Best Of Singapore Tourist Attractions

“What are some of the must-visit Singapore tourist attractions?”

This is the most frequently asked question by our tourist friends when they visit Singapore.

I thought it is quite easy to answer them, but in fact its not!

It’s because there’s so many ‘must-visit’ tourist attractions in Singapore! It is like a big playground to foreigners and locals like us.

We have visited numerous tourist attractions in Singapore ourselves, with our friends, and sometimes even being a tour guide to our tourist friends.

We have listed down the tourist attractions in Singapore that you have to visit when you’re here. And No. We will not be just giving you plain details like what you will see in travel brochures. (ah? that’s boring?)

Here, we share our fun and experiences touring those attractions! If you had fun and unforgettable memories at the tourist attractions too, we do welcome you to share with everybody too!


Universal Studios Singapore



The Universal Studios Singapore (USS) theme park is called by many as the ‘must-visit’ attraction for visitors of Singapore. Really? Opened in 2010, located within Resorts World Sentosa, I can say it?s currently one of the most happening places in Singapore!

Wait! Make sure you read the important information before you go to USS, and of course, here’s also 7 tips how to get the most fun there!


SEA Aquarium



Exploring the World’s Largest Oceanarium The SEA Aquarium (Southeast Asia Aquarium), the World?s Largest Oceanarium is Singapore?s latest attraction at the Sentosa. Looking at the title it holds, you must be expecting something HUGE here. Hey! it’s the World’s Largest! True enough, the SEA Aquarium houses over 100,000 marine animals from 800 species all over the world.


Marina Bay Sands



It?s not just about Casino and Gambling! When asked if anyone heard of Marina Bay Sands, their usual reply would be,isn’t that the casino in Singapore? You?re not wrong! Marina Bay Sands(MBS) is one of the two integrated resorts which feature casino facilities to open in Singapore, the other one being the Resorts World Sentosa. However, to simply know it.


Singapore River Tour


What can you find at Singapore most famous river today, Singapore River used to be a small trading port where merchants came in boats to trade their goods with fellow businessmen. Today, you can’t find these merchants, the warehouses, or the boats of goods. So what can you find today? Take a tour around Singapore River and you?


Clarke Quay


Craving for some night life in Singapore? Look no further than Clarke Quay!? That’s what you’ll hear when you ask anyone where is the one place that will come alive aftermidnight?in Singapore! Many years back, the Quay was known for its warehouses for storage of goods. Waters along the Quay were heavily polluted, mostly due to heavy


Boat Quay


In the past, you trade at Boat Quay. Today, you come for breathtaking sightseeing tour, delectable seafood and drinks along Singapore River! If you haven’t know, the Boat Quay was once the busiest trading port in Singapore. It was part of the whole Singapore River trade, along with Clark Quay and Robertson Quay. Trading was so vibrant.


Singapore Flyer


If you want to see the Singapore skyline from 165 metres high, Singapore Flyer can help you! We have been to the Singapore Flyer a couple of times, and the scenery just blew us away. Maybe you have been to the London Eye, which is very much similar to the Flyer, which gives you a 360-degree view of the city.


Tanjong Pagar Centre

Tanjong Pagar is commonly known as the financial district in Singapore. It used to be just a business district, where it will be packed on weekdays, empty on weekends. But not anymore! In recent years, there have been many developments and projects to make this area come alive on weekday nights and even on weekends. And now, it has the tallest building in Singapore. Find out more details here.


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