Singapore Zoo: World’s Best Rainforest Zoo?

The?Singapore Zoo?is one of the ‘must-go’ attractions you must visit when you’re here. Other than just another ‘zoo’, it is also the home to thousand of species, of which many are endangered.

The zoo is also a?fun hangout?for families and friends! Couples love it. Kids love it. Thousands of visitors everyday!

They call it the “World’s Best Rainforest Zoo”. Is it really one? We shall check it out!



Come on a Zoo tour with us!

“What’s can I see at the Zoo?”

We almost heard you asking that question!

While we can list down all the different species and animals you will find there, why not let us show you what we found when we went on a tour of the Singapore Zoo! Let’s go!

One of the main highlights in the zoo, is the?White Tiger, also known as Bengal tigers. We took a great shot of it looking at us with its majestic look.

To us, it’s just awesome beauty, but you know what? They are really rare (and endangered) in the world right now…


Next is the Elephants of Asia!



They are the largest living land mammal on Earth, but they are one of the friendliest ones too! We arrived early for the?“Elephants At Work & Play Show”?to watch all the incredible things the elephants can do!

? like sitting in this position and lifting their front legs up? For us humans, we can do that easily, but that can be quite a feat for an animal weighing tons!



Hey, be careful! You might get wet if you sit too near the stage (luckily we were at the side!) But if the weather is hot, I don’t think you’d mind a spray from the baby elephants, yea?

Heading down to the?Splash Safari, we catch some animal performance by the Californian sea lion, the pelicans, and the jackass penguins!


Aren’t these penguins cute? We even had a wild thought of keeping one of the them as a pet?


If you really love penguins and want to see more of them, then you should head down to Jurong Bird Park too, to see the whole family of penguins!

Then, we went to the?Hamadryas Baboons – The Great rift Valley of Ethiopia, the home to almost 90 baboons!


See that ‘red colour bag’ the baboon is sitting on? That’s the?naked ischial callosities?on the baboons’ buttocks!



The Australian Outback?is the place where you will find kangaroos and wallabies lazing, or hopping freely around you! You can get close to them, have a picture with them, and even feed them!

Get the feel of the wallabies munching peanuts from your hands! That’s what makes the Singapore Zoo special. They don’t really lock these animals up (unless they are dangerous), but they allow them to roam freely and interact with the visitors.


Walking around the zoo can be quite tiring, especially on a hot sunny day. We rest for a while at a nearby shelter and have a sip of water. Meanwhile, we enjoyed the nature around the zoo…

? and take a couple of photos with its scenic background! That’s the?Upper Seletar Reservoir?behind us.



After we have well-rested, we carried on our journey to get in touch with more animals! Here’s?more photos?of animals we have taken!

cute little penguin having slight headache?…







How to get there?

Public Transport:

From Ang Mo Kio MRT Station
Alight at Ang Mo Kio station (N16) and take?bus service 138?from the bus interchange. Bus ride is about 40 – 45 minutes.

From Choa Chu Kang MRT Station
Alight at Choa Chu Kang station (NS4-BP1) and take?bus service 927from the bus interchange.

From Woodlands MRT Station (Sunday & Public Holidays only)
Alight at Woodlands station (NS9) and take?bus service 926?from the bus interchange.

From Mariling MRT Station (Sunday & Public Holidays only)
Alight at Marsiling station (NS8),?cross the road?(Woodlands Ave 3) and takebus service 926.


From any location in Singapore, you can take a taxi to the Singapore Zoo. Taxi fares depends on the distance and period of the day.

Singapore Attractions Express:

The Singapore Attractions Express Bus provide trips?to and fro?the Singapore Zoo. Single-trip adult ticket ($4.50) and child ($2) brings you to the zoo from various location in Singapore.

Check out all the picking up times and location of the?Singapore Attractions Express here!

Specific directions??Click here?to find out how to get to the zoo from any where you are in Singapore!


Opening Hours & Tickets

8.30am to 6.00pm daily
(Last ticket sale at 5.30pm)

Child?(3 to 12 years old):?S$13.00
Child?(3 years old and below):?Free

[Ticket prices as of 2012]

If this is your first time to the Singapore Zoo, I would recommend you to check out the different ticket packages, which does include tram rides, boat rides, and even entry tickets into Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari!

Admission Adult Child
Singapore Zoo
Jurong Bird Park
Night Safari*
$58 $38
Singapore Zoo
Jurong Bird Park
$32 $21
2-in-1 Singapore Zoo
Night Safari*
$42 $28

*Ticket price includes Night Safari Tram Ride
The tickets are valid for 30 days, hence, you don’t have to visit all the park in one day!

You can purchase all your zoo tickets online here.?

Animal Show Times

Here are the?daily schedule?of animal show times that you don’t want to miss!

The showtimes will be listed in the Singapore Zoo map which you will receive at the entrance. Just be there early before the show starts to grab a good seat!

Go grab a zoo map on the entrance too!


Tips to Enjoy Singapore Zoo!

1. Get special ticket packages

If you are a lover of animals and nature, you can consider buying thePark Hopper Specials, which gives you 3-in-1 combined ticket entry to The Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. This will help you to save lots of money!

*Ticket information listed above

2. Mosquitoes!

If you’re sensitive to them, do bring along an insect repellent, to keep them away!

3. Take your time

The zoo has planned lots of program for you. Do take your time to enjoy them. It would be great if you have more than half a day to enjoy what’s available.

Besides, do also take your time to enjoy the scenery around the Singapore Zoo!

4. Beat the heat

Singapore’s weather is hot and humid all year round. So do remember to bring enough water with you to the zoo! If you run out of water, you can also buy them at numerous outlets around the zoo.

5. Hop onto Trams!

Walking around the zoo can be tiring, as you know the zoo is not that small after all. Simply pay and hop onto the tram, and let it fetch you around! Hop off when you reach your destination.

6. Beat the rain!

Bringing an umbrella or a poncho to zoo does help when it rain unexpectedly in the zoo. Don’t worry much, as most parts of the zoo are sheltered though.

7. Get close with the animals!

The Singapore Zoo is famously known for its?‘open concept’, where you will see animals roam freely around you. While getting close is not about hugging them (especially the ferocious ones), you can get close to them by?feeding them!

You can visit the Primate Kingdom to feed the apes, or even have the 6m-tall giraffe eating from your hands! You can check out the daily feeding timings from the entrance of the zoo.

You can also get close with the animals, by having personal photos with them! Check out the brochure for?the timing and venues of the animal snapshots! They are included in the zoo map too.


Yay or Nay?


Why you might love the Zoo:

  • A real zoo wildlife experience that let you go near to the animals
  • Kids love it, especially the water play at Kidszworld
  • Amazing animal shows (so please don’t miss them!)
  • You can have breakfast with the orang utans!
  • Animals galore! (You’ll even find polar bear there!)


Why you might not love the Zoo:

  • Mosquitos…(as usual… this is nature!)
  • Can be very crowded (may spoil your experience)
  • Costly food (as this is a tourist attraction…)
  • Walk till you drop (so hop on to the tram if you can!)
  • If you have no interest in animals (don’t waste $$ here!)


What Say You?

After our trip there, we can say it is probably the world’s best rainforest zoo. That’s our opinion. What about you?

Be sure to share your experiences (good or bad) below!


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