G-Max Reverse Bungy & GX-5 Extreme Swing

Heard high-pitch screams at Clark Quay? don’t freak out! That’s the?G-Max Reverse Bungy!?It is wonderful to have the popular G-Max and GX-5 from New Zealand here in Singapore, to give you a taste of sudden thrill and adrenaline rush!

As Singapore’s terrain is restricted to do any bungy jump that you see in other countries, so the G-Max Reverse Bungy is probably the?closest?you can get. Nah, don’t you think it is any less hair-raising that the usual one!



The G-Max Bungy is located at Clark Quay Singapore. As you can see, there’s no other tall buildings surrounding the two cranes of the bungy. That means, you are?Free to FLY!

Instead of falling off high levels, you will sit in a capsule, drag down to stretch the rubber cords, and release in a split-second, like a rock flying out of thecatapult!

There’s nothing much you have to do. Just go inside the capsule…


And?UP?you go!


Maybe you can’t feel much from these pictures here, so it’s best left to feel it through this video…G-Max Reverse Bungy!

More fun? Now try the?GX-5 Extreme Swing?which is just next to the Bungy! It will bring you up 50 metres high, release, and let you swing like a pendulum, but traveling at over 120km/h!

Just watch how it?S..w..i..n..g..S!

Getting excited for the G-Max and GX-5 rides? Just go ahead!

Don’t worry about you flying out of the capsules. G-Max and GX-5 boast a proud?100% safety record?with over 1,000,000 jumps to its name!

The G-Max Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Giant Swing currently operate in over 7 countries around the world.

Visitors’ Information

Opening Hours:?
2pm until late, every day!



Ticket Prices:?
G-Max:?$49 per person
GX-5:?$49 per person

Videos:?(Yes, you can buy the video of you screammmming!!)
G-Max Video?(on DVD): $15
GX-5 Video?(on 1GB USB): $15
Both Videos?(on 2GB USB): $20

Terms & Condition:

We know all the fun and thrill these two rides can give us, but we have to know the risks involved too! Here are the terms and conditions that apply for both rides:

  • Riders must be at least?1.2m tall?and over 12 years of age.
  • All items must be removed from all pockets prior to riding.
  • Loose shoes, headwear, hair-clips and spectacles must be removed prior to riding.
  • Intoxicated persons?will not?be permitted entry!

Have you been on either rides?

Share your excitement with us in the comments below!


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