Asian Civilisations Museum: Discovering Asia History

We might have seen the present?Singapore?with its tall and gorgeous skyscrapers and architecture, but we might not have seen the old Singapore as a popular trading port in the 1800s.

How about the?China?which started 2700 years ago with with Zhou dynasty? And have you wondered how major religions like?Islam?and?Buddhism?play an important role in whole of Asia?

asian civilisation museum

Before I visited the Asian Civilisations Museum, I had all the questions in my mind. No answers to any of them. But my craving for the answers to these mysteries are satisfied after the tour at the museum, which hold rich diversity and cultures of Singapore and many parts of Asia in the last 200 years.

I spent a whole?three?hours enjoying every part of the museum, which was once the?Empress Place Building, the government offices during Singapore’s colonial era.

asian civilisation museum


Asian Civilisations Museum sits along the Singapore River, and was just beside the Raffles Landing Site. The other wing of the Asian Civilisations Museum, which is now the Peranakan Museum, is located along Armenian Street, on north bank of the Singapore River.

In this page, let me share with you my experience and discovery in the galleries of the Asian Civilisations Museum. I have lots of pictures of rare and unique artifacts to show you, but nothing can beat your?own?experience at the museum!

The museum is so huge that there are several galleries for you to go to. There are the ones that will always be there to share with you about the history and culture of different places in Asia, while there are some temporary galleries that will only be exhibited for a certain period of time.

If you’d like to find out what you will expect at each gallery, click on the list below and explore!

asian civilisations museum singapore river gallery

Singapore River Gallery

The Singapore River Gallery brings you back almost 600 years ago to experience the life of Singapore’s most famous river – The Singapore River. Find out the business activities that the people then were involved in, and how this river played an important role in the growth and development of Singapore.


asian-civilisation-museum-southeast-asia-gallery3-08 Southeast Asia Galleries

The Southeast Asia Galleries brings you almost 2500 years of history in the region. There are 3 big galleries that showcase Southeast Asia, in its early days, its material world, and also its performing arts.



asian civilisations museum west asia quran

West Asia Galleries

West Asia galleries bring you to the land of the world’s three largest religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It provides you in depth knowledge and discovery of each religion, and the artifacts that dated hundred years ago.



asian civilisations museum china gallery

China Gallery

The once-sleeping giant, China, has a long history that dates back almost 2700 years ago. Discover highlights of the imperial system which lasted 2200 years, their family systems, and their religions and culture.



asian civilisations museum south asia

South Asia Galleries

With a history that dates back more than 5000 years ago, South Asia can probably be considered the oldest civilisation in the world. Walk through its long historical journey to learn about their beliefs, values, cultures, religions, customs, of which many are still practiced today (including Singapore!).


Visitors’ Info

Opening hours:

Monday: 1pm – 7pm
Tuesday – Sunday: 9am – 7pm (to 9pm on Friday)

Admission charges:
(Admission may vary during special exhibition)


  • All Singapore citizens and permanent residents (just bring your ID for verification)
  • All visitors under 6 years old



Family Package (max 5): $24

Discounted admission on Friday nights 7pm-9pm:

Individual: $4

Guided Tours:

Free guided tours for public are available daily (except on Public Holidays and Open House Days).

Yay or Nay?

We can say you’ll love the Asian Civilisations Museum if you love to travel back in time and discover how’s life like then. It will be your ‘playground’ because you get to see quite a lot of things about Asia thousands of years ago. We can say this museum is quite comprehensive in covering the different aspects of the history of Asia.

However, you may not like the museum if you’re not ‘that type of museum person’. If history doesn’t excite you, then it can be quite dull looking through the stories and rare exhibits at the galleries. It may be even tiring for you to walk through them, as it is quite huge!


What Say You?

This is probably my first trip to the Asian Civilisations Musuem myself. I was here previously, but it’s because of my school’s program. But I can say this time, it is indeed a wonderful and meaningful trip to travel back to the Asia thousands of years ago. You might not see Asia the same way again!

asian civilisations museum

So how’s your discovery of Asia at the Asian Civilisations Museum? Share with us in the comments below!


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