The SQ Suites A380 Experience: From Singapore to London

The SQ Suites is one of the most prestigious flight class in the world. When it was first launched, it is the only class with a flat bed on air. Of course, times have passed, and many other airlines have come up with their own ?first class beds?.

I don?t know about other airlines, but I will always take SQ suites, if I have the chance again.

In this post, I?ve documented down the entire SQ suite experience from the start to the end.

Or you can watch the short video of our flight experience below!

If you have not board the SQ suites before, or going to take one soon, this post will give you some ideas. Enjoy!

Why SQ Suites?

We took the SQ Suites from Singapore to London for our honeymoon. Since it?s a honeymoon, let?s travel in style yea! I also read on some blogs that you can?t call yourself a travel blogger, if you never took first class before. Alright, I guess we fit that criteria now!

We got married in 2015, and we got busy with other stuff, before we had time to go for our honeymoon this year 2017. We planned this honeymoon back in 2016, and secured the first class seats in late 2016.

So how?s the experience of traveling like a VVIP on air?

How?s the cabin products and service?

Read on?

Checking In

The SQ Suites experience is not just about the flat-bed on board, or the exquisite food menu.

It starts from the check-in!

It has a specific drop-off point at Changi Terminal 3 for First Class passengers only. (Tell your taxi-driver to drop you there, and not the usual departure drop-off points)

And then, you proceed to check in. The Suites has its own exclusive check-in counter in front of Check in Row 1.

Our flight is in the morning 9am, but we checked-in way earlier, at 1am. Yea, we arrive 8 hours early, because we have access to the Private Room!

The Private Room is located inside the SQ lounges in the transit area, and is specially for First Class or SQ Suites passengers only. Wow. So exclusive yea!

So we were given this Gold access pass to enter the Private Room, but we were told that it will be closed slightly before 2am. But nonetheless, we still made our way there, to experience it for the next 45min or so.

When we arrived at the Private Room, we were greeted by their friendly staff, even at 1am. They don?t seemed to be tired. They handed us the menu, and yes, we can order Anything on the menu. Anything.

We saw Rib-eye steak, Western and Chinese cuisine, and many other delicacies found in top restaurants. And we can order them for Free!

But hey, it?s about 1.10am.

How on earth am I going to eat a steak at 1am?

So we just go for something light?

like some watermelon juice (freshly squeezed for you)…

and some local desserts – cheng tng and ice jelly.

The Private Room is really private.

Because there’s no other people other than the two of us.

Okay… maybe others are not so crazy to be eating at 1am..

We also got some chips and cheese from the counters.

Lots of food, but I tried to control myself.

We also explored their washroom. Just to see how luxurious it is.

Spacious and clean.

Just like what you saw in those 5-star hotels.

Maybe even better, because you can have?a bath too!

With towels even provided for you!

Above photo is the men’s washroom.

Classy like the ladies’.

It?s about 2am, and the after the late supper, we wanted to sleep. And there?s nothing else to do in the Private Room as they are closing, and only open in the morning about 6+am.

We thought of resting in the first class lounge, but all their seats are all upright seats so we can?t really lie and sleep on it.

Comfy leather seats, but too straight for you to take a nap.

So?the staff told us there?s flat sofa at the Business Class lounge, where many passengers just lie there and sleep too.

So we went there to sleep.

And we came back to the Private Room about 7am for some breakfast.

As it?s morning, we are hungry, we can order anything we want again.

But, I?m reminded by Valerie that we have breakfast on board later, via Book The Chef. Which means we shouldn?t had too much, or we couldn?t savour the good food later on board.

So we had something light again. Still taste good!

Dim Sum…

And fish porridge!

Time To Board!

Yay, like finally yea!

After reading so much about the flat-bed on SQ suites, we are finally to experience it ourselves!

As SQ Suites passengers, we were the first to board. We have never been so excited to board the plane first. After all, so what if you board first. The plane only takes off when everyone boards right?

But it?s our first time on SQ Suites!

And for this flight, our suite is specially cleaned and dressed by Annauz, who is a really friendly air steward who served us really well throughout the flight.

We board the plane early, but never regret it. In fact, we loved it!

We started getting served right away.

They came with the towels, juices, tea, champagne, magazines, newspapers, cashew nuts, and also give you a brief run through of all the buttons available in the cabin.

We also start fidgeting around to see what there around us.

We have a Bose earphone each for our inflight entertainment.

And a Salvatore Ferragamo vanity kit.

Branded stuff!

But you know what? I don’t even know what are those bottles and tubes! (sorry bro, i’m not a branded person).

