Hi! Welcome to Travel Yourself Today, where we write about our adventures in Singapore, outside Singapore, and anything that helps you to travel yourself!

How we started

We started writing about our adventures in different parts of Singapore, and sharing the stuffs that are not told by tour guides. By sharing, we can make you trip savvy by saving more time and more money (and avoid tourist traps!)


And how it is now…

Then, as we travel overseas, we also realize we tend to plan our own trips and itineraries (and didn’t join much tour packages). And when we return, we have friends asking us for our trip itineraries. Of course we share with them. And we wonder, why not we just write our trip itineraries here, so you can travel on your own too!


So here’s that’s what we hope to achieve with our?site:

Helping you to travel around?Singapore, and outside Singapore!

But this is site is not all about our trips…

Yes we created this site to share about our trips, but we don’t want it to be all about us only!

Let me ask you…

  • Do you have an incredible and unforgettable trip that you want to share with more people?
  • Do you have some important travel tips to a country that everyone must know before they travel?
  • Have you travelled to somewhere exotic that you want more people to go at least once in a lifetime?

If you’d like to share your extraordinary experience here with us, just let us know! Doesn’t matter if it’s your first time sharing, or you have already shared it in your own blog. If it’s worthy to be shared, we are open!

Meanwhile… have fun reading, and keep exploring!

Marcus & Valerie