Famous Events In Singapore

What are the popular events in Singapore?

You’ll find it here! While we know Singapore is famous for its popular tourist attractions, this little city in Southeast Asia is also one of the popular locations to hold?world renowned events?and activities!

While some of the events are held in Singapore?annually?or biannually, they never fails to draw huge crowds! There are even tourists and visitors who make special arrangement to fly to Singapore to attend these events!

Right here, we list down the major Singapore events that we have attended, and which will be held back here again. If you missed the previous action, don’t worry, we have got all the action back for you here.

But if you like to?Be There?and see the action?LIVE?yourself, do keep in touch with us, and you will be notified of future event dates and details!


F1 Singapore


Singapore 2014 is one of the biggest events of the whole calendar year in Singapore.We put together this informative guide to provide as much details as you need to know about Formula One Singapore night race, to be held on?September 2014! [?]


Singapore Airshow

The Singapore Airshow is a grand event held in Singapore biannually. It is also the largest aerospace and defence event in Asia, bringing together leaders and powerhouses of the aviation community, as well as key military and political leaders. So what about us normal folks? Fret not!The vast area at the Changi Exhibition Centre allowed?a [?]


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