The Amazing Scenes Of Isle Of Skye You Must Visit

After we drove around Loch Ness, we finally arrived at our Portree airbnb for the next 2 nights. When we arrived, it was already 8pm, but the night was still quite bright.

This is our small cottage stay, with a bathroom, a bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, and dining area, and a space for our car!

We left our luggage and were very hungry by then. So we put everything and left for the nearest supermarket to get some food. We had microwaved dinner. Not the best type of dinner, but it was better than nothing.

Our host has kindly provided bread, orange juice, and milk for our stay, and we thought perhaps packing our own sandwich for lunch the next day will be good, as we are not sure what we can get in this area.

So we woke up early, refreshed, and we pack our own sandwich for lunch. So here’s our sandwich – with eggs, ham, and bread. That’s all!

A full day trip ahead. Let’s go!

Portree Harbour

Our first stop is Portree Harbour.

It was a close 5 min drive from our place. It’s kind of like our Clarke Quay, just that this is a real Harbour out to open sea. But what attracts us is this row of colourful flats.

The pink walled building is called The Pink Hotel. We thought of staying there, but it was way out of our budget. The other buildings are restaurants. We walked down the lane and back, and move on to our next point.

Old Man of Storr

We drove all the way up, and parked our car at the side of the road, just like everyone else. And off we go, climbing up the Old Man Of Storr.

We thought it was just a short walk up.. but NO. We took almost 2 hours to hike up, and then come down.

It was a well-maintained path up till the final section where it got a little muddy and eeky. Her shoes were bright grey, and she doesn’t want to dirty it.

And that’s me, wrapping up like a dumpling. It’s freaking windy. That’s why.

As we walked, we burnt quite a lot of calories. Even before we reached the top, we were already hungry. Luckily we brought some snacks with us along. We were determined to reach the top!

We continued climbing, and had a glimpse of the scene from the top.

We were rewarded with this beautiful view. We continued our path, and came to the muddiest part of the path. Though it is dirty, we have to continue our journey.

We went up and up, but whenever we thought we were at the peak, there’s still more to climb. The slope is getting steeper, but at the same time, the scene is getting nicer.

That’s the coastal view behind us. We were on higher ground, so we managed to see further.

We reached to a point where we say enough is enough. The peak looks near from far, but in reality, we are far from near. We were famished, so we decide to stop, and found a spot to take photos with The Storr.

and yes! Some jump shots to mark a mini achievement of climbing half of the Storr!

We did it!

We carefully walked down, and we saw this just before the gate closes.

t stated the hike is 1km only. But it seems more than that. Probably it’s climbing upwards, that’s why it feels long. Nonetheless, we conquered it, and we were so hungry. And cold.

Thankfully, we got our sandwiches waiting for us in the car. We rushed to ate it, and finished in a few minutes. That’s our lunch by the way.

Right after that, we rested on the warm seats of our seat warmer, and off we went for our next point!

Duntulm Castle

After Old Man of Storr, we drove further up, up, and all the way up to Duntulm Castle. The road up is just one lane road. So it’s quite easy to drive.

When we reached Duntulm Castle, we could hear the strong howling wind blowing. After all, we were very near the sea. The wind was so strong that we could feel the car shaking a little.

At first, we were afraid to get out, as it’s too damn cold. But since we were there, we had to brace the cold and go out!

We used everything we can to wrap ourselves.

That’s the North Atlantic Ocean behind us. The wind makes it so cold. Even though I weigh over 80kg, the strong wind makes me feel like I’m able to fly away anytime.

So we walk and walk, and reach the Duntulm Castle. And that’s it. That’s the gate we saw, that is closed. It says it’s a hotel, but we don’t see anyone around. And that gate is locked too!

A very nice surrounding with little sheep grazing

and more sheep.

So other than us and the sheep, there’s no one at the hotel.  A weird Duntulm castle indeed.

But here’s the background story of the castle.

The castle was abandoned after the infant son of the chieftain who dwelt there at the time, in the charge of a nursemaid, fell from a window and was dashed on the rocks below. As a punishment, the nursemaid was set adrift on the North Atlantic in a small boat.

That’s all for the tour of Duntulm Castle. Nothing much, expect with crazy strong winds.

After this photo, we rushed back to our car. Again, turn on our seat warmer to the maximum and warm up ourselves. This is the windiest place we’ve ever experienced. Authur’s Seat can take second place.

Earlier, we thought of going to Uig, but we underestimate the climb at The Storr, which took longer than expected. So by the time we were done with Duntulm Castle, it was already 5pm. So here’s a view of Uig as we drove past.

Fairy Pools

This is one of the highlights of our tour of Isle of Skye.

Look at the map. We drove a big round since morning, and now we’re at The Fairy Pools. It was quite a long drive, but it’s worth it.

We park our car, and off we go! It’s a long walk in to the Fairy Pools. This path is an easy one. No slope, no mud.

Huge mountains. A lovely scene of the nature.

We keep walking in, and we arrived at the Fairy Pools.

Once you saw it, you felt like diving into it, even though you’re not sure what’s the water inside is like. It looks very clear, probably clearer than my drinking water.

The water is clean and cold. But we didn’t dare to drink it. If you like, you can jump it in!

We got to know this friend thanks to a friend’s recommendation. It is a rocky place hence you need to be careful not to slip and fall into the pools.

So it is called Fairy Pools. Is there fairies staying here?

But what I do know… is there are sheep all around the pools! Or rather, there are sheep here and there all over the highlands.


So the fairy pools was our last stop before we head back. What a long day. By the time we left, it was already 8pm, but the sky was still bright!

So again, we drove to the supermarket near our airbnb to buy the dinner for th night. We bought mostly microwave food – Pizza, curry rice, soup with bread, mashed potato with beef and salad.

Good enough for two of us!

So that’s our home cook dinner.

Morning came, and it’s time to pack and leave this beautiful place. We had our breakfast first. This time is healthy one!

And here’s our airbnb host, Sarah and John. Thanks to them for our wonderful stay at Isle of Skye. We highly recommend this place for anyone coming to Portree!

Where are we going next?

Fort William and Glencoe!

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