Top 10 Things To Do In Myanmar

Myanmar is a land of distinctive charm and beautiful mystery.

After decades of isolation, the country is drawing everyone`s eye by its enticing landscapes which is full of temples, untouched beaches and incredibly unspoil nature.

It is a very difficult question to pick the best things you should delve into but these 10 remarkable experiences will help you define your lifetime holiday, especially for first time visit:

Beholding the Bagan sunrise on Balloon

Home to over 2,200 pagodas and temples, Bagan is the most notable jewel of Myanmar Tourism.

There are many ways to behold its mesmerizing landscape varying from a horse cart ride to an Ebike but gliding on a balloon to capture the sunrise is something very special.

By taking a balloon, you will have chance to witness the otherworldly moment when the sun breaks the mask over temple’s spires.

Enjoy Street Food of Yangon

Yangon is an intrigue rendezvous for different ethnicity including Indian, Chinese and Burmese from all region.

This character is perfectly reflected through the delicious foods it has to offer.

No Myanmar Tour is complete without tasting the appetizing noodles, BBQ in China town or having a styled curry inside little Indian market.

Whether you are just wander for a dinner or fascinated about food, take your time to say “ yummy” with wide selection of food in Yangon

Photo hunting in Ubein Bridge

Stretching over Tamanthaung lake, Ubein is known as the longest teakwood bridge.

Amongst the most photogenic places in Myanmar, Ubein is often ranked the first place for sunset shooting. Photographers love to challenge your lens skill with sunlight, incredible lake and bridge background.

With the help of a tour guide, you can easily change your photo style with monks or charming local women.

Trek in Hsipaw

Hsipaw is quickly turns to a hotspot for trekkers thanks to its wondrous nature and friendly locals.

Things you will soak up during your trekking days includes rolling hills, cascading waterfalls, welcoming faces in the local farm land and tasty food prepared by local families.

The views that change everyday is just enough to get you excited for such an authentic Myanmar experience.

Visit Inle Lake

Inle is a unique travel destination in Myanmar.

Its charming lake culture mainly come from the rotating market in Indein, Phang Daw Oo pagoda rises amidst the waterway and Inthar fishermen who uses only 1 leg to navigate their boat.

Inle isn’t lack of interesting activities to make you enjoyably occupied from pleasant boat trip to exciting village biking or fantastic Shan cooking class.

Attend the lighting festival


When it comes to the idea of attending a festival with Burmese people, the light festival of Thadingyut is just amazing.

It takes places for 3 days usually beginning of October to celebrate Buddha’s descent to earth after visiting heaven.

During this time, the night scene changes entirely with illuminated pagodas, sparking streets. If you are interested in some folk, traditional music, there are certain performances in the streets.

Marvel the best of Mandalay

For first timer, Mandalay is vibrant and chaotic but just a step away from its busy street, you will be astonished by the timeless charm it boasts.

Ideas to explore the stunning Mandalay is plenty. Only 4 ancient capitals, shimmering pagodas like Sundamuni, Kuthodaw can make you occupied for 2 days.

Adventurers who are keen on something extraordinary can privatize a boat to spot Irrawaddy Dolphins or simply challenge yourself with a visit to snake pagoda.

Unwind in Ngapali Beach

Ngapali is simply the best beach so far in the country. It is more accessible with direct flights from other cities.

Filled with high end resorts, Ngapali is truly a word class escape with a sandy beach stretching over 17km lined by windy palm fringe.

Beside the leisure activities, visitors can also opt some active adventure for scuba diving or mountain biking.

Cruise Irrawaddy River

The bloodline of Myanmar, the Irrawaddy River flows from the far north till the Pathein beach before it merges into Andaman Sea.

There are stories along its bank that you should not miss.

By taking a river journey whether it is for 3 days or 5 days, you will hold a chance to access fascinating Unesco world heritage site like Pyu, Bagan.

The new cruising itinerary proposed by luxury tour operators now also allows you to enjoy a wide range of entertainment and beguiling shore excursions.

Dive in Mergui Archipelago

If you are looking for the last oceanic paradise that does not appear on tourism radar in Asia, Mergui Archipelago is the name.

This sprawling archipelago consists of 800 islands, boasting incredible diversity both on shore and underwater.

It is hard to resist a chance to dive in a remote area where coral reefs and marine life are so pristine. It is not mentioned that there are islands without any footstep for you to laze.

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