So you want to read more about us?

We’re actually normal people who like to travel. Traveling is the in-thing nowadays, and people in Singapore always can’t wait to fly out to somewhere outside and?see a different side of the world.

Ok.. here’s a little bit more about us.



hi, i’m Marcus!

Singapore has been my home for more than two decades (since the day I was born!), and will be for years to come. What I love about Singapore is the?diversity?we have.

Most of my foreign friends say that Singapore is not just a city, but a capital city of the world!

And I must say it’s true! Just take a stroll along the busy streets of Singapore, you’d see people of all races, coming from different countries, speaking in different languages.

What’s more, we can find almost all kinds of food here! Local, Asian, Western, European, Mediterranean cuisines, you can have it all! So sometimes when you hear us Singaporeans complain about food, it’s not that we don’t have food to eat, it’s we don’t know What to eat! Yes, we are spoilt for choices!

Other than always on the lookout for exciting stuffs around Singapore, I also love to play the violin, and play sports!


about-travel-singapore-yourself-valhi, I’m Valerie!

I was born in Hong Kong, but came to Singapore when I was 9. Since then, I studied in Singapore, all the way to the tertiary level.

Though most of my friends are here, I still do fly back Hong Kong regularly to play and visit my relatives and friends.

Even though Singapore is small (really small), I can still be a?local?tourist, exploring different places of interests and soaking in the atmosphere of holiday seasons, especially those that I don’t celebrate, like Deepavali and Hari Raya.

Sometimes, when my friends say“Singapore’s so small, there’s nowhere to go?”?I would say, “it’s not ‘nowhere to go’, it’s just that you ‘don’t know where to go!’ ”

I’m also an avid?photographer, who loves to snap everything beautiful around Singapore.?(So now you know where the pretty images on this site come from?)


Why are we here?

As we all know, Singapore is one of the most visited cities from people all over the world. People come for different reasons – to bask in its rich and diverse culture, to taste famous Singapore cuisines, or just to stopover a few days before heading elsewhere.

Whatever it is, we believe travelers always want to enjoy themselves in Singapore!

But not many are!

From our research and interaction with tourists and many of our overseas friends, they want something more than just what they can read in travel brochures or advertisements.

On top of that, most travel brochures or advertisements do not always say the truth about the attraction (we sometimes cringe when we read them!). Excellent copywriting skills can make the attraction so appealing to you? until you experience it, and see it with your own eyes.

What’s more, we don’t think you want your treasured holiday trip to be decided by tour agencies who decide the ‘touristy’ attractions for you, to bring you to where they want you to shop (and overspend), and worst of all, decide how much time you are given to enjoy ourselves.

And its the same when we’re overseas!?

As we become other countries’ tourists, we don’t want our trips to be spoiled by their tourist traps, and wasting time and money at?not-attractive-but-advertised-as-attractive tourist attractions.


What are we doing here?

We only have one objective here:

Helping you to travel around Singapore, and outside Singapore!

What you’ll discover here:

  1. You’ll find out how to get the?best priced?tickets into attractions.
  2. You’ll discover the food places that serves famous local delights that are best value for money, and not out to earn tourists’ money.
  3. You’ll discover the best places to do your?shopping! More savings, more shopping!
  4. You’ll know the?best routes?to all your destinations of the day, so you can save unnecessary transportation fares. Save commute time too!
  5. You’ll know?what’s fun and what’s not?about every attraction, so you can either visit, or skip it! You can spend all the time you want at your favorite attraction, and save money on those attractions that doesn’t interest you!

We do this by?visiting?the various attractions in Singapore,?share?our trip, and give?honest reviews?of the attraction. We also open up our our site to the community for them to share their opinions too! From these information, you be the Boss!

Before this site is up, we have already been sharing traveling tips and bringing our overseas friends around, from Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, China, and even further countries like Finland and Scotland.

Since we have already been doing that, so why not we just share the tips with you here, to make your Singapore holiday more enjoyable!

Of course, we wouldn’t say we know it all. So if you have any traveling tips for Singapore visitors, you’re welcome to share with us too!


We’re also sharing our trip itineraries outside Singapore!

No matter which country we go to, we try to plan the whole trip ourselves and travel on our own. We thought that’s the best way to explore a city than joining a tour group. Hence, we’re also writing down our travel adventures outside Singapore so you can also plan to travel yourself over there!

That’s not all.

We invite you to share your travel adventures with us too!

  • Do you have an incredible and unforgettable trip that you want to?share with more people?
  • Do you have some?important travel tips?to a country that everyone must know before they travel?
  • Have you travelled to?somewhere exotic?that you want more people to go at least once in a lifetime?

If you?d like to share your extraordinary experience here with us, just let us know! Doesn?t matter if it?s your first time sharing, or you have already shared it in your own blog. If it?s worthy to be shared, we are open!


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