How To Save Money On Your Flight Tickets – 3 Strategies Singaporeans Should Be Using

Traveling is what we love to do.

We travel multiple locations every year. At least 1-2 times for longer distances (which has more than 8 hours flight), and countless times of short trips around the region.

Many people also love to travel, but they also do complain that traveling is not cheap. Because the main costs of traveling is usually the air tickets.

However, what if there are ways to get cheap air tickets, so you save more money, and can travel more?

Here are 3 strategies we use to save money on our flights, and we think you should do it too.

More money saved = more money you can use to travel!

1. Use Shopback to Earn Cashback

If you’re a Singaporean, you have to use Shopback before you buy any air ticket from the airline. Shopback is an online portal that rewards you cashback when you do any purchase through them.

Most of the cashback is about 1-2%. Means if you purchase an air ticket for 2 pax, total about $1000, 1% in cash back will give you $10. Yes, not a lot of money, but it can help offset your cab ride to Changi Airport!

And that’s just air tickets! You can get more stuffs that are part of your travels, like tour packages, hotels, and so on.

Don’t have a Shopback account? Sign up for Free here!

2. Get Both Flight And Hotel via

This is my secret weapon for cheap air tickets.

There are many online travel sites that you can book your hotel and flights. Some sites just focus on hotels, some just on flights.

I’ve tried many sites, but I can say nothing beats, a site I used extensively for my travel bookings since 2018.

You can save up to 16% if you get both hotels and flights from Traveloka directly, compared to booking flight and hotel individually from other sites. Sometimes, they also run special promotions, which give you even better discounts!

For full-service airlines (Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Eva Air…etc), they do have Smart Combo packages, where you can get up to 40% off, compared to you booking from the airline website directly. 40% savings, that’s a lot!

If you’re taking budget airlines (Scoot, Malindo Air, Lion Air), Traveloka allows you to do one thing, that no other travel sites can.

To choose different airlines for your return flight!

Fly Scoot, Return with Malindo Air
Fly Lion Air, Return with Scoot.

Or whatever you like. So much flexibility. More timings for you to choose, and even more savings for you!

So you want cheap flights to anywhere? Just get it at

You can also get everything done through Traveloka mobile app too.

3. Redeem Air Tickets With Less Miles

If you’re into the miles game, then you must know this.

Every month, Singapore Airlines will have a promotion called ‘Spontaneous Escapes’, where you can redeem air tickets with less miles than normally required.

For example, a return business class ticket from Singapore to Tokyo requires 94,000 miles.
But on Spontaneous Escapes promotion, it only require 65,800 miles! A discount of 30% miles required!

However, there’s 2 things you need to take note:

1) You have to book the ticket during promotion period, and travel the following month.
2) You need to have sufficient miles to redeem the tickets to redeem the cheap air tickets.

If your work schedule is fixed, and applying for leave needs weeks for approval, then is not for you.

But if your work is flexible in nature (which means you can apply for leave anytime), then you can try this. Book a ticket this month, and fly out next month.

Want to get a good ticket deal from Spontaneous Escapes? Start collecting miles today!

So above are the 3 ways we always use to get cheap air tickets for our travels.

We use these strategies to get cheap flights almost every time without fail.

So now it’s your turn!

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