What to do in Kenting, Taiwan?

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If you are thinking about travelling to Kenting for 3 days 2 nights, this page is for you! We travelled around Taiwan in May 2015 and spent 3 days in Kenting and of course we had lots of fun! That?s why we want to share with you here!

Kenting is located in the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung County in Taiwan, with beautiful landscapes around. If you are a person who likes adventure and the beach, then you must come here!

Day One
Upon arrival to Kenting, we checked into our minsu and rented a scooter for 2.5 days for our entire stay. Don?t have to worry if you feel it?s not safe, it?s like riding the bicycle just that it?s operated by battery and the speed is capped at 30km/h.

Here are we all excited about scooting off to explore Kenting!

kenting taiwant scooter

What to do in Kenting #1 – Rent a scooter and explore the various place!

From Kenting, we scooted off to Hengchun which is about 20 minutes away by scooter and arrived at a famous bun place (as recommended by the minsu reception).

If you are travelling from Kenting, Xiao Du Bao Zi (????) will be on the left side of the road so be sure to look out for it!

It was crowded even in the afternoon! Lots of different choices of buns available, there are sweet ones and also savory ones. We bought two buns, one custard-filled, the other one is filled with a huge pork ball. The bun was soft and delicious, it goes really well with the filling. Definitely a must try if you are in here!


xiao du bao zi kenting

Tummies are filled! It?s now time to continue the journey.

We continued scooting in Hengchun (be very careful as there are more traffic in Hengchun than Kenting) to look for a place to recharge the scooter.

There are various charging stations for scooters in Hengchun and Kenting, so be sure to ask the scooter rental guy for a map of these locations! You definitely do not want your scooter to be out of battery!

We left the scooter to charge and off we go to look for some more food! It takes about an hour to get the battery fully charged. So just nice, when we return, the bike is ready to va-va-voom again!


Hengchun has a rustic feel to it, it?s busier than Kenting and there are more shops around too! Local stores set up by the side of the road, restaurants and even book stores are available too.

As we went there a little late, there were not many food choices left for us to choose so after walking around for about 30 minutes we headed back to Kenting Main Street where there was a stretch of night market for us to buy our food from!


Night market here we come!!!

Kenting Main Street is where the main activities are, night markets, pubs, restaurants, pharmacy, pop-up stores that sells accessories and many more!

For us, it?s more about eating!


Yummy sweet potato balls!

The night market even has games for you to play and prizes to be won! (of course, you need to pay before you can play).

Look at this game. You need to throw darts at water-filled balloons at a distance and you win a prize for the number of balloons you burst.


Each round you are given 15 darts and costs 50NT per game. Too bad we didn?t play but we stood aside to be spectators and saw someone won a plushie!


It’s almost impossible to find these games in Singapore anymore. It is fun seeing these old school games come alive here in Kenting.

What to do in Kenting #2 – Explore Kenting Main Street!

Day Two
We started our day late as we were exhausted from the previous day. It was already almost 12pm by the time we came out to look for food.


Just take a look at the plate!


We ate to our hearts? content and continue scooting off to the Nan Wan (where all the sea sports take place) about five minutes away from Kenting Main Street.


It was such a beautiful day! Once we parked our scooter we were immediately approached by one of the sea sports seller (talk about being efficient)! She recommended us a promotional package for three activities at 1000NT, original price was 1500NT and so we bought it.

But I?m pretty sure she sells everyone the promotional package and still earns a profitable margin.

She then set up an big umbrella for us to rest while the jet ski coach gets ready. There was even an oceanpack bag to put your belongings in it so it won?t be wet. Life jackets and head gears were provided to protect ourselves in case of accidents.

We rested for about 10 minutes to get ready our hearts for the sea sports.

First up was jet ski!

We sat behind the jet ski coach who was really skilled in maneuvering the machine. With wind in our hair and the sea around us, we enjoyed ourselves so much! The coach even spinned around on the sea with the jet ski!

