Merlion Park

If someone asked for proof that you’ve been to Singapore, simple!?Just show them the photo you had with the Merlion!

The Merlion is said to be the?iconic?landmark of Singapore. The one you see beautifully located right here is at the Merlion Park @ One Fullerton.

merlion park

What’s The Merlion About?

You’re probably wondering why so many people are going ‘gaga’ over this creature called Merlion…and here it goes.

It’s a?mythical?creature with a lion head, and a fish body. “Mer” means the sea and ‘lion’, while the fish body means Singapore’s origin as a fishing village. So, is there a real creature like Merlion that exist in Singapore when it was founded?

Sadly, there’s?no?real?Merlion that existed in this world. The Merlion is a symbol designed for the logo of the Singapore Tourism Board(STB) for use in 1964 to 1997. Though the STB has changed its logo, the Merlion symbol is still appears frequently on STB souvenirs.

The Park is located right opposite?Marina Bay Sands,?Singapore Flyer, and the Esplanade Theatre. All these landmarks come together, gives you a perfect scenic shot at the Merlion Park, just like the one I took below…

merlion park


And the Merlion glows at night too!

The Park is always filled with people, be it locals or tourists. When my Macau friends visited Singapore, I brought them there to enjoy the view and took some amazing shots, at night!



People just love to take photo with the Merlion – in the merlion way! Just like my friend here trying to ‘drink’ the water coming out from the Merlion.

Not just this ‘drinking‘ pose below. There’s many other creative poses with the Merlion. Go try it, and do share with us on our?Travel Singapore Yourself Facebook page!

merlion park


The Park may just be one small attraction with a statue, but one can just stare at the scenery for hours, engage in long conversations and enjoy the overall atmosphere around. The best time to visit would probably be at night when it is windy and cooling.

It is not difficult to locate the Park, if you are walking down from your?Singapore River Tour?towards the Marina Bay Sands.



And one last thing, remember to take your?best?shot?of the Merlion before you leave!


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