Taiwan Wedding Photoshoot with NAZA Bridal Studio: Full Review of Our Experience and Pricing

Wedding photography is a big business. Bridal studios know that a wedding is a major lifetime event for every couple, and they know you will take this one chance to spend to make it a memorable event.

In Singapore, you see an influx of foreign bridal studios exhibiting in wedding shows here, or setting up road shows in popular shopping centres. It?s the same for us. Back in 2013, both of us were walking around in Bugis Junction when we were approached by a sales staff of a taiwan bridal studio.

That year, i just returned from a 14-day Taiwan trip with my friends, so I had fresh memories of my recent trip there. Hence, when the sales person shared that I can have my pre wedding photos taken there, I don?t mind checking them out!

Long story short, we signed a basic package of S$999 by putting down a S$50 deposit that day. We can use this package within 5 years.

3rd week of April 2015, we visited Taiwan for our shoot, and at the time of this writing, we have completed the shoot, selected all the photos, and just waiting for our photo album to be delivered back to Singapore. The final cost is expected to be near S$4000.

We know that overseas wedding photography is becoming popular in Singapore, and more Singaporean couples (like us) are toying the idea of going overseas to do the shoot. However, there?s a big gap.

When we first signed the package in 2013, we also went around to do our research on overseas wedding shoot. We went to read wedding forums and blogs. However, most information found are just pricing of the package, and what it entails. While it gives us an idea of a overseas package includes, it does not tell us the whole photography experience.

Only when we completed the whole photoshoot, we then know that whatever price they quoted at the wedding show or road show don?t stop there. If it is simply the price as quoted initially, we won?t be paying more than S$999.

Okay, we don?t want to sound like we got a lousy deal. In fact, we felt we have an awesome experience throughout the whole shoot.

Hence, we?re writing this post to share with you every detail of the whole taiwan pre wedding photography experience.

This post will be useful for?

  • Couples who are planning to take their wedding photography soon
  • Couples who have heard about taking wedding photos overseas, but unsure what it is like
  • Couples who have been approached by bridal studios to do wedding shoots overseas, but unsure if they are good deals
  • Couples who have been sold a cheap overseas wedding photography package, but unsure about the real overall cost of the shoot (like us!)
  • Couples who wanted to go overseas for wedding shoot, but have heard scary stories of couples being scammed, or the overseas studios closing shop.

This is going to be a super lengthy, but informational post. I will break down this post into different sections. Depends on which stage of your preparation, if you want quick information, just jump to the section accordingly.

If not, you can enjoy the whole experience with us from Day 1!


1. Our Initial $999 package
2. Day 1: Choosing of Gowns and Suits, Discussion with Photographer and Make Up Artist
3. Day 2: Full Day of Photo shoot
4. Day 3: Choosing of Photos (plus heavy negotiation)
5. Our Final package of $4000 (Breakdown of numbers)
6. Our Final Verdict on the whole Taiwan wedding photography experience with our Naza Bridal Studio


1. Our Initial $999 package.

As mentioned, we got this deal from a road show at Bugis Junction in 2013. They are quite easy to spot. If you are holding hands with your boy/girlfriend, the sales staff will approach you to ?take a look?. So we ?took a look?. The bridal studio is NAZA Bridal Photography.

Note: There is a huge change in exchange rate for NTD/SGD since 2013. For easy reference, we use SGD$1 = NTD22 for expenses in 2015.

For S$999, this is what we get:

Wedding photo shoot:

  • 2 Night stay in a Ximending hotel
  • 10 x 12-inch photographs
  • 1 x 12-inch photo album
  • 1 x Ferris Wheel (which can hang your wedding photo)
  • 100 pieces of thank-you cards
  • 1 x 60-inch poster
  • Photographer to follow you out for outdoor shoot


  • 1 x White Wedding Gown and 1 x White Suit
  • 1 x Night Gown and 1 x Black Suit
  • 1 x Cultural Costume (Japanese, Chinese?) for both Groom & Bride
  • Make-up equipment for Bride
  • Hair Make-up Design for Bride and Groom
  • Accessories for Bride
  • Nail polish for Bride

