Alkaff Bridge

The Alkaff Bridge is a vibrant and multi-colored bridge that you will not miss when you take a walk along Singapore River at Robertson Quay. This 55 metros bridge may just be another bridge from afar.

But taking a closer look, it does resembles a?boat!

The Alkaff bridge is shaped like a tongkang, which was a light boat used to ship goods along rivers in the early days of Singapore. The Singapore River used to be a trading port where businessmen gathered to trade.

The bridge was built in 1997 and was one of the three footbridges – Alkaff, Robertson, & Jiak Kim – built at Robertson Quay for convenient access between the two river banks.

But have you wondered why is the bridge called ‘Alkaff’? It is named after a prominent Arab family, Alkaffs, who were among the richest people in Singapore during the early 20th century.

The bridge was then brilliantly painted in 2004 by Filipino artist Pacita Abad, with 55 different colors, and 900 liters of paint, to make it Singapore’s first ArtBridge!

One just can’t miss the this colorful bridge without taking magnificent photos of it, especially during the night when it will glow under the stars!

Now, enjoy some of the amazing shots we have taken with the ArtBridge!
(If you have, do share with us your amazing shots of the bridge on our Facebook Page too!)

alkaff bridge

alkaff bridge

alkaff bridge

alkaff bridge

alkaff bridge

alkaff bridge

alkaff bridge


There are many bridges in Singapore, but not many are that striking like the Alkaff Bridge. However, another bridge that might intrigue you is this near?150 years old bridge!?Check it out!

Alongside the bridge are pubs and bars which comes alive at night! Have a walk along?Robertson Quay?and share with us your experience here!


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