Nonetheless, these are mine. I’ll learn how to use them 🙂

The flight is about 13 hours long.

Shortly after the plane take off, we had our first meal, the breakfast!

We ordered via ‘Book The Cook’ days ago and we had waffles as the main course, along with many little sides, like croissants, cereals, yoghurt, fruits (cherries, oranges, banana, rock melon).

After breakfast, we were handed a set of pyjamas.

I heard this is only available for Suites!

So we changed to our PJ right away.

We felt so free in the soft PJ, that we wanted to sleep soon.

So we requested for the crew to help us set up the bed.

And in less the 1min…

The bed is up!

That’s the world’s famous bed of SQ Suites!

We closed the doors, pull down the shutters, and sleep.

And we slept about 6 hours straight.

6 hours is about the flight from Singapore to Beijing.

And what happens when we woke up?


And this is probably the most exquisite menu we ever had on air.

Via ‘Book The Chef’, we ordered Lobster Thermidor, but many starters came first before the main course arrive.

First the satay. It’s hot and crispy.

Some caviar…

Then a salad bowl…

Fish maw soup…

Finally the Lobster!


And that’s how we have our lunch on the ‘bed’.

And then the dessert…

Forgotten the names, but remember they?are delicious.

What a amazing dining experience right?

Exactly like those 10-course meal at a fine dining restaurant.

What?s so special about SQ Suites

I don?t think I need to describe how good the SQ Suites is. Because it?s the First of the First Class seats, everything is really good. I?m not really good with bombastic words, but I will just use simple words to describe how we enjoy the suites.

1. First Class service.

Of course, right? Service definitely has to be good as we are at the Suites level already. But I guess the service is good not just because of Suites, but because SQ service is always good no matter which class you?re in. I haven?t encountered a poor service yet.

2. They do their best to fulfil your needs, every time.

When we?re watching movies, they will bring a tray of snacks (chips, chocolates, fruits?etc) for you to go along with it.

When you just woke up from your nap, and they hear you cough, they make you a cup of ginger lemon tea to sooth your throat when you came out of the toilet.

When you change into the pyjamas, they help you hang your clothes. When you change back, if you like the pyjamas, they help you fold into a bag so you can bring out. If not, you can return to them.

When you press ?do not disturb?, they won?t disturb you, even if you miss the meal hours. But if you don?t, they will keep popping by your seat with food and drinks.

Chips, nuts, champagne, juices, buns, fruits, whatever they have. They just keep serving and serving. I wouldn?t complain when they disturb me with?good food.

These little actions of service makes your flight so pleasant (eh, is that the SQ tagline?)

3. The flat bed makes the whole trip comfortable

The flat bed is not just for sleeping. It?s like your personal bed in the air. You sleep, you watch movie, you eat, you read? you can do anything you want on the bed. Plus, you have a few pillows here and there to make you feel commutable too.

After our breakfast, we nap for 6 hours and woke up for our lunch. This nap is so much better than the nap at the Business Class lounge sofa the night earlier.

If you want to try the Suites, just get it for long haul flights (>10 hours) so you can fully experience what sleeping on board feels like.

4. Fast Pass for premium customers only

We also got this pink ‘fast track’ pass where we can use when we alight at London Heathrow airport, so we can clear the immigration fast.

Just like some VVIP.

How to get the Suites?

When we took the SQ Suites, we had many friends asking how do we do it.

The SQ Suites is seen as a premium cabin product, and it?s not cheap. If you do a search, a one-way SQ suite ticket cost almost $9,000 SGD.

And then both of us took the Suites, which means it may cost us $18,000 SG for this 13-hour flight to London!

That?s almost a 6-month pay for a fresh grad!

So did we pay $18,000 for this SQ suites to London?

Of Course NO LA!

Maybe some rich kids will pay cash. But we are not rich kids.

Even if we have the money, we won?t spurge $18,000 on a flight.

Instead, we use miles.

We saved about 1-2 years of miles for this SQ Suites experience.

Earning and collecting miles is the best way for us to experience the SQ Suites.

This Miles thing is a whole new ballgame itself, with many different ways to earn and collect miles.

You can just google and you can find many ways to earn and collect miles.

There?s also many ways to ?hack? it, so you can earn miles within the shortest time possible. I have shared some tips to earn miles in a short travel ebook that you can download on this website (Go to the right side bar and download the book.)


That’s our A380 SQ Suites experience!

It’s just the start of our 18 days honeymoon in UK.

Our?next post?will show you?how we got from ‘First Class’ to ‘No Class‘?in a single day.

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