Singapore Airshow

The Singapore Airshow is a grand event held in Singapore biannually. It is also the largest aerospace and defence event in Asia, bringing together leaders and powerhouses of the aviation community, as well as key military and political leaders.

So what about us normal folks? Fret not!The vast area at the Changi Exhibition Centre allowed?a sheer display?of military aircrafts and passenger carriers, all over the world.This event is also the best chance for us to get close to these?fighter jets?used in battlefields, and?luxury planes?owned by celebrities!

And we shall not forget the main highlight of the Singapore Airshow, is the stunning and breathtaking?aerobatic flying display!?You missed them? Don’t worry, you can still catch some of the amazing scenes and actions of Airshow 2012 here!



Aircraft Display

At the Singapore Airshow, 25 companies, with a total of?55 aircrafts?are on display. However, not every jet and carriers are on display for the entire week. But still, we manage to get close with the aircrafts, sit in the cockpit, and even walk into the luxury jets!

Now let’s begin by showing you some of the jets on display.


Exhibited below is the?Republic of Singapore Air Force?(RSAF) F-15SG figther jets. It is one of the the most capable combat jets in the world.


The jet is parked in such a way that it allows the public to board the cockpit, and have a taste of being a?fighter pilot!



Picture showed the afterburners of the RSAF F16D Fighting Falcon Aircraft


RSAF AH-64 Apache

This Apache helicopter is worth a whopping?S$26.3 million?each, and is armed with Hellfire missiles for airstrikes. Just look at the crowd and see many people wanna get a piece of the so-called most technologically advanced military helicopter in the world!


Retiring SIA Boeing 747-400

The majestic Boeing 747-400 fleet of the Singapore Airlines will be phased by April 2012, since its inception?40 years ago.


This United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Be-200 carrier of Russia is designed for suppressing forest fires by water or chemical retardants, or delivery of equipments to disaster areas.?It can glide and land on water too!


AMI T-346A

Display of?T-346A fighter jet, manufactured by Alenia Aermacchi.


Legacy 650 Jet

This is famous Hong Kong actor,?Jackie Chan‘s own private jet, the Legacy 650. He even has his own jet registration number “N688JC”. I’m not sure what that stands for, but I can say he has a jet, which design simply suits him.


Looking at the tail of his jet, he had his chinese name,??, written on it.


Visitors are allowed to board his jet to have a sneak peek of it, but they are not allowed to take any pictures of the cabin. Too bad, but what has been said about the cabin, there’s only a word to describe it –Immaculate. Simply luxurious and elegant.

RAAF C-130J Hercules

This huge military carrier from the?Royal Australian Airforce?helps in cargo and passenger carrying, especially during search and rescue, and aero medical relief. Lots of people queueing to have a peek at the interior of the carrier where are the equipment and supplies are stored.


UAV – RSAF Hermes 900 & Heron 1

On display are also the?Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) of the RSAF. It’s operated either by a remote control or is self-directing. They are usually used for security or surveillance works.




Indoor Aircraft Exhibition Area

There’s an indoor exhibition area for exhibitors to showcase their latest aviation technologies and systems. We manage to catch some nice-looking aircraft models.



Other than that, we don’t have much interests for the aviation companies booths. But coming in there will at least let you have a shelter from the hot sun outside.


Aerobatic Flying Display

If there’s one highlight that you must not miss, is the?Singapore Airshow Aerobatic Flying Display!?It is the main highlight of the whole show, and one which people will wait faithfully for it.

The aerobatic flying display are only on certain timings of the day, so if you do visit any future airshows, do?take note of its flying timings!

Below are some of the amazing scenes, taken by my friend?Nicholas Tang, who has wonderful photography skills, to capture the spectacular twists and turns by the fighter jets. All photo credits to him!

Now, enjoy the scenes!


















Tickets & Visitors’ Information

Singapore Airshow Tickets

singapore-airshow-ticketSingapore Airshow tickets can be bought at more than 60?Singapore Post?outlets and 250 automated kiosks islandwide.

