Gardens By The Bay: Enter The Garden City, Literally!

Gardens By The Bay is one of the latest attraction of Singapore in 2012. It is so popular that it hits?1 million visitors?less than two months after its opening!

Singapore has many nature parks and gardens, but what makes Gardens By The Bay so special?

The Gardens was constructed with the local government’s vision of a City in a Garden. It’s just behind the iconic?Marina Bay Sands, and very accessible with public transport. Tour groups have also added the Gardens to their tour itinerary!

So what really attracted so many people to the garden?

gardens by the bay


That’s probably what you’ll find out here!

We’ll share our review of the Gardens after our visit a month later after all the buzz, so we wouldn’t be squeezing with huge crowds spotting beautiful plant and flower species.


Enter Gardens By The Bay!

gardens by the bay

One doesn’t has to look far to spot the Gardens. Easily, you can see these?Supertrees?from a far. They are almost 50 metres high. Obviously, they are not natural trees, but special ones which can harvest solar energy!

Come at night, and you’ll see it glows!



Next are the gardens that give a taste of Singapore’s heritage: the?Chinese?Garden,?Malay Garden?and?Indian Garden?which represented the ethnic groups of Singapore, while the?Colonial?Garden?showcases about the nation’s past.

Each themed garden has its own uniqueness. The gardens are connected to each other, so entering one after another, makes you feel like you’ve just been to four countries.

The main highlight of the Gardens By The Bay, are the two conservatories;?Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. (Un)fortunately, they require tickets to enter. (See below for the rates.)

But for now, let’s leave the tickets aside, and see what’s inside!

Enter the?Flower Dome, needless to say, it’s about Flowers!

These flowers come from all over the world. We’re not botanists, so we can’t really give you the description of all the species there. But what we love, is that the colour and variety of flowers gives us the feeling of stepping into a fairyland (those you see in fairytales!)








So when we see so many flowers at once, we just couldn’t stop snapping pictures of them. Above are some of the colorful flowers taken. These are just a few only… out of the many hundred species!

The?Cloud Forest?which we enter next is also another fairyland. Full of flowers. But this time, it’s more of a jungle trail and “foresty” experience. The moment you push open the door?you’ll be sprinkled by this man-made waterfall.



You’ll feel really chilled (or what Singaporeans say, ‘shiok!’) if the sun is hot outside (usually it is). And that’s why we stood there and have our picture taken!

Although this waterfall is a man-made one, I wouldn’t complain much, as there isn’t a real one in Singapore! So this is the closest we can find here!

Standing closer to the waterfall doesn’t drench me, but trickle me with tiny water droplets.

What’s more? I saw a?rainbow?in the fall!


Proceed on, you’ll again find flowers, lots of them on the walls inside the dome. Yes, we’ve taken them all, throughout the whole jungle trail from the top down. More flowers for you!






At the end of the jungle trail, you will learn more about how Gardens by the Bay manage to self-sustain itself. A really creative and environmental friendly model, especially in times when we are encountering global warming?



Quite a pleasant trip to the Gardens by the Bay, which left us with a thought of protecting our Mother Earth, so we can continue to live healthily, and the flowers can continue to bloom beautifully.


Gardens By The Bay don’t look the same all year round though! On special occasions, the garden is specially dressed up to welcome the guests. If you go in the period between March and May, the garden will be occupied with tulips! ?That’s the season where tulips bloomed!


And if you’re there in the month of September to October…


With the Gardens redecorating itself throughout the year, you will never get bored going there again and again, for the entire year!


Visitors’ Information


Free [for Outdoor Gardens in Bay South]

Ticket prices for the Two Conservatories, OCBC Skywalk and Garden Cruiser:

*Local Resident Rates:

Ticket One
Conservatories ? ?
Skyway ? ??
Cruiser ?
Adult $12 $20 $5 $5
Senior Citizen
(= 60 years old)
$8 $15 $5 $5
(3-12 years old)
$8 $12 $3 $3

*Singapore citizens, permanent residents and those living in Singapore, including holders of employment passes, work permits or dependent passes.

Standard Rate:

Ticket Two
Conservatories ? ?
Skyway ? ??
Cruiser ?
Adult $28 $5 $5
Senior Citizen
(= 60 years old)
$28 $5 $5
(3-12 years old)
$15 $3 $3


Annual Passes:

Allows Unlimited entry to the two conservatories and OCBC Skyway for one year!

Ticket Annual Pass ? ??
Family Pass
2 adults + 3 Children (3-12 years old)
Individual Adult Pass $68
Senior Citizen Pass
(= 60 years old)


Opening Hours:

Bay South Outdoor Gardens:

  • Opens 5:00 AM – 2:00 AM daily

?Ticketing Hub:

  • Day Pass: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM daily
  • Annual Pass: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM daily

?Cooled Conservatories:

  • Opens 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM daily
  • Last ticket sale at 8:00 PM daily
  • Last admission at 8:30 PM daily

?OCBC Skyway:

  • Opens 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM daily
  • Monday – Friday
    Last ticket sale at 8:00 PM?Last admission at 8:30 PM
  • Weekends & PH
    Last ticket sale at 7:00 PM?Last admission at 7:30 PM


Yay or Nay?


Why you might love Gardens By The Bay:

  • Great garden experience in the city
  • Vast variety of plants and flowers
  • Unique plant species you won’t find in Singapore or Asia!
  • Attraction for the whole family. A science class for kids too.
  • Chilled and cooled environment in the Cloud Forest, which you would otherwise experience in the Amazon


Why you might not love Gardens By The Bay:

  • Can be very crowded, especially weekends
  • You need to pay $$ to see flowers. Not a thing for everyone
  • Upmarket dining… Not everyone is willing to pay $20 for a simple meal.
  • You’d rather visit a real natural garden!
    (Visit Botanic Gardens then. What’s more, it’s free too!)
  • We would say the main highlights of the Gardens, are the two (paid) conservatories, otherwise, there’s not much of a sightseeing or exploration.


What Say You?


Indeed, Gardens by the Bay lives up to its name as a really huge garden in the heart of the Singapore city. It does provide us with a pleasant garden experience on our visit.

What about you? Share your Garden story with us below!


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