Walking Through MacRitchie Reservoir

We all know how stressful work can be in our fast-moving society today. Time is everything, and sometimes, we work so much that we don’t even have time for ourselves. Once in a while, we even want to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life?

So one of the best places to escape from the busy city, is the MacRitchie Reservoir! Why? It’s purely nature. No skyscrapers, no buildings, no offices? just?trees,?wildlife, and your?personal time with nature. And that’s what so many people like about MacRitchie.

MacRitchie Reservoir is one of my favorite hideouts, for it gives me peace and tranquility. What’s more, it is a fantastic place for morning walks, where you will find yourself surround with little animals you wouldn’t find in city Singapore.

Let’s find out more!


The MacRitchie Nature Walk

macritchie reservoir


MacRitchie Reservoir is part of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve situated in the heart of Singapore. It’s really huge, but for a nature walk, we don’t have to cover the whole area.

Early morning without fail, you would see people traveling from all around Singapore to the reservoir for a morning walk or jog. They could have gone somewhere for it, but what attracts them?(me included)?is its?fresh cooling air?and?peaceful?environment.

macritchie reservoir

The tranquil scenery around the reservoir also calms me down and disconnect me from the outside world. Don’t worry, there’s phone and internet connection there, but I prefer to shut them down, so as to enjoy my peaceful walk.?You can too!

While walking, I’m just so thrilled by the serene surrounding that I couldn’t resist taking pictures of it. Every time when I look at these pictures, I would feel as calm as the waters there are.

macritchie reservoir


macritchie reservoir

macritchie reservoir

At MacRitchie Reservoir, the?boardwalk?is one that makes the whole walk special. The boardwalk is not just a platform for you to walk on, but it brings you closer to the waters and wildlife around it.

The boardwalk brings you round the forest canopy. And it’s also where you can see something which is quite?rare?in city Singapore…macritchie reservoir

macritchie reservoir monitor lizard


Did you see what i just see? Fact to be told, it’s the first time in my life I see a?wild monitor lizard!?Of course, when you see it, don’t disturb, or try to catch it. It belongs to the nature.

Be like me, just take a picture of it will do 🙂

As you walk, you will also observe this interesting tree that seems to be falling, but it’s not. This is the?Leaning Tree of MacRitchie Reservoir.

macritchie reservoir leaning tree


A sign is tagged by the tree:

“?The tree is reputed for being resistant to fire and widely planted in the late 19th century as a firebreak on abandoned and lalang-infested plantations that were prone to wildfire?”

A unique tree indeed. Don’t worry, you can walk ahead with ease. It won’t fall on you as it’s is well-supported by a stand.

Then, just when reached the end of the first boardwalk, I found myself arrive in a?‘monkey kingdom’!?It’s the area where the wild monkeys gather.

macritchie reservoir monkeys


When you reach there, walk through as you will, just like my two friends did.?Don’t?stop and tease the monkeys. And do not feed them too!

Though they can be cute, we never know what irritated monkeys can do!

Other than that, it is also an amazing site to see monkeys playing around in nature, instead of locking up in cages.

macritchie reservoir cute monkeys


If you want to explore more wildlife and tree species, then walk in to the?forest canopy?to begin your self-exploration.

macritchie reservoir

There will be road signs to guide you through, and also help you find an exit out of the forest. Just remember?not to stay too late?inside, as it can be very dark when the sun is down.

Visitors’ Info

Free Admission.

How to get to MacRitchie Reservoir?


For specific directions on how to get to the reservoir from where you’re at,?click here!

You’ll know you’re at the reservoir when you see this iconic?zig-zag bridge?and the?Performing Arts Pavilion!

macritchie reservoir zig zag bridge

Yay or Nay?

I do actually love MacRitchie Reservoir as?I need a break from the city life! This is the symptom of living in a neighbourhood of concrete! Getting out to the nature somehow freshens you up! Also probably the air is fresher here. If you also like to see wild animals roam freely (not kept in cages), then this is the place you have to be. Just be careful!

However, do note that you can easily get mosquito bites here. Come on, it’s nature. So you will get some bites here and there. Will other insects bite you? I’m not sure, as there are many wildlife there! Having been there several times, the most prevalent bites you can get, are still mosquitos. Bring the mosquito repellent if you need!


What Say You?

A walk around MacRitchie Reservoir can be a therapy to relieve the stress in our everyday lives. What about you? Share with us your walk experiences here in the comment box below!


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