Optional Costs (Take special note of these):

  • Courier fee (for album to ship from Taiwan to Singapore) – to charge based on weight
  • Ampoule (hydration plus oil control) – NT500($23) each
  • Additional photograph – SG$55 each
  • Private Transportation for whole photography team and you – NT2000(S$91) for first 4 hours, NT400(S$18) for every additional hour.
  • Full Day Make Up Artist – NT6000 (SG$273)

Once we made the $50 deposit, we asked our friends for feedback on the package and the items offered. We were advised by friends that photographs worth?the most compared to other little gifts, hence, if possible, get as many photographs to be included in the package as possible.

So 1 year before we fly over, we sent them our request to swap some little gifts for more photographs.

In the end, here?s our finalised?S$999 package:

Wedding photo shoot:

  • 2 Night stay in a Ximending hotel
  • 15 x 12-inch photographs (5 more)
  • 1 x 12-inch photo album
  • 1 x Ferris Wheel (which can hang your wedding photo)??
  • 100 pieces of thank-you cards
  • 1 x 60-inch poster
  • Photographer to follow you out for outdoor shoot


  • 1 x White Wedding Gown and 1 x White Suit
  • 1 x Night Gown and 1 x Black Suit
  • 1 x Additional Gown for Bride (we swap the cultural costume for another gown)
  • Make-up equipment for Bride
  • Hair Make-up Design for Bride and Groom
  • Accessories for Bride
  • Nail polish for Bride

Optional Costs (Remain the same):

  • Courier fee (for album to ship from Taiwan to Singapore) – to charge based on weight
  • Ampoule (hydration plus oil control) – NT500(S$23) each
  • Additional photograph – S$55 each
  • Private Transportation for whole photography team and you – NT2000(S$91) for first 4 hours, NT400(S$18) for every additional hour.
  • Full Day Make Up Artist – NT6000 (S$273)

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2. Day 1: Choosing of Gowns and Suits, Discussion with Photographer and Make Up Artist

So we pack our bags and flew over to Taipei, Taiwan for our pre wedding photoshoot. Few days before our flight, the bridal studio manager has already prep us what to bring, what to prepare, what to do before our shoot.

Example, to bring any casual clothes that we like, appropriate hair length, and have sufficient sleep.?Of course, if you want to look good with a flat tummy or 6-pack abs, then you can prepare that yourself a few months before the shoot.

We arrived in Taipei a day earlier, and checked-in the hotel that was reserved for us by the bridal studio – Nei Jiang Hotel in Ximending, which is a famous shopping district in Taipei.

Ximending is a popular shopping district in Taipei, hence, hotel rates can be high. The one we stayed in is quite okay for?us. Decent hotel, good service, no complaints.

It is conveniently located, and it is just few minutes walk to the shopping district, MRT stations, and also the bridal studio.

So for Day 1, we arrived at the NAZA bridal studio in Ximending at 2pm. We are quite excited about meeting them, because we don?t know what to expect. Da Wei , who is our coordinator, welcomed us.

For day 1, we will only need to fit the wedding gowns & dresses for the bride, and suits for the groom.

Ladies go first. Val will start to choose the designs of the gowns. Using their computer, the assistant scrolled through the designs one by one and explain the uniqueness for each gown.

We can select as many designs as we want and try them out. The assistant will bring them into the fitting room for Val to try. No photographs are allowed in the fitting room, but they are nice people, we are nice people too, so everyone close one eye.

After trying a few gowns, we decide to go with this:

wedding gown fitting naza bridal studio

For the other colourful gown, we are deciding between pink or mint.

gown fitting at naza bridal studio taiwan

We also selected the?yellow and the red dress as part of the shoot too.

gown fitting naza bridal studio taiwan

I thought fitting?of gowns can be quite fast. But I didn?t know it took about 4 hours just for trying the wedding gown and 3 dresses.

By the time we are done with the trying of gowns for Val, it is already 6pm, and we haven?t meet the photographer, make-up artists, and getting the suit for the groom too.

