Cavenagh Bridge

The?Cavenagh Bridge?is one of the oldest bridges, and the only suspension bridge in Singapore. Located along Singapore River, the Bridge was originally built to link the two banks of the river during the 1800s when Singapore was still under the Government British India.

It is kind of amazing that this near 150 years-old bridge is still standing strong and intact after so many years.

Before the bridge was built in 1868, people who wanted to get across the Civic District on the northern bank to the Commercial District on the southern bank, had to go via a detour over?Elgin Bridge, or pay one cent for a boat ride.

cavenagh bridge


The bridge was first known as the Edinburgh Bridge, to commemorate the visit of Duke of Edinburgh to Singapore, but was changed in honor of?Major General WIlliam Orfeur Cavenagh, who was the last India-appointed Governor of the Straits Settlement between 1859-1867.

The construction of the Cavenagh Bridge replaced the ferry services across the river, and allowed rickshaws, vehicles, horse and ox carts to move across with ease. However, flourishing trade on the Singapore river in the late 1880s caused the bridge to be overloaded.

To cope with these problems, the police had to erect signs on both ends of the bridge to restrict heavy transport. And yes!?Both signs still stands today!?(Check out the sign below!)

The Bridge then underwent a 5-month refurbishment work to preserve and strengthen its structure, for it has been there since Singapore’s colonial years.

Lightings and decorations are also added to complement the Fullerton Hotel (which is sited just beside the bridge), and the night-scenery of Singapore river.

Now, how about landing your feet on this?150 years old?bridge?

cavenagh bridge

cavenagh bridge

cavenagh bridge

cavenagh bridge

cavenagh bridge

cavenagh bridge


The?Alkaff bridge, just like the Cavenagh, is also one of the bridges that attract our (and many other people’s) attention along Singapore River. That’s why welove?taking photographs of them!

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