Ta Phrom: Amazing Stuff You Can Find In The “Tomb Raider Temple”

Ta Phrom is one of the Angkor Wat temples you will find in Siem Reap. After touring the Angkor Wat, we made our trip to Ta Phrom, which many people know it as the “Tomb Raider Temple”



Why Tomb Raider Temple?


Because Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) once shot a scene of the movie Tomb Raider there. Just mention Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie or Tomb Raider in Siem Reap, they will point you to Ta Phrom!


So what’s amazing about this temple?


Ta Phrom was built in the 12th century as a Buddhist temple dedicated to the mother of then-King Jayavarman VII. However throughout the years, the temple was heavily looted and what’s left behind is what you see today.

But what’s amazing about this temple, which I don’t think you will find in any other places in the world, is the huge trees with roots grown over the roof of the temples.


Alright, you can say that the temple is not that high anyway, but how on earth (no pun intended) does these trees grow above the temple? Any botanist here?


As I walk over to feel the roots, I can say they are really sturdy, and you can safely assume that these trees have grown here for centuries. Some huge trees have grown so much that their roots grow through the rocks?and break up the temple walls. Quite crazy huh?

So what else other than the gigantic trees?

Of course the temple!

But I can say there’s nothing much you can find in the temples, and most are ruined and corridors are unsafe to pass. And if you are above 1.8m in height, you have to walk by arching your back. The temple is built for the Asians then!


The whole area is huge and can take you 1-2 hours to cover all the blocks, but I can tell you that you might lose your way easily. Every block looks almost the same!

It can be a maze for us tourists, but maybe that’s why Ta Phrom was selected for the Tomb Raider movie.


Still, the trees are big enough reasons for me to visit Ta Phrom, the Tomb Raider Temple!


What about you?

How’s your visit to Ta Phrom? Share it with us below!

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