The Onsen Guide For First Timers – Yunomori Onsen & Spa Bangkok

The Onsen is a kind of Japanese hot spring bath that is famous all over Japan. It’s so famous that it is now available outside Japan! There is one in Singapore, and one in Bangkok.

Needless to say, the onsen in Bangkok is definitely cheaper. Hence, we visited Yunomori Onsen & Spa Bangkok outlet.

If you have heard of ‘Onsen’, ‘Japanese hot spring’, but have never visited one, and not sure what to do, what not to do… then this guide is for you!

We wrote this ‘onsen guide for beginners’ because we are also clueless before we visited.

“Is everyone supposed to be naked in the Onsen?”

“Can I wear swimming trunks into the Onsen?”

“I feel shy… will people look at me?”

“How long can I stay in the Onsen?”

We have all these questions like you.

But we have all these answers, now that we have enjoyed ourselves at the Onsen, let us help you with the questions!

(If you’re an experienced ‘onsen-goer’, do let us know what we can include in this guide to help more people enjoy their onsen trips! Comment your tips below will do!)


Tips For All First Timers

  • Book a reservation at least 48 hours before your visit. Onsen is quite popular, so by booking, you don’t have to wait.
  • Arrive early so you have more time.
  • Best timing at non peak hours, in morning, or before evening.
  • You can book a Onsen and massage package for more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

For Men?

  • Once check in, they will pass you a locker key, a big towel, a small towel, a set of Japanese bathrobe.
  • You will also proceed to exchange your shoes for a pair of bamboo slippers
  • You will go into the men’s locker room with all your belongings
  • Find your own locker. Open the digital lock with your key.
  • Take off your clothes, pants, underpants, everything on you. You can wear your specs if you want. Strictly no handphones.
  • Put all your belongings into the locker, taking just the small towel and locker key with you. ?And now, is the start of your Onsen!
  • Before you start, you have to wash yourself clean first at the washing area. They will provide you with shampoo and body wash.
  • Where to start? There are 6 baths for you to have a complete Onsen experience. As a first timer, there’s a infographic guide to follow, to show you which bath to enter first. Just find the infographic in the spa?will do!

For Female

  • Same tips as men above…but
  • You will get a set of disposable black tube and underwear. You can wear it during the Onsen. But it’s optional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are just some of the many questions our friends asked when we tell them we visited the onsen. If you have more questions and answers that we should add in here, let us know in the comments! 🙂

How long should I stay in each bath?

There’s no fixed timing how long you should stay, but it’s up to the individual. However, you shouldn’t stay too long in each bath, as you may be dehydrated. There’s a water dispenser in the locker room, so you can drink up in between sessions.

How long should I stay in the whole Onsen?

It is recommended not to stay more than 1 hour. And you don’t have to stay inside all the way. When you’re hungry or thirsty, you can wear your Japanese bathrobe, and walk out to the cafe outside to get some food and beverages. And go back when you’re ready.

I feel shy being naked with other naked strangers. What can I do?

Yes, if this is your first time in Onsen, you will feel shy or awkward. But 90% of the people there are shy like you too (or they just don’t bother). So don’t be too concerned about yourself. For men, you can cover yourself with the small towel if you want. For ladies, you have the disposable undergarment.

Can I wear swimming trucks, or bring a bigger towel in if I’m shy??

No. You can only bring?that small towel given?to you into the bath. Other cloths or swimming trucks is deem as dirtying the bath.?

I have a tattoo, can I enter??

By right… No. But again, if you have that small tattoo, you may try, and if you’re a foreign guests, they may just allow you to enter. No guarantee though!

How do I know it’s my turn for the massage?

If you’ve booked for massage, it will be after your Onsen. Not before, as the massage oil will contaminate the bath. There’s is big clock in the Onsen area for you to check your timing.

But if you’re too engrossed in your Onsen and forgot your time, an assistant will walk in to the Onsen area with a board and a bell, calling anyone who has massage at that hour.

What should I do once I’m done with Onsen?

You can go back to the shower area to wash yourself up. Then use the big towel to dry yourself. If you’re going for massage, you won’t be coming back for Onsen. Hence you will need to bring all your belongings out with you.

Wear your underwear with the Japanese robe. Request a tote bag from the staff to put your dry clothes. Leave the towel in the changing room. The staff will guide you to the waiting area.


Bangkok is one of our favorite places to visit in Thailand, the other being Phuket! And among all the other massages you have in Bangkok, we believe you definitely have to try the onsen at least once!

Go and try and let us know your experience!

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