Singapore Landmarks Archive

Raffles Landing Site

The polymarble statue at Raffles Landing Site commemorates the arrival of Sir Stamford Thomas Raffles (1781-1826) on 29 January?1819. When Raffles arrived in Singapore in search of a new trading port for the British East India Company, it was merely a

Merlion Park

If someone asked for proof that you’ve been to Singapore, simple!?Just show them the photo you had with the Merlion! The Merlion is said to be the?iconic?landmark of Singapore. The one you see beautifully located right here is at the Merlion

Elgin Bridge

Elgin bridge?is said to have existed long as early as 1819, the year when Sir Stanford Raffles landed in Singapore. Then, it was just a footbridge to link the Chinese merchants on the southern side of the Singapore River to the

Cavenagh Bridge

The?Cavenagh Bridge?is one of the oldest bridges, and the only suspension bridge in Singapore. Located along Singapore River, the Bridge was originally built to link the two banks of the river during the 1800s when Singapore was still under the Government

Alkaff Bridge

The Alkaff Bridge is a vibrant and multi-colored bridge that you will not miss when you take a walk along Singapore River at Robertson Quay. This 55 metros bridge may just be another bridge from afar. But taking a closer look,

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