However, Taiwanese are customer-centric. They know we will be hungry. Hence, they sent someone to buy us some snacks – Ah Zhong Mee Sua. (Sorry no pictures, because we finish them too quickly!)

Next, we meet up with the photographer. Initially, we thought if?there is really a need to meet the photographer. What do we need to discuss? I thought he will just be there on photo shoot day to ask us to pose, and take our photos?

But we are wrong! The photographer sits down with us to discuss the style of pre wedding photos photos we want to take. Again, we thought how many styles can there be? There are quite a number of styles though! You can have fun, cheerful, vintage, serious, or even sexy style.

meeting with wedding photographer naza bridal studio

We told the photographer we have no idea. Because the only photos we took, are selfies. We never go for photoshoot before. He showed us his collection of wedding photographs, and get us to choose our favorite ones. From our selection, he got the idea of the style of photoshoot we like.

That?s professional!

The photographer also suggested some locations where we can take our shoots. After some discussions, we agreed on Tamsui Manor (????), a famous location dedicated for wedding couples to take photos only. That single decision activated a few optional costs:

  • Private Transportation for whole photography team and us?- NT2000(S$91) for first 4 hours, NT400(S$18) for every additional hour.
  • Full Day Make Up Artist – NT6000 (SG$273)
  • Entry Fee into Tamsui Manor – NT3000 (S$136)

After that, we also meet up with the make up artist, who also brief us on the make up and hair style for the photo shoot.

For the groom (me), my style is quite standard. I hardly make my hair, so any hair style she do will look good on me. For the bride (Val), she kept her hair long for this day, so it will be?easier for her to try?different hairstyles.

After the discussion with the make up artist, we still need some last minute hair-do. I need to trim my hair a little shorter, and Val needs to dye her hair a little brighter. But before we do that, we got to select the groom?s suit first!

So we took a few train stops and arrive at their partner?s store – GEM.

As the groom, I?m provided with 2 complimentary suits. 1 white and 1 black suit.

men suit fitting GEM taipei

However, little did I know, there are different types of white and black suit too! This is where some options (plus some upselling) come into place.

To put it more accurately, the complimentary suit includes:

  • White: 1 white shirt, 1 white pants, and 1 bow tie.
  • Black: 1 white shirt, 1 black pants, and 1 bow tie.

However, for men?s wear, there?s different types of suit too. And of course, they come with a price!

Here are some other suits that I selected in the end.


The basic white and black suit looks basic at its best. The store knows you won?t want to wear a plain white/black suit for your photoshoot. You want to look your best in the photoshoot, because you will only take it once!

So here comes the price that comes with a better looking suit.

  • White suit with a vest and a tie: NT$4000 (S$181)
  • Silver suit with a vest and a tie: NT$6000 (S$272)

After trying all the suits, I went for the add-ons, which means an additional NT$10,000 purchase for me. The basic white and black looks really plain, and I don?t think any groom would wear them for the shoot.

I do feel a little ?cheated? when I realized I have to pay to get a better suit. I told them it?s too expensive to pay NT10,000 for 2 suits. Hence, they give me a discount, and the final price is NT$9000 (S$409). Note: This is just renting suits for 1 day of shoot. $409 can you custom-made suit already.

TIP: If you are signing up for any package, and they promise you complimentary men?s suit, ASK them what is included in the suit. Even better, ask for the designs and suit styles too. Otherwise, you can bring your own suits if you like.

After selecting the suits, we went for a quick dinner, before fixing our hair.


Val get her hair dyed and trimmed for NT2000 (S$91), and I get my hair trimmed for NT300 (S$13). We are quite happy with the hairdressers. A little brighter red dye for Val will allow her hair to stand out when the Make Up Artist style her hair.

That?s all for Day 1!?

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3. Day 2:?Full Day of Photo shoot

Our Day 2 will be?a full day of photo shoot. With all the prep work done, we are really excited for it. We have to reach the studio at 8am for makeup and hairdo and everything we need to do before we travel out to TamShui.

As a start, we got into our white wedding gown and suit. All the gowns and suits which we selected on Day 1 has been altered and they fit us nicely.

