What’s Fun At Marina Barrage?

Marina Barrage?is Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the only one located in the city.

But wait, probably you are thinking?

“Why is it that a reservoir is listed as one of Singapore’s attractions??


“What else can people do at a?reservoir, other than looking how it can provide water supply for the nation?”

These are just exactly what I thought when Marina Barrage was opened in 2008. Since then, it has attracted many people. Like me, many have been there on multiple occasions. So what’s really fun out there at Marina Barrage, and why you (and your family and friends) should visit it when you’re there?

marina barrage

Preferred Hangout for Family & Friends!

The next time you fret over where to go for a big family or friends outing, just go to Marina Barrage! It is not the typical Singapore reservoir for water catchment only.

It’s one of the favorite?hangouts?for many people, with their family, friends and colleagues, to get away from the hectic and stressful life.

marina barrage


One of the main activities at the Barrage is?kite flying!?It has a wide and spacious rooftop grassland for people to fly their kites. The breeze over there never cease, and it can fly your kite high up for hours, and also keep you cool under the sun.

Of course, we flew our kites there too!

To me, it is one of the?best?places to fly a kite in Singapore, as there are literally no obstructions to where your kite can fly. Elsewhere, your kite might hit a building or caught in a tree.

marina barrage


If you do love kite-flying, you will find many?kite lovers?over there, with many different design and sizes of kites. There’s also ample space for everyone to fly their kites, without tangling with each other. You will even see some really special kites.

Like this…

marina barrage big kite


However, ‘kite accidents’ still does happen sometimes (if you’re unlucky!).

While you’re flying your kite, you can relax and enjoy the?beautiful scenery?of the Singapore City. From its rooftop, you can see iconic architecture like the?Singapore Flyer?and the Marina Bay Sands.

marina barrage kite flying


On other occasions, we also go to the Barrage to have?picnics?with our friends. We simply get some food, kites, and there we go! Some will fly their kites, some will play card games, some will chat.

marina barrage picnic food


In either ways, it is a delightful place to?chill?and?hangout!

And if you’re passionate photographer, I believe you would love the?scenery?around Marina Barrage. For my trips there, we never leave the Barrage without taking amazing shots against the skyline.






Visitors’ Info

Opening Hours

All Day (24 hours)

Information Counter:?9am – 9pm

Sustainable Singapore Gallery:?9am-9pm (except Tuesday)

How To Get There:

MRT:?Alight at Marina Bay, then take Bus no. 400.


(the only downside of Marina Barrage, is that there is only a bus service to bring you there. Luckily, the buses come on regular timings!)

You can take?Bus no. 400?or?Marina Barrage Shuttle Bus

Take?Exit A?from?Marina Bay MRT Station. The bus stop is only about 2 minute walk from the MRT station.

You can check the schedule of Bus 400 and Shuttle Bus at the bus stop.


Flag a taxi anywhere, and you can alight at its main entrance.

For specific directions,?click here!


Yay or Nay?


You’ll love the Barrage if

  • you need a big open space for activities
  • you’re an avid photographer
  • you love kite flying
  • you want to have a picnic


You’ll not love the Barrage if

  • you’re there alone
  • the weather is really hot (sometimes it really is!)
  • you don’t love kite flying…picnicking …


What Say You?

Have you been to the Marina Barrage? Share the fun you and your friends had with us in the comments below!


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