From London To Scotland: Via Overnight Sleeper Train

We arrived from Singapore to London via the SQ Suites, probably the most prestigious and luxurious cabin seats we ever had. You can read more about our Singapore to London SQ A380 Suites experience here.

Once we arrived in London, our next stop is Edinburgh, Scotland. (We’ll tour London, but that’s the following week).

And there’s many ways to travel to Edinburgh from London. You can take a 1hour-plus flight, or drive a few hours up, but we chose a unique way.

Via a 7 hour Caledonian Sleeper Train!?

How is it like taking a sleeper train?

Is it another ‘first class suites’ experience?

You’ll find out!

Boarding The Caledonian Sleeper Train

The Caledonian Sleeper train departs from Euston train station in London. We arrived in London at about 3+ pm (London Time), so we just hang around the London city and Euston area, as our train ride was at 2330 hrs.

A train station with lots of train timings. But it was easy spotting ours. Prior to our departure, we also bought some bread for our breakfast for the next day (because we’re not sure if we will be served any food on board).

The Cabin

Our ride was at 2330 hours, but we boarded at 2230 hours (1 hour earlier), because we were too tired from the jet-lag. Luckily, the train was already parked there for boarding since 2200 hours.

We made our way in, and carried our luggage to our cabin.

Wow. The walkway was sooooo narrow. It doesn’t have the space for me to pull the luggage on the walkway.

Then we entered the cabin….

That’s the double-decker bed cabin we had.

Can’t see the floor space?

Ahh.. doesn’t matter la. Just imagine the floor space is just enough to put our 2 luggage. That’s all.

Which also mean there’s no space for us to step and walk out.

Ok there is. Just have to find little gaps between the luggage for us to place our foot.

So that’s the bed.

Not that bad. It’s thick, comfy, and long enough for our bodies. Even for me at 1.78m.

So she took the upper deck, I took the lower one.

That’s what we meant by ‘First Class to No Class’.

But we won’t complain.

The Journey

We did a simple clean up (no place to bathe) using a small basin in the cabin. It has hot water though!

We then changed into our pj, light off, and slept, even before the train departed the station.

That’s how tired we were.

And so the train ride began.

How’s The Ride?

We slept really well throughout the entire ride, as it’s really smooth. Really.

We thought that there might be noise from the tracks or outside, or bumps or jerks. But no.

I did open my eyes 1-2 times, but it’s more of curious if the train is moving. I was also quite worried I might oversleep and forget to alight.

But there’s nothing to see as it was all pitch dark outside.

It was only about 6am when the sun rises and shines into the cabin.

At about 6.30am, the train staff knocked on our door and deliver us 2 cups of hot tea, which we ordered before we board the train. He also told us there’s some slight delay so we might arrive a bit later.

That’s fine for us. Extra time to snooze, and also pack up.

We waited a while more, and the train alighted at Edinburgh, without announcing it.

We frantically checked our Google map to see if we had arrived. We quickly dragged our bags, along that narrow walkway again, and jumped out of the sleeper train.

That’s how we arrived in Scotland after 7+ hours.

Booking The Sleeper Train Tickets

Before our trip, we already booked the caledonian sleeper train tickets on the website – It costs about 90pounds for each person. Looking at just the price alone for a train ride, it’s expensive.

But if you count that 90 pounds is for a train ride PLUS a good night sleep and arrive fresh in the morning at Edinburgh and ready for a new day, I can say it’s all worth it.

If you never took an overnight sleeper train before, try it!

But if you have, then just skip this and take the plane from London to Scotland, which is just over an hour flight. 🙂


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