Singapore Cultural Tour

If there’s something?unique?about the Singapore culture, it is one that is cosmopolitan, where you will find people of different races, nationalities and religions come to live harmoniously together.

While Singapore is kind of ‘modernized’ and ‘urbanized’, it still retains most of its rich?historical?and?cultural?significance, which mostly stems from the early settlers into Singapore. Today, these cultural attractions are not only part of the tour itinerary of many tourists, they are visited by locals during festivals too!

While you can sign up for paid guided tours to bring you around the heritage sites to learn about the culture of Singapore, we travelled the attractions ourselves, had lots of fun and learning, and made even plans here for you to?travel yourself?easily too!

We?recorded?every tour we made to each cultural attraction, and provided the essential information and tips for locals and tourists visiting there! Of course, if you have more tips to share with fellow travelers, we welcome you to share it here too!

So whatcha waiting??Begin your journey?of the Singapore Culture tour now!


Singapore Chinatown

buddha-tooth-relic-temple-and-museum-buildingIf you wonder how the early Chinese immigrants settled in olden days Singapore, then you must embark on aChinatown cultural tour!

Our 2-hour tour of Chinatown brings us to various heritage and cultural sites, along with trying some of the local delicacies! Follow us on this Chinatown Tour and find out more!

singapore-chinatown-chinese-new-year-streetsSingapore Chinatown, during the?Chinese New Year, is different from its usual day business. It’s time when tourists and locals flock to Chinatown to bask in the festive atmosphere.

Furthermore, it’s the best place for us to do?Chinese New Year shopping!?What can you buy? Come shopping with us here and you’ll know!


Little India

little-india-indian-foodA?cultural expedition tour?to Little India I set off with my group of multi-cultural friends, which includes a Finnish, to explore the rich Indian culture in the heart of Singapore.

We even tried a unique Indian art, and taste delicious Indian cuisine!

Wanna tour Little India?

Let’s show you how!



Kampong Glam

kampong glam sultan mosqueJust like how early Chinese and Indian immigrants settled in Chinatown and Little India respectively in the early days, the?Malay?and?Arab?immigrants settle in Kampong Glam!

Hundreds of years have passed, but what have changed in this community of full of Malay and Muslim heritage?

Follow us and we bring you on a cultural tour!


Stay tuned as we update more stories of our Singapore Culture tours!


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