Similarly, you can buy them at?, which is where we bought our tickets.

Tickets will be on sale about?1 month beforethe event date. So do remember to get your tickets early, because they are always?Sold Out!

How to get there

The address of the Singapore Airshow is:

Changi Exhibition Centre
9 Aviation Park Road
Singapore 498760

By Car

If you want to drive there, you can only be allowed to enter Aviation Park with a?valid car park label.

By Taxi

Flag a cab and alight at a designated pick-up/drop off taxi bay at?Changi Exhibition Centre.?If you are taking taxi from the airshow, an S$8 surcharge will be applicable.

By Shuttle Bus (Highly Recommended)

singapore-airshow-shuttle-busThere are shuttle bus service which brings you from the?Singapore Changi Airport Terminals?to the Changi Exhibition Centre, where the airshow is.

The two-way transfer is included in the ticket price.

The shuttle bus ride will take about 20-30 minutes, depending on the traffic and crowd that day.

Do check on the shuttle bus schedule so to make sure you?do not miss?their last bus service.

Prohibited Items:

The Singapore Airshow is strict on the items that you bring in to the exhibition centre. Do take note, or?you might be denied entry!

You can download the official list of prohibited items?here.



1. Best time to visit

As the Singapore Airshow is only opened to the public for 2 days, you will expect huge crowds at the exhibition during those 2 days. It would be almost impossible for you to visit with the airshow with little crowd, but there are certain timings where the place is less crowded.

The best time to visit will be?early in the day, maybe just an hour after the exhibition opens. There will be less crowd and queues around the aircraft displays. The massive crowd will flood in during Aerobatic Flying display, and leave once the display is over.

Late in the evening, when the exhibition is about the end, is also a pleasurable time for photogenic shots with your favorite pilots and aircraft carriers.

2. Don’t miss the aerobatic flying display

Needless to say, do?check the timing?of the aerobatic flying display! Reach early if you want to grab a good seat to watch the display, and of course, take winning snaps of the fighter jets!

3. Wear casually, bring lightly

We know how hot Singapore’s weather can be. But it can be even hotter at the Changi Exhibition Center, given that it is a huge open space, where the sun can shine directly onto you.


Do wear casually?and lightly, and if possible, keep your bags light for easy movement among the crowds.

4. Bring your own food/drinks

…or you can buy at the exhibition center – at?inflated?prices!

Alternatively, you can have your meals at the Changi Airport after the event!

5. Camera ready

Obviously, get all your lens and batteries ready for your camera. Always carry it with you. Some planes may just fly past you!


Yay or Nay?


Why you might love Singapore Airshow:

  • The breathtaking aerobatic flying scenes. These displays are not common, so catch them while you can!
  • If you’re someone into aircrafts and aerospace.
  • Able to touch and board fighter jets, which you can otherwise, only see them in games or movies.
  • Flight simulators for you to play with. 5 minutes of fame as a pilot…


Why you might not love the Singapore Airshow:

  • Can be very crowded (evidence? look at the pictures above)
  • Can be very hot. As it is open space, there’s not much shelter to hide from the scorching sun
  • If you miss the aerobatic flying display… you miss a big part of the event. (means money wasted!)
  • Inflated food prices (don’t worry, you can still shop at Changi Airport afterwards)
  • Pushy crowds (you know, everyone just want to get a piece of that F16 jet…)


What Say You?

Have you visited the Singapore Airshow? How do you find the aerobatic flying scenes? Share with us your experiences in the comments below!

Meanwhile, the next Singapore Airshow will be in?2014!?If you are visiting Singapore in 2014, be sure not to miss this mega aviation event!

Updated in Feb 2014: The Singapore Airshow 2014 was a blast, just as amazing as the one in 2012. However, we didn’t visit this time round. The next Airshow will be in 2016. Maybe we will see you there!


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