How To Travel Europe Yourself

“Travel Europe Yourself?”?Is that possible? That’s what we are going to show you!

Our?mission?at is to show you how you can travel anywhere yourself, by saving time and money. So here, we want to show you how we are living our mission, by traveling to other countries ourselves!

We have documented our trip adventures, and will be sharing how we travel to different parts of Europe ourselves here.

Hence, if you want to travel Europe yourself too, we hope the guides we share here will help you! We will keep this page updated whenever we are out for trip to Europe, ourselves!


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands is one of the beautiful cities in Europe we’ve been to. During our trip in May, we are fortunate to be there for the bloom of the tulips. In fact, it’s near the end of the season, and you can really find lovely tulips everywhere!

Click to read more to see where we found the huge tulip fields!



Stuttgart, Germany

For our trip in Stuttgart, we are fortunate to have a German friend to bring us around his hometown. We were able to go places that are not easily accessible without car. Though Stuttgart is not a heavily advertised place for tourism in Germany, we had our fair share of fun.

Click here to see where we have a picnic under a historical castle!



Munich, Germany

Bavaria! That’s the city we were at, and probably the most happening place of Germany. It has a huge culture that you’ll not find in other cities. Other than its culture, Munich is also made famous by its world famous football club – FC Bayern Munich, and its gorgeous castle.

Click here to check out the majestic?Neuschwanstein Castle!



Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the city where many historical events took place and changed the world we lived in today. The Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, the?Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. If you love history, that’s where you will want to be at.

Click here to follow our historical tour, and also view the 1.3km long Berlin Wall art!



Stay tuned for more our Europe trip updates!

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