Both of us completed our preparation and we set off at around 10am. Altogether, there will be 3 people following us for the shoot – the photographer, his assistant , and the make up artist.

While doing the make-up, Val brought her own Ampoule (which she bought at Qoo100), but the makeup artist suggested to use hers as her ampoule helps in hydration and oil control (so your facial oil won?t stain the makeup). We know they want to earn money by selling their Ampoule (NT500/each!!), so we resisted at first. But the make up artist insisted on using it, so we just say 2 capsules only. So here you go, another NT$1000 (S$45)

This is us after?our makeup!


Since we are traveling out, the studio has chartered a full-day cab for us. There we go, setting off in the cab! It is about an hour?s drive from Ximending to TamShui.

Once arrived at TamShui Manor, we paid NT3000 for the entry fee. As mentioned, this is a famous place for wedding couples to take their wedding photos, and only wedding couples are allowed to enter. No other tourists. This place is built and designed for wedding photography.

We were then brought over to their ?standby? room, where all the wedding couples do their changing and make up. Other than us, we saw at least 5 other wedding couples making up and preparing for their shoot.

tamsui manor makeup room

The Make Up Artist then do some final touch up for Val before we head out for the shoot. The weather is alright for us, about 20-25 degree celsius.

There might be some wind, but it?s still bearable (especially for the bride who is in her gown only.) If you come in the cold season (November – January), it will be super cold?

Here are some photos taken by me (secretly) when Val is doing her shoot. They say personal photography is prohibited because of copyright issues. My photographs here are just candid ones, and impossible for commercial use. (So I think it’s okay!)

This is the field where we take our outdoor shoots with the flowers. They are real ones:


A very nice backdrop of roses. The assistant does help a lot with holding that ‘reflector’.


We finished our first round of photoshoot. Next, lunch first!


Lunch and makeup for the next shoot. Because Tamsui Manor is meant for photoshoot only, so we can only have boxed lunch (??). We have bubble tea too!


We also went down to the beach area. It’s low tide, and strong wind was blowing. I’m fine, but not for Val. So she had to endure the wind even while smiling for the camera!


Changing into the next set of gowns, and a new hairdo!


Somebody left their balloon there after their shoot. We used it for our shoot then.


The wind was strong, but luckily I brought my windbreaker along. It was cold, but at least, we didn’t perspire!


There’s also a white piano facing the sea for photoshoot. Of course, that piano can’t be played.


We are onto our last style – Vintage. In Chinese, it’s called ???


You need to know how to pose to get that ‘vintage’ feel. We didn’t know much about posing, but our photographer is quite skilled in that. And so he showed us how to do it right.


Valerie has a special bond with piano. She’s a piano teacher anyway.


Alright, so those are the shots I took from my phone during the shoot.

You can see that the whole area is dedicated for lovely romantic wedding shoots, and all everything there is created for purpose of good photography. For example, we can take photos with cherry blossoms in the background. It looks awesome on the photo!

taiwan wedding photoshoot naza bridal

But did you know they are plastic/fake ones?

The thing is, if we don’t tell you, you?won?t know it?s fake. But also, who care if it is real or fake. As long as they look real, right? This is because people can’t tell the difference between real and fake cherry blossoms in photos.

If you really want to take your shoots with real cherry blossoms, then you have to come over during special seasons, and travel out to take them.

We are saying these so that you know there are something known as fake cherry blossoms which are created just for photography purposes. We don?t want you to be sold by other wedding studios that ?you can take photos with cherry blossoms?, but in fact you paid to take with fake ones.

Our entire shoot ended at 7pm at Tamsui Manor. It was good weather. No rain, but also no sun. It is cold for Val, but okay for me (because I wear quite a few layers). We took the chartered cab back, and reached the studio at 8pm. Our stomachs?were?growling.

But wait, we have to pay the?cab driver for his services. In total, we paid NT$4000 (S$181) for 9 hours of his time. If we want to be particular of his time, he just drove us for 2 hours (1 hour each way). The rest of the 7 hours is waiting time at Tamsui Manor.

