Mint Museum Of Toys: Finding Back The Child In You!

When I first heard of the?Mint Museum of Toys, I thought it’s probably be a place where I can buy a lot of toys! But I was wrong. Most of the toys there are not for sale!?(Truth to be told, I might not even afford some of the toys there!)

We love toys.?(Duh?Who doesn’t play toys?)?Be it card games, soft toys, figurines, memorabilia, we probably have it all.

And maybe you’re like me, we still keep them even though we have grown up!


Where are the toys?

mint museum of toys


So here I am with Val at the Mint Museum of Toys!?MINT?actually stands for Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys. From its name, we somehow know it has a HUGE collection of toys? that will bring us back in history!

The museum holds 4 levels of exhibition halls, each with its own uniqueness.

We took quite a fair bit of time to explore each level.

Hey, there’s like?50,000?toys?and figurines from more than?40 countries!

So where should you start from?

We are advised to take the lift up to the?highest?floor and walk down each level of exhibition. So we did that by taking the lift up!

So when the lift opens…

mint museum of toys

What a quote about toy collection yea? But it’s kinda true?isn’t it? When we’re young, we always like to showoff our toys to our friends. And when we don’t have what our friends have, we will go home and pester our parents to buy them. The race goes on… and that’s how we end up with lots of toys!

So our tour of Mint Museum of Toys begins from?OuterSpace, all the way down to the?Collectables.?(I’ll try not to spoil your fun by showing all the toys here.)

The toys exhibited comes from all over the world. Some I have played before, while some are unknown to me. Probably they were popular way back then.

But what surprised me is the?value?of these toys today!

?mint museum of toys


These 6 little figurines command an estimated value of?US$3000. If you think that’s high, wait till you see more toys. Anyway, that’s for you to explore. Probably I got to learn about how these vintage toys command such high values?

Over there, we also see an evolution of toys over time. Look at our famous super hero of all time:?Batman & Robin!

mint museum of toys


Yes. And that’s how they look when they first became heros. They do look quite cute, don’t they?

Another one is the all-time favorite comic album character TinTin and his faithful dog.

mint museum of toys tin tin


The Adventures of Tintin?comic series started way back in the early 1930s, and has been one of the favorite comic for kids for many years.

Looking at all the figurines of Tintin exhibited, we see that over the years, although he doesn’t grow old, he does look more striking and charming, so does his dog!

While observing the toys, I realized that each toy does tell a different?story. A toy isn’t just simply an object for playing. It also reflects the?culture?and?historic trend?of its country.

Sometimes by its design, you already know which?era?the toy was made.

mint-museum-of-toys-popeye? mint-museum-of-toys-dan-dare



Understanding this, it makes my discovery at the Mint Museum of Toys much meaningful, and also realized why toys can be such wonderful collectables too.

Revisiting these toys, especially the Singapore ones, also bring me back to the days I would fight with my brothers over ownership of toys?(I bet you too!).

mint museum of toys

We enjoyed our tour of the toy exhibition, understood the story behind each toy, but sadly, we can’t bring back any of these toys.


Visitors’ Info

How to get there?

Nearest MRT Station:

City Hall MRT Station

Bugis MRT Station

For specific directions to the Mint Museum from where you’re at,?click here!



Child?(below 2 years old):?Free


Child (2 to 12 years old):?$7.50

Senior Citizens (60 years old and above):?$7.50

Family Promotion:

2 adults & 2 children: $36

3 adults & 1 children: $42

Opening Hours


9.30am to 6.30pm


Yay or Nay?

If you play with toys when you’re young, then this place is for you. It actually takes quite an effort to bring the toys from different countries, from different generation, together at this museum. The display of toys does shows you more than just items to be played with. There’s hidden meaning in some toys!

On the downside, this is one of the many museums in Singapore that charges a fee. To some, it may not be that cheap to pay for a museum ticket. If you’re not into toys, then you may want to save your money for other museums (or visit the free ones!).

The museum can also be considered ‘small’ to some, as it’s just five levels of toys! It can just take you 30 minutes to browse through all the toys on all levels. But if you were to analyse and examine each toy, then you may take about 2 hours to finish all.


What Say You?

What about you? Share your experience at the Mint Museum with us below!


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