The next two activities were quite similar in which we sat on the float which is pulled by the jet ski. I wasn?t prepared for such a bumpy ride, and screamed my head off throughout the entire time! Nonetheless, it was really fun!

Here?s us after the sea sports!


Of course what?s going to the beach without actually walking on the beach along the shore?

While Marcus had fun crashing the waves….


I enjoyed walking on the sand barefoot!


What to do in Kenting #3 – Challenge yourself to some water sports!

Thankfully we didn?t eat overly full for brunch! If not we would have puked our food out during the sea sports. We washed up at the rinsing area (you have to pay 20NT per person to enter) and scooted off for some yummy sashimi in Houbihu! There is more than just one store that sells sashimi, so you can take your pick!

We chose the shop where we can charge our scooter for free while having our meal there.

Check out the sashimi slices! Only 200NT for a plate!!


So so sooooo gooood!

We ordered salmon soup and a bowl of rice to go along too!


It was already in the late afternoon when we ate so we didn?t want to eat too much but still, ordered another plate of sashimi after we finished the first one. You can?t find such fresh sashimi at this place here in Singapore! So glad that he brought me have the sashimi!

With our tummies stuffed, we headed back to Kenting Main Street. Though Maobitou was very near Houbihu, we decided to skip it because the sun sets around 6pm and we wanted to head to Eluanbi Park which is at the other end of the island. According to the scooter charging station map, there was a charging station near to Eluanbi Park. We rode to the station was supposedly at but we couldn?t find it, so we thought it will be better to go to the next station which was just five minutes away at the cafe.

It was a relief to have finally reached the station but the cafe was closed, and there wasn?t any form of electricity available! We hurried along to the next station which was another 5-10 minutes away and pray that the scooter doesn?t go flat on us. We finally reached the station, one that has electricity so we could now charge the scooter in peace. Charging the scooter takes about 40 minutes, so we took this time to explore the area around Chuanfanshi (Sail Rock).


We were quite a distance away from getting close to the rock, so we walked on some grass and ta-da!


Typical tourist thing to do is jump shot! So check out ours too!

kenting-sail-rock-jumpshot-val kenting-sail-rock-jumpshot-marcus

With time to spare, we bought some snacks to eat by the sea, chips and drinks and at the same time it was sunset! It was a rather beautiful sight.


What to do in Kenting #4 – Have a snack by the sea and soak in the sunset!

After our snacks and checked that the scooter is not fully charged, we took off once again! This time round from Chuanfanshi all the way to Hengchun, to a place called Chuhuo (??).


We wanted to come to this place to see the first day but the GPS brought us to a dark route which we didn?t felt safe enough to continue so we left. So the next day we decided to try our luck again using another route provided by the GPS and here we are!

Chuhuo is a place recommended by the owner of the scooter company, a place with natural gas emitting from the ground through mud cracks. To our surprise there were quite a number of groups that came too!


Let?s take a closer look!

kenting-chuhuo-fire-ground kenting-chuhuo-fireplace

We didn?t stay here for a long time as I was attracting mosquitos (Chuhuo is in a forested area) and to walk back out we need to use a torchlight. Came back to where we parked our scooter at for a last shot of Chuhuo.


What to do in Kenting #5 – Visit Chuhuo! Perhaps you can do a BBQ there (though not advisable)!

From Chuhuo we headed back to Hengchun, this time dessert came first! It?s shaved ice with yam ball!


And back to Kenting Main Street for night market snacks again! Here?s how it looks like at night.


Day Three
Waking up to day 3 which is also our last day in Kenting before heading back to Taipei. We got up early enough to have breakfast in a local store which sells sandwiches,coffee and tea. We aim to conquer the Eluanbi Park today as we failed to do so yesterday.


After our breakfast, we set off on a 20 minutes scooter ride to Eluanbi Park, paid 10NT to park our scooter and 80NT altogether for the entrance fee for two and here we are!


