactica) multiple times in an hour!

With less people, you also don’t have to wait too long to get a photo with your favorite movie characters. The characters are out in the public at certain times only, and you have to queue to get close up with them.

And to Singaporeans…off-peak days also give you cheaper tickets. It does help you save some money!


2. Buy Your USS Tickets Online

Get your USS tickets online! Save your time queuing at the counter, so you can visit the park once you reach there. Queues can be seriously long especially on weekends, so you don’t want to waste 1 hour or so just to get the tickets.

Once you have purchased it online, you will receive an email with a booking confirmation letter and an e-ticket. Print it out and bring there. That’s all!

3. Forget about the past!

As you may have visited other Universal Studios in the world, or even Universal Studios Singapore before, it will be great to forget about the past experiences, and get a whole new one again. You don’t want to go around every ride and think “this ride looks like the one I had at Disneyland @ Japan or OceanPark @ Hong Kong. It better be good here, if not I’m not coming back again.”

Every ride is different, even you took the same ride before. Because the person sitting you will not be the same! (at least their screaming volume…)

4. Check Ride Restrictions

Some rides require their guests to be of certain height. Most, if not all, require children to be at least?122 cm, or be accompanied by adults throughout the ride.

You can check the full ride details in the park’s Rider’s Guide available at Guest Services Window at the front of the park.

5. Be Prepared To Get Wet

Rides like Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Shrek 4-D Adventure (a little) and shows like Waterworld will get you wet (Some want to get you wet on purpose). Get an extra top in case you need to change it. Otherwise, Singapore’s hot and sunny weather can also help to dry you up in minutes.

There are also ‘drying machines’ outside those ‘wet’ rides that can blow you dry. May cost you some money for this service.

6. Waiting Time

Some rides can make you wait for less than?5?minutes, but some might take you more than?45?minutes of waiting time.

If possible, get to the popular rides (Revenge for the Mummy, Battlestar Galactica) as early as you reach the park.

If you’re someone who is very passionate about roller coasters?(like me), then I would prefer you to purchase the?Universal Express?add-on pass to skip the crazy regular queues. This universal express pass is especially helpful if you go on peak day where there are huge crowds. (Those at the regular queues will be jealous of you!).

The universal express pass (Express and Express Unlimited) cost between $30-$50 (based on how many times you want to skip the queue for that ride.

If you go on a non-peak day, then don’t bother getting this express pass. Your queue might not even have people. You might even take the ride alone.

7. A Simple Bag Will Do

Keep your bag light as you’ll be having all around the park. But here are some essentials the you must have:

Bottled water:?one will do. There’s lots of water cooler around for you to refill.

Camera & batteries:?you will love to take pictures with the Hollywood characters, and all the attractions and show you see.

Light raincoat/Umbrella:?In case it rains?

Extra top:?as you know, some rides and shows will get you wet (depends on where you sit). Have an extra top with you if you need it.

Candy or sweets:?may help you feel cool (or reduce stress) after some scary rides.


Any Other Tips?

Here are just some tips from us to help you get the most fun out of USS. Do you have any other tips to share to help others get more fun there? Share them below!

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