The Complete F1 Singapore Guide

The Singapore F1?is one of the biggest events of the whole calendar year in Singapore.We put together this informative guide to provide as much details as you need to know about Formula One Singapore night race every year in Singapore.


Photo Credit: LGEPR

F1 Singapore Race Tickets

Do check out the types of tickets you would like to purchase for entry into the race zone. Different tickets entitle you to different zones, and of course, different view from the race track.

You can purchase tickets from the?Official Singapore F1 website here!

Best Hotels for F1 Singapore

If you’re coming to Singapore for the Formula One race, you might want to consider staying in a hotel that is?near the race area. Though they may cost higher during this period, you can get to the race scenes within minutes, and even return back with ease after all the partying!

Here we have listed the hotels which are situated right within the race track, or a walking distance away from it. You might even catch the action Live from your hotel room itself!

We band them according to its?price range?for your easy selection. Click on the hotel names for pictures and availability.

$$$: 5 Star Singapore Hotels

Conrad Centennial Singapore | Fairmont Singapore | Fullerton Hotel Singapore | Fullerton Bay Hotel | Marina Bay Sands | Marina Mandarin Singapore | Pan Pacific Singapore | Ritz-Carlton Millennia | Swissotel The Stamford

$$: 4 Star Singapore Hotels

Grand Park City Hall Hotel | Carlton Hotel | Peninsular Excelsior Hotel

$: Budget Singapore Hotels

Hotel 81 Bugis | Victoria Hotel

Cheap Airfares to Singapore

Check out all the?cheap airfares?to Singapore for your visit. However, that depends where you fly in from. Cheaper airfare means more shopping and better F1 experience for your tour in Singapore!

You can purchase your air tickets with your local travel agency, or you can purchase them online, and get the best rates by comparing between airlines!

F1 Singapore 2011 Action!

f1-singapore-2011-ticketsNow, instead of you just reading about how amazing the F1 Singapore night race is, why not let us show you some of the?action?of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix in 2011!

We actually?went down?to catch live action of the

Formula One cars racing at more than 300km/hr (185mph)!

The tickets on our hand entitle us to the final day of the race. The first 2 days were qualifying round for all the drivers. And we got our seats at the?Bay Grandstand?area!

As roads were blocked for the race circuit, we arrived at the venue via the mass rapid transit (MRT) as that was the most feasible way to reach the place with ease.

Upon arrival at the circuit, you will be given F1 Singapore guidebook, which contained all the important details you needed to know to get the best out of the event.

We made our way to the Bay Grandstand and got ourselves a seat.

When we reached there, thousands of raving Formula One fans have already filled up the grandstand!

The flag off was at around 8pm, but fans came as early as 5pm to grab the seats with the best view of the speeding cars.

But from where we were seated, we couldn’t complain much too.

Nice view uh?




As there’s a total of 61 laps around the 5.07km circuit, all the cars could only run 61 times in front of us (provided that they don’t retire prematurely).

But for the rest of the action, we could catch them at the mega-big screens set up right behind the track. And did you see?Marina Bay Sands?at the back?

That’s where we saw how legendary Formula One driver, Michael Schumacher, crashed his Mercedes on his 30th lap.

Definitely not a good return for the seven-time F1 World Champion in his Singapore race.



But a legend will always be a legend. Let’s just hope he will bring out his best in F1 Singapore 2013!

Other than just the Bay Grandstand, the tickets also allowed us to have a free and easy walkabout around the race track, within zone 3 and 4. Instead from afar, we went down to catch the cars racing right before us.

And we saw this – A Ferrari overtaking a rival at Turn 14! That happened with a couple of laps to go, but was still not enough to get himself a place at the podium.


Runaway leader, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull-Renault, who led the whole race from the start, finished first with just a point shy of lifting the championship trophy in Singapore. (But he eventually lifted it in the following Japan GP.)


How About Some Video Highlights?

We took this video during our race at?Bay Grandstand,?Raffles Avenue?and?Turn 14. Get some live action of cars speeding in front of you! (Do tune down your speakers before you play)


Race Ended? But Not F1 Singapore 2011!

Sebestian Vettel might have won Singapore GP 2011, but as all like to say, the night was still young! Lots of fun and entertainment to catch around the race venue!

First, the road marshals opened up the barriers to allow the F1 fans enter the race track. Needless to say, we took the chance to walk on the tarmac all the cars raced on moments back.

We tried to walk the full 5.07km of the circuit, but gave up when we were attracted by?Michael Schumacher’s crash scene?along the way.



Obviously, his damaged Mercedes had been removed, but many were still amazed by the crash marks he left behind.

The F1 Singapore track forms a good backdrop for a nice picture too 🙂



That’s not all.

We left the race track and made our way to the Padang, the F1 village, where you can find all sorts of activities like the garage exhibition, F1 race simulator

…or having a picture with?Lightning Mcqueen, from the popular movie,Cars


…or rocking out with?Linkin Park?and?Shakira?at the Padang field! (Yes, they performed LIVE in Singapore for the F1!)


You can just party the whole night there!

Tips for Best F1 Experience

If there’s some advice we can share with you for you to have the best F1 Singapore experience ever? here they are!

1. Dress appropriately?

As you might be standing or walking around for hours, do have a good pair of walking shoes, and dress comfortably. Singapore’s weather is quite warm and humid.

2. Only bring what you need

Do bring in necessary items such as umbrella, earplugs, notebook with marker (in case you bumped into a driver and want his autograph), towels or fan. Ponchos and earplugs can be bought at the race venue for just $2.

A backpack should be good enough, and also helps you the security checks without much hassle.

3. Have enough cash

It’s difficult to find any ATM machines, and most outlets in the race area accept cash payments only. Do bring enough cash for F1 memorabilia and merchandise, and food (and beer!).

Of course, keep your money well, since the whole place will be packed with people.

f1-singapore-guide4. Check your tickets

Do check that you brought the right tickets out to the race venue. Each day has a different coloured ticket.

5. Get a circuit park map

Having a map on your hands will help you locate the entertainment zones and grandstands with ease.

They are given out free at the entrance, included in the F1 Singapore guide.

Or you can download?here?(From Official Singapore GP Website)

6. Take note of the event schedule

As there are so many events and activities happening at the same time, you would want to know the schedule of every program, be it the practice or qualifying sessions, or performance by your favorite music bands.

All information could be found in the F1 Singapore guide.

7. Take advantage of privileges

If you haven’t know, the two little F1 tickets not only entitle you for entry into the race venue, it is also the key to many discounts and privileges at various merchants islandwide!

Yay or Nay?


Why you might love F1 Singapore

  • you love Formula One racing! (duh…)
  • you are a racer yourself
  • you love cars
  • your favorite F1 driver is racing
  • you never seen a night race before


Why you might not love F1 Singapore

  • you don’t like crowds (there will be MANY people)
  • you can’t stand the loud screech of tyres
  • you can’t stand heat (though it’s night, it can be warm and humid)

What Say You?

F1 Singapore will be the major highlight every year. Sebestian Vettel won the race consecutively in 2011, 2012, and 2013!?Who can win it more than Sebestian Vettel?

We’ll find out soon!

So that’s all F1 Singapore guide we have prepared for you.?We definitely hope you have lots of fun in Singapore GP!?

How’s the F1 experience for you? Share with us in the comments below!


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