Eluanbi Park is the southernmost point of Taiwan with its main attraction being the lighthouse, kissing rock and of course the walking track with trees on both sides! The park was created in 1982 to cater to people visiting the southernmost point of Taiwan and to get close to the Pacific ocean too!

There are different attractions in the park itself, like a viewing point of the sea whereby you can climb on the rocks to take photos on. Just be sure you step on solid rock and be quick as there will be many people waiting to take photos.


There?s the kissing rock too. Originally they were coastal reefs which had been eroded by waves over time forming the kissing rock.


Good thing that there were clear signs to lead you to another place! We would definitely get lost if not for those signs. Oh yes, get ready your mosquito repellent too!


Explored the area a little while and we decided to head over to the lighthouse!

The Eluanbi lighthouse is one of the highlights in Kenting, it?s built between the Pacific Ocean and the Taiwan Strait and is open to the public all year round! We tok this opportunity to take some photos at one of the main attractions of Kenting.


That?s the lighthouse behind us!


Thankfully there weren?t many people like us having a mini photoshoot at this area, if not we would have a problem getting a clear view with nobody around. There were tourists walking about here and there but overall, not much disturbance to the fun we were having.

We decided to walk down a little further and there, lies the beautiful blue ocean!


What a lovely visit we had at the Eluanbi Park!

What to do in Kenting #6 – Visit the southernmost point of Taiwan – Eluanbi Park!

All fun must come to an end, we each bought ourselves a coconut drink on the way out as it was so hot! We even got a tan!

Rode back to Kenting Main Street to return our scooter and it?s time for us to leave this beautiful place.

Till the next time we meet again Kenting!

Anything else in Kenting?

Kenting Forest Recreation Area – Explore the forested area of Kenting!

Maobitou – For magnificent ocean views and to watch waves crashing onto the shore!

Szechung River Hot Springs – Enjoy hot spring baths for easing stiff muscles and promote circulation!

Where to stay in Kenting?

Hotels and Minsus (homestay) are widely available in Kenting. You can book in advance or just walk in to one of the places for accommodation upon your arrival here. However do take note that some hotels and minsus are rather far away from the attractions.

For us, we walked into Xingji Hostel along Kenting Main Street, negotiated a price for our two nights stay and checked in! It?s that simple!

We didn?t do much research on where to stay in Kenting as we know there will be abundance of minsus to choose from. Glad that our room was very comfortable, no complaints at all!

We got it at NT$950 for a night. It is located right beside the Kenting Main Street where the night market was. Everything is convenient. At this price, we simply love this minsu!

Well, apart from not having an elevator and we had to carry our belongings to the third floor. This is how our room looks. Cute right?

Visitors? Info

How to go to Kenting?

For us, we took the Taiwan Rail to Xinzuoying which is located in Kaohsiung.


Upon arrival, we bought a bus ticket at the counter and took the bus to Kenting. Bus ride was around 2 hours and 20 minutes, alight at Xiaowan and you will find yourself on Kenting Main Street!


Alternatively, you can hire a taxi from Xinzuoying, the driver will also take you directly to Kenting too!

How to travel around Kenting?

Scooters / Motorbikes
Scooters and motorbikes are the main form of transport in Kenting. You don?t need a license to ride the scooter as the speed is only capped at 30km/h, however you do need a licence if you want to ride the motorbike.

Scooters are readily available for rent! Check with the scooter company the places where you can charge your scooters because you want the it to run out of battery! Do ask for a helmet too!

You can rent a car or hire a taxi driver for your few days in Kenting but do check the prices first.

Yay or Nay?

If you are adventurous, a nature-lover and loves the sand, sea and fun, you will love it here! We love the freedom to travel around Kenting on our scooter that brings us to most places.

No complaints on food. In fact, we still miss the sashimi there.

We are there during the summer season from March onwards. We got the right period. Avoid ‘winter’ or rainy seasons which are from October to February. Kenting is no fun without sun and sea!

Not really. Kenting will be on our destination list whenever we come to Taiwan!

Lastly! One jump shot to round up this beautiful Kenting trip!


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