Changi Boardwalk: Best Place For Sunrises?

Catching sunrises can be a very romantic thing to do.

If you’re an avid fan, then you must watch the sunrise at Changi Boardwalk! As the sun rises from the east, catching it at the Changi Boardwalk or the Changi beach gives you the best view of the morning sun!

We’ve caught the sunrise at Changi Boardwalk, and if you’d like to find out how you can catch the best sunrise, at the best timing and location, then this page is for you. Check out some of the breath-taking ?sunrise pictures we have taken too!

changi boardwalk sunrise


Getting The Best Out of the Sun

As the sun rises from the east, Changi, which is the extreme east of Singapore, would be where the sun will rise from. The sun will start to rise at about 7 to 7.10am. However, that’s not the time you should be there. You should be there at least 30 minutes earlier, for some ‘pre-sunrise’ view, or finding the best spots to watch the sun rise.

We reached Changi Boardwalk way earlier, and 6 am, to enjoy the fresh morning air, and a quiet walk along the waters. The boardwalk starts near to the Changi Ferry Terminal (where you board the ferry to?Pulau Ubin).

changi boardwalk sunrise


The Changi Boardwalk is built around the Changi coast, so people like us can walk safely around the coast, and enjoy the sea view, without falling into the waters. Just follow the route, and enjoy the different seaviews as you go. You will then reach a small hut, where it will show you the map of Changi Coastal walk. Stay there, and that’s the spot to catch the morning scenery.

changi boardwalk sunrise


The sky between 6 and 6.30am is still dark, and there’s nothing much to see, other than listening to little waves hitting the beach.

changi boardwalk sunrise


The morning sky is so spectacular that we almost forget the main activity is still to catch the sunrise! See, even this kitten has woken up to catch the sun too!

changi boardwalk sunrise


Just before the sun rise, you can decide to stay along the boardwalk, or go to the beach opposite to catch it. The view at from the beach will be better, as you will see the full Egg Yolk, a.k.a the sun.

changi boardwalk sunrise


But we decide to stay along the boardwalk to catch the full sunrise. And to get more amazing shots of the same location, at different timing of the sunrise.

7.10am! Sun rays piercing through the clouds and leaves. What a way to welcome this wonderful morning!

changi boardwalk sunrise




The sun has risen! What a way to start your morning! But hey!…How can you just leave Changi after catching the spectacular sunrise?

Ok… unless you are rushing to office for work or home for laundry, I recommend you to try some of the best local food at Changi Village. Like the roti prata below. Then… go ahead and start your day!

changi village roti prata


Visitors’ Information

How to get there?

The Changi Boardwalk is located just beside the Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Once you found the terminal, you are there!

For specific directions to Changi Point Ferry Terminal,?click here.


MRT and Buses to Changi Point Ferry Terminal?

1)?Take the?MRT?to?Tanah Merah?MRT Station (Exit B)
Board bus service no. 2.?Ride is about 30 minutes

2)?Take the?MRT?to?Tampines?MRT Station
Board bus service no.?29.

Ride is about 20 minutes. Both bus services will terminate at?Changi Village Bus Terminal, and Changi Point Ferry Terminal is just a 5 minute walk from it.

How much to pay to watch the Changi Boardwalk Sunrise?

Obviously it’s free!


Yay or Nay?


Why you might love the Changi Boardwalk Sunrise:

  • It’s a romantic activity to catch a sunrise with your loved ones
  • Scenic and jaw-dropping views one would die for
  • A quiet and peaceful time with nature, when everyone else is sleeping
  • A magnificent way to start your brand new day
  • Getaway from the busy city


Why you might not love the Changi Boardwalk Sunrise:

  • You have to get up very early, or not sleep at all for the whole night. By the way, it is really not easy for us to wake up at 5.40 am and reach there before 7. But the sunrise is worth the effort! (At most… you can go back home to sleep after you catch the sunrise!)
  • You might stay far away from Changi, which makes transportation inconvenient for you. (Stay at Changi then!)


What Say You?

changi board walk sunrise


Honestly, catching the Changi Boardwalk Sunrise can be tiring. Waking up early in the morning when everyone else is sleeping. But once you caught it, your mood will lightens up, and makes you feel happy for the rest of the day. Did you manage to catch the sun at Changi Boardwalk?

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