Travel Around Scotland Highlands: To Find Loch Ness Monster!

We had a good night’s rest in Inverness after a long day of drive from Edinburgh. And right now, we’re driving off again to find out if Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, really exist!

Yes, Nessie it’s real!

That’s what we saw on the map (see below) when we are searching for directions for our day tour. So you see… Nessie (It’s REAL!!!). You can stop suspecting now.

Nessie (It’s Not Real!)

Ok… it’s just a point on the map, probably edited by someone. We are still curious if Nessie really exist. So we drove our way there.

We drove from Inverness to “Nessie (it’s REAL!!!). The road is smooth until it requires us to drive into narrow path to reach the exact location. To pursue our hopes of finding Loch Ness monster live… we drove our Mercedes in.

Turns out… it is just a local’s backyard which opens up to an unblocked view of Loch Ness.

There’s no Nessie or Loch Ness Monster, but still, the view is amazing. Clear blue sky, little ripples of the loch, with a white house opposite. So picturesque!

The place is really quiet, and you can really hear birds chirping, or sounds of ripples in the lake. We were about to leave, when an old man came out of his home and greeted us ‘Good Morning’.

The locals are really friendly. With such quiet and peaceful neighbourhood, it is really a place you want to wake up to every morning.

Suidhe Viewpoint

So there’s no Loch Ness. So off we go to the next destination – Suidhe Viewpoint. It’s a place we discover only 2 days ago. It’s a place where you can see many lochs, but we only found one – Loch Ness.

From the viewpoint, we can see a tiny view of Loch Ness, but that’s all. It’s quite windy with such a huge open space.

With nothing else at this viewpoint, we use find a chance to take a Mercedes car ad.

And then a jump shot.

And then rush back into the car for some warmth.

Loch Tarff

This is an unexpected stopover, just so happen we see it along the way to Fort Augustus.

We stopped at Loch Tarff, because this is the only Loch that’s beside the road. It’s a chance for me to see how clear the water of the loch is.

Yes, water is clean and cool.

Fort Augustus

So we continue our drive down to Fort Augustus. From the top of Loch Ness where we started, we are now at the bottom of it, at Fort Augustus, a place with people, shops, and most importantly, food!

It’s a place like Pitlochry, but food wise, there’s not much choices. So we settled for …

Fish and Chips again!

We have eaten lots of fish and chips in the UK, but this is probably one of the best. The fish is huuuuuge. It’s called Monster’s Fish & Chips.

Good name for the restaurant, riding on the name of the loch ness ‘monster’.

As it’s the only few restaurants and probably the best one, all the tourists traveling around Scotland Highlands flock here. Fortunately, it’s free-parking day, so we can park and enjoy your ‘loch-ness’ meat slowly.

Fort Augustus is quite a beautiful hangout. As we walk, we realize there are more shops and restaurants, and more houses where people really stay in. We are at the bottom end of Loch Ness, and probably our last chance to find Loch Ness.

We walk along the canal, towards the open view of the loch.

We reached the end of the Fort.

And we declared, we cannot find Loch Ness Monster.

But some tourists went as far to take the cruise out to Loch Ness to prove that there is no such monster hiding under the sea. Or they just want a cruise ride in the loch.

We were standing at a lookout, a place for you to have an open lake view, which allows us to take the beautiful shot of the lake. There was another lookout opposite, but we didn’t go over, as it’s a long detour to the other side.


So we just made our way back to the car, with some more shots of the lake.

Urquhart Castle

Then, we drove down to Urduhart Castle, which is at another side of Loch Ness.

However, it’s a castle which needs tickets. We didn’t know that, but we don’t want to pay. So we can’t enter, and so we just took a shot from far.

The castle looks good from far too. This castle dated back from 13th century and played a major role in the Scottish Independence Wars back in 14th century.

Eilean Donan Castle

This is the last stop we made for the whole day trip! We actually wanted to go another place called Drumnadrochit, which is a short drive from Urquhart Castle, but it was running late around 5+pm by the time we left the castle.

So we made our way towards Isle of Skye (that’s the next post!), where we will be spending the next 2 days.

We made a quick pitstop near Cluanie Inn as we were getting tired from driving. And along the way, we saw some snow-capped mountain! So we came out and walked around.

After the short stop, we drove all the way down to Eileen Donan Castle, about 20 min drive before crossing over to Isle of Skye, over the Skye Bridge.

So here’s the castle! It’s a special castle where 3 lochs meet. Oh yes, it’s free entry too!

A beautiful sunset that greets us as we were leaving, love this silhouette shot!

And then, we made our way to Portree, Isle of Skye, our stay for 2 nights.

See you at our next post!

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