This is good deal for the driver, as we just went to 1 location for the shoot. If you intend to go to more places for shoot, the price will still be the same. Hence, if you want to make your money worth, do some homework, choose a few more places in Taipei for shoots. Do factor in traveling time between places too.

To conclude this one whole day of shoot, we do enjoy ourselves every single minute. We are really treated like prince & princess during the whole shoot.

Since early morning when we stepped into the studio, the assistant is ready to help us prepare everything, carry everything, and help us with everything we need. When we were?outside doing the shoot, we have the make-up artist following us everywhere we go, with her equipment on hand to make sure we look the best before we start our next shoot.

When we are resting, the assistant bought us lunch and warm bubble tea (we don?t know where she got it from). The photographer is even amazing. Instead of just asking you to stand and pose, he will show you the way to pose, the place to look, the mood of the shoot, and many little details to get the perfect shoot. You can look at our photos (Day 3) to see his photography skill.

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4. Day 3: Choosing of Photos (plus heavy negotiation)

We had a long day for Day 2, hence we slept in for Day 3. Our appointment with Naza is at 2pm. The objective for that day is just to select the photos.

Before our shoot, we have consulted friends and they have told us that bridal studios earn the most from photographs, because that?s where all the money is. They can earn little commissions here and there from the men?s suit rental, or ampoule, but the main bulk of the revenue came from photographs.

We know about this, hence we prep ourselves in deciding the number of photographs to choose.

From the initial package, we are given 15 photographs. We also looked at the price of additional photographs – $55/each. If we just get 10 more, it will be $550 more. If we get 15 more to make it a total of 30 photographs, it will be $825. We discussed before our trip that we will take at most 30 photographs, regardless what the salespeople say, however they want to sell us.

Hence in our mind, 30 means 30.

However, after 6 hours of selection and negotiation, we ended up with 66 photos, plus a few more goodies thrown in. The extra price we paid for all these is NT40,000 (S$1818).

Why did we still buy so much when we already agreed not to buy so much?

Here?s the breakdown of every stage of the photo selection and negotiation process.

Da Wei is the Naza guy who is assisting us. We were excited to view our photos. He is also excited to show us. So using their computer and image software, he show us our photos one by one.

Altogether, we have 503?photos. (This is the maximum amount of photos they can sell us, if we are lazy to select and decide to buy all. Of course, not everyone does that because these are all raw photos taken by the photographer and some shots are taken twice too.)

Round 1:
We viewed all the photos, have a good laugh at all of them, as we recount the different gowns and poses we did on Day 1. From this 503 photos, Da Wei guided us to delete any photos which we think that are not nice, such as awkward smile or awkward poses, or photos which don?t give you the ?feel of love?.

Round 1 of deletion done, and we are left with 328 photos. No mention of price or selling.

Round 2:
We have 328 photos, and that?s still quite a lot. Da Wei guided us to delete any duplicate photos. Some photos are snapped twice so to capture the best shot, so we just want the better shot. We also don?t want to pay for a similar photo too.

Another round of deletion and we are left with 209 photos. At this stage, the pricing and selling begins.

Da Wei starts to list down the prices of the photographs, based on the number we buy. The lowest is NT850 (S$39) each if we get more than 50 photos, or NT1300 (S$59) each, if we get less than 20 additional photos.

Then Da Wei whipped out the calculator, and typed in the price and say ?Now is 209 photos. Hence, if you get all the photos, it will be (209-15) x NT850 = NT164,900 (S$7495).? This number scares me right away. Almost SGD$8k for wedding photos? seriously? I told him right away, we will delete more.

Round 3:
Da Wei says okay, so he will run through the list of images again, and we tell him the images to delete. After next round of deleting, we are left with about 110 photos.

Da Wei came up with another price. ?Now is 110 photos. Hence, the price will be (110-15)x 850 = NT80,750 (S$3670). I will also give you an 18-inch album instead of a 12-inch one, plus creating collages for the photos (??).

Round 4:
I told him the price is still outside our budget. I told him right away, my budget for additional photos is NT$13,000 only, which is about S$590 only. So, we will continue deleting the photos. After next round of editing, we reduced the number to 77 photos.

