The One Show You Cannot Miss In Siem Reap, Cambodia

If you are planning to tour Siem Reap, Cambodia, there’s one thing you definitely have to add inside your trip itinerary. It is a show that you’ll probably regret if you miss it. What am I referring to?

It’s the Phare, The Cambodian Circus Show.?


Image from Phare Facebook

I visited Siem Reap Cambodia in March 2014 and probably like you, I never heard of Phare. As a tourist there,?I was bombarded with brochures and flyers of cultural shows and performances, some which even offer dinner as a package. However, I was introduced to Phare by my hotel concierge, and I never look back!

Phare the Cambodia Circus is not your ordinary circus performers. Most of the performers learn their skill through an association called PPS – Phare Ponley Selpak. And they include?young people from the streets, orphanages and struggling families.

The circus provides a platform for them to hone their performing arts skills and also earn a wage. I also heard that other than performing in the circus, they are also engaged by corporations for live performances in DnD events. This helped them to earned more money to support more youths for education.

Khmer Metal

The Phare artists?performs every night at their circus, and the night I was there, they had the show “Khmer Metal”. It was my first time ever there, so I didn’t go and pick the show to watch. From the reviews I read online, I know every show is good!




If you ask me how the show went, I can say that the show starts fairly slow, but slowly pick up with dances and acrobatics. The photo you see above is only taken near the end of the show. Sorry, I was too blown away by some of their acts that my camera is too slow to capture them!



From the acts that they have done, I can see that they really worked and trained hard to perform, and those acts are certainly the ones you should not?do at home. And I can say the show is worth every dollar I paid for it. By the way, it is only US$15.



The show ending is a high-energy one, with my heart beating to the metal music and to the every stunt they carry out. I know they are professional and trained very hard for it. Still, you do feel nervous for them!



The show ended with rounds and rounds of applause. We the audience was blown away by their performance. After the performance, the audience went down to the stage to thank the artists for a fantastic performance … and also pictures with them!


This guy here is really agile. He can bend, he can swing, he can even fly!



And this the guy who carry all other guys. Can I get a piece of his muscles?

I also went on to give some donations to support Phare in their social mission to touch more lives. I also told them I will promote them so that more people will come and watch and support their mission! (That’s why I’m sharing their show here!)

I urge you to be there to watch the Phare artists perform live. This is also probably the cheapest performance in Siem Reap I can find. The other cultural shows sell tickets of US$30?and above (and may not be as exciting as Phare!)

Below are some more snippets of the show, taken from their Phare Facebook.










Important information

Where to buy tickets:

If you are staying in a “better” hotel at Siem Reap, you can buy directly at their concierge. They can even help you make bookings beforehand, because from what I know, every night is packed!

You can also purchase tickets directly at Phare itself, but please arrive at least 1 hour before the show. Or you will be disappointed!

Address of Phare:

Comaille Road,?behind Angkor National Museum,?in front of Angkor Century Hotel. Or even simple, just tell the TukTuk man?”Phare Circus”. It’s famous in Siem Reap.?

Tickets and Schedule:

US$15 for normal seats. US$35 for front row seats.

There will be different performances every month. To be updated of what’s the latest show, you can visit their website here. Or you can just be like me, don’t bother to read the show synopsis. Just be there and watch and be amazed. Every show is good!


Are you planning to visit Siem Reap, or in Siem Reap now and not sure what to do?

Let Phare Circus show be your next program in your itinerary!


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