Phare Got A Home Now!

UPDATE as of 17th August 2015: Phare has got a permanent home!?

I’m so happy when I receive the news today from Phare that they have secured a piece of land in Siem Reap for their home. This is great news for them. Great thanks to everyone who contributed to make it happen!

Phare Cambodia Home

If you like to know how we know about this crowd-funding, read on below. This post was first published in September 2014.?

Not long ago, I share about my amazing experience in Cambodia, especially the visit to Phare Circus for their fantastic performance. After the performance, I get to know a little bit more about Phare and the great?things they have done for the Cambodian community. If you missed my post, you can read it here!

But today, I’m not here to promote Phare and ask you to buy show tickets when you’re in Siem Reap. I’m sure you definitely?want to watch their performance when you’re there without me doing much selling.

I want to share with you that Phare might not be able to put up a show for you anymore (even if you want to buy their tickets!)

Phare has been running their shows on a rented land and they have performed there everyday. However, their lease is going to end, and either they have to renew their lease (at a higher rate), or they have to leave. I also heard from them that a lease in Cambodia can be terminated?very easily. This put the whole circus in a very unstable condition.

The only solution for them to continue to run their shows, and continue the good works of educating?the youths of Cambodia and providing them a platform to perform and earn a living for their families… is to buy their own land.

The land they?wish to buy costs US$500,000 so the difference between the donations and the price will have to be loaned. The more donations they?receive, the less they?will have to reimburse to the bank and the more they?will be able to give to Phare Ponleu Selpak instead.

I strongly?believe in the good that they are doing, and that for Phare?s mission to?last, they?need?your help. Let us tell their?artists that they are not alone and that they can continue building a better future with sustainable work opportunity. So please, let’s make?a donation to help build a permanent home for Phare.?

I have done my little part by donating to the cause. But as we can see in the image below, more help is needed to help them reach the desired amount. Let’s do our part to support them!

phare cambodia donation

The fund raising is collected on the platform Click on the image below to head over to StartSomeGood for your donation.


Any amount is welcome. Any amount will give a hope to the lives of our fellow Phare artists to continue their great works and performances.

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