Da Wei then came up with a special price. NT$55,000 (S$2500) for 77 photos, including 18-inch album, collage, and music box.

Round 5:
Still, over our budget. We tell him we will continue deleting the photos. After another round of deleting, we are left with 62 photos.

Da Wei came up with another price, which he said is the best price – NT40,000 (S$1818) for 62 photos, including 18-inch album, collage, and music box.

Round 6:
Because we have set our mind right from the start (die-die 30 photos only), we tell him we will go on and delete some more. Another round of deleting, we are left of 44 photos.

Da Wei told us that if we get only 44 photos, he will have to calculate the cost based on the number of photos, and we won?t get 18-inch album, collage and music box. Each photo will cost the original $55 each which is stated in the initial package. This means we will get a lousy deal if we select less photos.

Round 7:
We have some heavy negotiation here. Both of us discussed and we decided to add back the photos to get the deal of NT$40,000 (in round 5). We then add back the deleted photos one by one, and we end up with 66 photos. We then tell Da Wei to just give us 66 photos (instead of 62 for the deal), because we don?t want to delete anymore. Done Deal!

This whole process takes 6 hours, and ended at 9pm. Da Wei even get his staff to buy Taiwan fried chicken and bubble tea for us, so we can take our time to choose photos. Throughout this whole process of photo selection, here are some things we have learnt, and things that you have to know.

1. Choosing photos is not as easy as it seems.

There are many factors in play when you choose photos.

If you have a good photographer who took amazing shots of you and your partner, you will have a hard time choosing photos, because the photos will look really good.

If you have a amateur photographer, then choosing is easier.

Our photographer is really good, and hence, we have quite a lot of amazing photos. We really had a hard time choosing, and that?s why you see the number of photos we delete in every round, the number get less and less, until it is so difficult to choose.

2. It is not choosing photos. It is more of deleting photos.

This is a game of psychology here. You are not really choosing, You are deleting photos. You are saying ?NO? to the photos you have taken.

If you have a really good photographer like us, and you want to keep your photos to a certain number, then you have to delete nice photos to reduce the number.

Deleting nice photos is an emotional game. These photos are not just simple photos that you take with your camera. These photos are taken after spending the time, money and effort for make up, the gown/suit, the transport and entry fee to the venue for the shoot.

Hence, it is not easy to say??just delete the photo?.? Each nice photo you delete is like a stab in your heart. If you can bear the pain, then go ahead and delete. But most people can?t, including us. We hold on to the pain until we can?t delete anymore.

3. The more dresses/gowns you wear, you will have more photos

When the bridal studio give you more dresses to wear, you can be happy, because you can have more shoots with different attire. That also means you will have more photos to choose. And that will make your selection even tougher.

4. Prices are never fixed

Did you see that the price of photos keep changing after every round? The price changes to the point I forgot what?s the original price stated in the $999 package deal (which is S$55 per photo).

But this is good, because the price per photo keep getting lower. This also tells you that photography prices are not fixed, and you can negotiate for a good price, if you know how to.

5. The bridal studio has to meet a minimum sales target

When we got our deal at $999, we thought we had a good deal, but we didn?t think of how the bridal studio is going to make money with just a $999 deal.

Remember, wedding is usually a one-off event, and bridal studio only has one chance to earn your money. If they can only sell you at $999, they will be losing money. They still have to pay their photographer, their rental, and many other expenses.

After we settled with the NT40,000 (S$1818) package, our overall wedding photograph costs is about S$4000. Hence, we estimate that the studio would at least want to get a sale of S$4,000, before they can give you any goodies or discount.

Since you have read till this stage, let us show you some of the photos we have chosen out of the 66.

taiwan-wedding-photoshoot-naza-marcus-valerie-2 taiwan-wedding-photoshoot-naza-marcus-valerie-3taiwan-wedding-photoshoot-naza-marcus-valerie-4taiwan-wedding-photoshoot-naza-marcus-valerie-5taiwan-wedding-photoshoot-naza-marcus-valerie-6taiwan-wedding-photoshoot-naza-marcus-valerie-7taiwan-wedding-photoshoot-naza-marcus-valerie-8taiwan-wedding-photoshoot-naza-marcus-valerie-9

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5.?Our Final Package: Breakdown of numbers

If you love numbers and want to get down to the nitty gritty details of costs, then here is the breakdown of the entire package for you.

