How To Travel Asia Yourself

Yes, Asia is huge!

But we plan to travel to every part of Asia, one country at a time. And we will document our trip adventures, and will be sharing how we travel to different parts of Asia?ourselves here.

Hence, if you want to travel Asia?yourself too, we hope the guides we share here will help you! We will keep this page updated whenever we are out for trip to Asia, ourselves!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special place to both of us. We visited Hong Kong together in 2007, and went back every other year, for friends, for food, for fun! Every time we went back, we tried different things, we went different places.

If you are going to Hong Kong for the first time, or planning to explore Hong Kong differently, here are 10 things you must know before you travel Hong Kong!




Taiwan is a huge country with different cities. We toured one round of Taiwan in 2013, and went back to take our wedding photos in 2015. We love the country and their people. We will be back again, and again!

Click here to see how you can travel the whole of Taiwan yourself!


or simply a short few days trip of Kenting is awesome as well. Check out the best things to do?Kenting here!

kenting taiwant scooter

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a popular tourist destination in Thailand. And because there are so many tourists, there are some tourist traps that you and I may not know of. We have compiled our tour experiences and would love to share you with the 7 things to know before you travel to Phuket.

Click here to find out how to spot the right hotel to stay in Phuket, and not overpay for island tours!



… and have you tried our onsen, or ‘Japanese hot spring’ in Bangkok Thailand before?

Here’s our quick guide for first time ‘onsen-ers’ when we visited Yunomori Onsen & Spa Bangkok.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia is fast becoming one of the most visited country in South east Asia after it has opened up for tourism some years back.?You may have seen parts of the country in the movie of Tomb Raider, but I can say it’s not all. Plus, if you happen to drop by Siem Reap, you must not miss one of the best circus shows there!

Click here for your guide to travel around Siem Reap!?

angkor wat siem reap


Stay tuned for more Asia trip updates!


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