Singapore Philatelic Museum: Stamp Collectors’ Haven!

The Singapore Philatelic Museum?is simply the place where stamp collectors would love to be at. They have a huge collection of postage stamps and philatelic materials of Singapore and many countries around the world!

singapore philatelic museum

If anyone would ask me about stamps, I tell them I only know they are used to paste of envelops before mailing out. That’s all I know.But my perception and knowledge about stamps and philatelic?changed?after my visit to the Singapore Philatelic Museum!

Read on to find out what’s worth your visit to this museum of stamps!


World Of Stamps

The Singapore Philatelic Museum is not a really huge museum that covers a wide area like the Asian Civilisations Museum, but its galleries has its own distinctiveness, and caters to visitors of all ages.

At the?Room of Rarities, you can find all the stamps and philatelic materials of Singapore, from the 1800s till today. As we now operate on emails and short messages, you may wonder, what kind of stamps and letters do people send to one another two centuries ago?

singapore philatelic museum


If you’re a stamp collector, you would love to see the designs of all the stamps produced and used in Singapore, from the?British?colonial days, to the days of?Singapore independence.

Come and compare which stamps you missed from your collection!

The?Spice Is Nice?exhibition showcases the early spice trade in Singapore, and introduce the speciality of every spice traded.

While I thought spices are mainly used for flavoring of food, some of them are also used as traditional cures and medicines!

singapore philatelic museum


This gallery is definitely a great place for?children?to learn about the uses and properties of spices, and the development of early Singapore through hands-on activities and multimedia programs.

In addition to these galleries, what amazes me most, is the display of?post boxes from all over the world. They lined up along the shelves, and the curious me just couldn’t resist taking pictures of them.

We have post boxes from Singapore, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Spain, Greece?

Right below, see if you can spot the post box of your country!








and finally, the post boxes from SINGAPORE!


If you fall in love with any of the post box models, don’t worry. You can purchase them at the souvenir shop at the entrance.

Next up, let me show you the?rare?stamp?exhibits of the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

penny black stamp


What you see right above is the world’s first postage stamp -?The Penny Black. Though it’s not that rare, with 68 million copies printed in 1840, only a substantial number of these have survived.

Hence, they are widely valued by stamp collectors.

A Penny Black stamp today can cost from as little as $20,?up to $7000, based on various factors such as condition, the plate the stamp was printed from, and the overall appearance.

The most exciting moment for a stamp collector would be the?Purple Room, which contains a?library of stamps?from countries all over the world. It also showcases the different stamps printed in various era of Singapore’s development.

Studying the stamps closer, I do realized that stamps are not just used to pay for postage fees, but it also does signifies the uniqueness of one’s country tradition and culture.

Without naming the origin of the stamps, I believe you can identify them just by looking at its design.






In all, though I’m not a stamp collector myself, this visit to the Singapore Philatelic Museum gives me much more insight to stamps, philatelic materials, and the post boxes around the world!


Visitors’ Information

How to get there?

You can reach the Singapore Philatelic Museum with a 5-minute walk from the nearest MRT stations: Bras Basah, City Hall and Clarke Quay.

For specific directions to the Singapore Philatelic Museum from where you’re at, ?click here!

Opening Hours:

Monday: 1pm – 7pm

Tuesday – Sunday: 9am – 7pm


Adult: $6

Child (3-12 years old): $4

Open House Days?(FREE Admission!)

Museum admission is free on New Year’s Day, 2nd day of Chinese New Year, National Day, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, and Christmas Day.


Yay or Nay?

If you’re an avid stamp collector, I don’t have to sell Singapore Philatelic Museum much to you. You will find your way there yourself! With a shelve full of stamps from countries all over the world, and even pulling out the drawer one by one to analyze each stamp, your hunger for stamp can be fulfilled there.

If you don’t collect stamps, the museum still can amaze you by showing you stamps that case most than our monthly salary!

This museum is also beneficial for kids to learn more about stamps (especially in today’s world of emails!)

If you love stamps so much, you can even make you own stamps there!

On the other hand, this museum is popular with kids, and hence it is inevitable to have noise and shouts around. Some people may find this place too kiddy for them. Or maybe, they don’t have any interest in stamps at all!

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What Say You?

Though I’m not a huge stamp collector, I do find my joy in exploring the stamps of the world. My two hour visit is indeed well spent!

How about you?

Share with us below your trip and discovery of stamps at the Museum!


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