The initial package: S$999

Wedding photo shoot:

  • 2 Night stay in a Ximending hotel (Worth S$150)
  • Plus some Taiwan snacks here and there (Worth S$20)


  • 1 x White Wedding Gown
  • 1 x Night Gown and
  • 1 x Additional Gown for Bride
  • Make-up equipment for Bride
  • Hair Make-up Design for Bride and Groom
  • Accessories for Bride
  • Nail polish for Bride

Other costs that we have incurred:

  • Courier fee (for album to ship from Taiwan to Singapore) – to be charged based on weight – not known yet.
  • Hairdying and Hairdressing before the shoot – NT2300 (S$94)
  • Upgraded Men Suit Rental – NT9000 (S$409)
  • Ampoule (hydration plus oil control) – NT1000 (S$46)
  • Additional photographs with 18-inch album and collage – NT40,000 (S$1818)
  • 1 Day Private Transportation – NT4000 (S$181)
  • Entrance Fee into Tamsui Manor – NT3000 (S$136)
  • Full Day Make Up Artist – NT6000 (SG$273)

Total cost: S$3956 + album courier fee

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6. Our Final Verdict

End of the day, is the deal worth it?

We did not sign up for any pre wedding shoot in Singapore, hence we cannot do an apple-to-apple comparison for you to compare between doing your shoot in Singapore or in Taiwan.

However, what we can share is the entire experience with you, and let you decide if you should go for it.

What we like about doing our wedding shoot in Taiwan:

A different experience

We are traveling outside of our own country so taking wedding photos overseas is a new experience itself.

Awesome weather

This is a very important factor. As Singaporeans, we know how crazy our weather can be. It can be scorching hot at 34 degree celsius, or it can rain heavily anytime.

In Taiwan, there are seasons, depending which month you go to. We went in April, hence it is the start of summer. The weather in Taipei is windy, but not cold. Temperature around 20 to 25 degree celsius.

When we do the shoot in Tamsui, because it is near the higher northern area, it is a little more colder. The bride may feel colder because of the gown, but the groom will feel shiok! Both of us hardly perspire, hence, our make-up don?t wear off. (I think you know how disgusting it is to perspire in your makeup).

We get to travel after the shoot

Coming overseas to do our wedding shoot also put us in holiday mood. We planned our wedding shoot on the first 4 days, then travel the rest of Taiwan for the next 9 days. We pay them a visit on the last day to see our edited wedding photos.

Because they know we are coming back, they rushed their editing work to compile the photos for us in a CD. (This is why you see can see the finished work earlier. Good customer service again!).

What we like about our wedding shoot with Naza Bridal Studio:

Awesome customer service

Taiwan people are generally good and helpful people. Coming to serving their clients, they are even helpful and more service oriented.

They know how to make you happy by buying you Taiwan snacks like Fried Chicken or Ah Zhong Mee Sua, or Bubble Tea when you spend the whole afternoon doing gown/suit fitting. They know how to keep you warm by buying hot bubble tea during the photoshoot in Tamsui.

They have one assistant to follow you around while doing the shoot, helping you carry your suit, your sunglasses, your shoes, and whatever-you-can-name, to make your photoshoot pleasurable.

Yes, it means I can walk empty handed everywhere throughout the shoot. Their makeup artist follow you around for the whole day to do touch-ups before you take your next photo.

They will send their people to queue for popular snacks for you, knowing that you will take a long time to choose the photos. These are little cost to them, but they know how to serve you well. They can serve you so well that you will feel paiseh (embarrassed).

Awesome photography skills

This can be subjective, because we like the photos he took for us. We like the way he discussed with us before we started to shoot to understand our style, our personality, and the type of shoots we want.

On the actual shooting day itself, he is also quite humorous to help us relieve our stress. He knows how to make us laugh so to capture that split-second moment. He also teach us how to pose to create that special feel. We like our shoots.

