East Coast Park: Fun At Singapore’s Largest Park

The East Coast Park is a 185 hectare park located at the east of Singapore. It is very popular for many visitors and locals who made the trip there for its beaches, food and greenery.


The park is also one of our favorite hangouts, where we can have a whole morning of?outdoor activities?with our friends, or take a romantic night stroll along the beaches.

Also, not forgetting they have a food centre which sell some of Singapore’s best?local food?too!


What can you do at East Coast Park?

If you ask me about all the things you can do at the East Coast Park, then this page might not be long enough to list down all the activities. But I can tell you,?choices are aplenty here!?Visitors and locals, mostly who stayed at the east, loved the park for its huge grassland, sandy beaches and its unpolluted air.

During?weekends, families will pitch their tents and camp overnight at the park. At night, couples will take long strolls along the seaside to enjoy the breeze.



Staying in the east, East Coast Park is one of our?favorite hangouts?too! It is an excellent location for outdoor activities with your friends and families.

Cycling?is one of the most popular activity at the park. Nah, you don’t have to worry about bringing your bicycle. Bicycle rental shops at the park allow you to rent their bicycles, all kinds of bicycles at affordable prices, for any number of hours!



If you are going there with your kids, don’t worry too. You can rent a ‘family bicycle’, which somehow looks like a trishaw, in which a person will ride with 2 passengers behind him. Just like the image you see above.






How about roller-blading?

Roller blading, or in-line skating, is also one of the popular activities at the park too! Some skaters brought their own skates, while some rent it at the park.

For me and Valerie, we both love roller blading and cycling, but we chose to roller blade here because it’s safer (than the public roads outside).We brought our own blades there.Fret not if you don’t have blades with you.

You can?rent?it there. Better, they provide disposable socks for you too!

If you do rent, rent in longer period of hours (3 hours), so you can skate as much as you want. If you get more hours, you may get a good deal from the owner too.

We can skate, but not like those professional skater (below) who literally ‘run’ with their skates, making it such an easy feat!



Likewise, you will also find?beginner skaters?picking up the ropes and falling down along the way.If you see them, do give them ample space for them to learn! If you see us, do give us some space too, or we might fall on you!




Other than skating or cycling along the park lanes, there is also a beautiful?lake?within the park. Take a rest beside the lake, before you continue your ride. The sunny?beaches?at the East Coast park is also what draw people there during weekends.

You can find hunks and babes clothe in shorts and bikinis, tanning their skin under the sizzling sun, or little kids building majestic sand castles along the coastline.



For us, we just simply love to take off our shoes, and walk bare foot along the shore, and let the water brush our feet. It’s really cooling.?Love swimming?But It’s not advisable to swim here. However, it’s still okay to dip yourself in the water near the shores. Just to note that, there’re?no lifeguards?on duty watching the beach!?(the waters can be dirty too…You Won’t Even Think Of Going In!)



Going down along the park, there is the?East Coast Park Seafood Centre, where you will find a row seafood restaurants built along the park. You can have your?seafood, and other?local culinary delights?along the seashore!



The seafood restaurants open in the evening only, and they are usually packed with crowds. Moving forward, you will find a new $8-million dollar installation at the park, a world-class?Xtreme Skate Park – Ski360.?It is water skiing or wakeboard using the pull of a cable system (instead of a speedboat), that goes around the lagoon.



We are not wakeboarders ourselves, but we are?thrilled?by the moves and stuns of the wakeboarders inside the SkatePark. Some skied and somersaulted, while some ended without their wakeboard. If you like to give it a try, the Ski360 Proshop has all the equipment you need and there will be instructors guiding you too.

If you start riding or skating from where we rent our bicycles or roller blades, you would be tired like us. And that is when we?rest?our legs,?quench?our thirsts, and?cool?our body! Right after the Ski360 Skatepark is the?East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

It’s a village with hawker stalls selling some of the best Singapore local food! If you go at night, you will the food village packed with tourists and locals coming for dinner or supper.



And since we are tired after riding under the hot sun, we got ourselves some ice-cold sugarcane drink. Simply?the best drink?after our ride!


Visitors’ Info

How to go to East Coast Park?

By MRT >> Bus

Alight at?Bedok MRT Station, and take?Bus no. 401?from Bedok Bus Interchange to East Coast Park.

By Taxi

Flag a taxi anywhere, and you can alight at designated taxi stands at the park.

Get Directions Here!

If you’re still unsure how to get to the Park,?click here?for specific directions, where it will show you the step-by-step direction from?wherever you are?in Singapore to?East Coast Park!

or… you can drive to the park like this cute little kid!



Yay or Nay?


Why you might love East Coast Park:

  • A great place for family and friends’ gathering
  • Safe and suitable place for kids to run around
  • Beaches for sun tanning and sand castles
  • Ample space for cycling and roller-blading
  • Local food at East Coast Lagoon Food Village
  • Seafood at East Coast Seafood Centre
  • Cool and breezy walk at night


Why you might not love East Coast Park:

  • Not very accessible
  • Mosquitos galore!
  • Can be overcrowded with people on weekends
  • Parts of the beach may be dirty and littered
  • Dirty waters. Not suitable for swimming
  • If you don’t cycle or skate…then you need to walk a lot!


What Say You?

East Coast Park?is one of our favorite places for outdoor activities. Though we are exhausted at the end, it is fulfilling! So what other activities have you done at the park? Share it with us in the comments below!


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