They are a Real Company

When we first bought the package, we also read about scary stories, like bridal studios closing down after taking your deposits, or coming over to Taiwan, but can’t find the studio.

We?ve checked forums, and Singaporeans are talking about their wedding packages since 2010, and now in 2015, we have completed our shoot too. We even had photos with the people who served us.

Our Make Up Artist is Jhen Ti. You can check out her Facebook page – A-migo???? ?with collection of all the beautiful bride photos.


So you heard about mentioning him right from the start. Here is Da Wei (??)!


Here is the boss of the studio, Sherry!


What we didn?t like:

If you have read from the top, you can read that we didn?t like some parts of the experience.

1. The way the package is sold

The way this package is sold is different from most other bridal studios, including those in Singapore. Usual wedding photography package sells you in the range of $3000 to $4000, then tell you what?s included.

If you are new to all these like us (most couples are), and saw the price of $3000 to $4000, you will be shocked, and your first reaction is a big NO. However, we were sold differently.

We were given a very low quotation of $999, with many ?optional? charges (which is not really optional because you will need them), and the cost to be stacked up from there. In the end, the cost is around $3000 to $4000 too, which is about the same too.

What we don?t like is the gradual realisation when optional items became required items, and at their quoted rate.

For example…

i) We didn?t know what are the complimentary men suit they will provide us. If I have known it is just plain ones, I would have tailored one myself at S$400 (which is the rental rate), and still get to keep it for my own business wear.

ii) We have to travel out for photoshoot, but we are only going to one location. The driver only drove for 2 hours, and waited there for 7 hours. We shouldn?t be paying for his 7 hours of time. He could have left to pick up other passengers. But we were made to book private transportation for entire day.

iii) The makeup artist will want to sell you their ampoule, which is expensive. We bought ours cheaply so to avoid the optional fee, but they still prefer you to use theirs.

2. Choosing of photographs

This is not unique to just overseas wedding shoot. If you have to buy photographs, you will go through the same process of selecting the number of photos within your budget (unless you bought a high-end package that gives you all the photos.)

As mentioned, our photographer is quite skilful, and hence make our selection difficult. But we also have to give it to him, and take it as we are paying for his expertise.

We have heard stories of couples selecting the photos, and arguing on the spot on the number of photos to take. The groom will be budget-conscious, while the bride will want all the photographs.

When arguments like these arise and when it is difficult to come to a decision on the number of photos, the bride usually wins. The bridal studio wins too. If you are going for wedding shoots, and if you will buy photos individually, discuss with your fiance/fiancee on the number of photos.

You may be like us, and?change the number when choosing becomes increasingly difficult. If that?s the case, just step aside to discuss again. Take as much time as you need to discuss and select the photos. To prevent future arguments, go ahead with the purchase only when both parties share the same consensus.

Overall, is the whole deal worth it?

We will give a yes. A 100% yes.

taiwan wedding photography naza review

Though there are upsells and all that, the overall price is still within our budget. We also believe we got a good deal because of the awesome service standard they have, and the first class treatment we receive from them.

If we were to take up this package again, we will make our own men?s suit and bring over, request for one way taxi, and bring our own ampoule and insist to use ours. However, we won?t be doing it again. So since you have read this, don?t make the mistakes we made.

That?s the end of this entire review of our whole Taiwan wedding photoshoot experience.

If you have any questions about our Taiwan photography experience, just leave a comment below and we will try to answer you.

If you are keen to get your wedding photography in Taiwan by Naza, below is their details:

Naza Bridal Studio ??????

We are not sponsored by Naza to write about them. If we are sponsored, we wouldn?t have paid almost $4000 for the shoot and gone through the headache of choosing photos (because they would have given us all!).

Whatever you read above are all our honest thoughts without any sugar coating. If you were to engage Naza, you can mention you read about us here, or you can show them this post (because we have pictures of their boss who know us as well). But we can?t guarantee you will get any special deal, because we didn?t strike any deal with them.

What we can guarantee, is that you will go through the same enjoyable photography session, and the stressful photo selection experience too. 🙂

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