Singapore Museums: Uncovering History

Singapore may be a young country since gaining independence only in 1965, but it has a long history of a few hundred years, since the day this island was first discovered.

To date, we have a total of?33 museums?in Singapore. However, I don’t expect you to visit all of them, as you might not have all the time to do so. Some museums might not be of interest to you too!

Travel books and brochures may just recommend the popular Singapore museums for you, but do you know that there are many?more fascinating museums that are not featured in these books??No one told you, right?

No worries! That’s what we are going to do here!

We visit museums, review the?positives and negatives?of it, and let you make the decision if the museum is for you! From this, we hope to help you save time, and prevent you from visiting a museum, just to leave 5 minutes later.

And if you have visited the museum before, we welcome you to share your review with us too!


1. Asian Civilisations Museum

asian civilisation museum

We might have seen the present?Singapore?with its tall and gorgeous skyscrapers and architecture, but we might not have seen the old Singapore as a popular trading port in the 1800s. How about the?China?which started 2700 years ago with with Zhou dynasty? And have you wondered how major religions like?Islam?and?Buddhism?play an important role in whole of [Continue Reading…]


2. Changi Chapel and Museum

changi chapel and museum

The Changi Chapel and Museum?holds many emotional and inspirational stories and memories of those who suffered and survived the World War II in Singapore.?World War II is just a textbook knowledge to younger generations like us. But coming here, is where history comes alive. The?National Museum of Singapore?does showcase the history of Singapore during Japanese [Continue Reading…]


3. Mint Museum of Toys

mint museum of toys

When I first heard of the?Mint Museum of Toys, I thought it?s probably be a place where I can buy a lot of toys! But I was wrong. Most of the toys there are not for sale!?(Truth to be told, I might not even afford some of the toys there!) We love toys.?(Duh?Who doesn?t play [Continue Reading…]


4. Malay Heritage Centre

malay heritage centre

The?Malay Heritage Centre?today is once the prominent Istana Kampong Glam, the former Malay Palace in Singapore. It?s a property of over a centuries old, and resided by generations of Sultan Hussein Shah of Johor?s family from the 1800s to 1900s. The residents have since resettled, and the Istana Kampong Glam was?refurbished?in 2004 as part of [Continue Reading…]


5. National Museum of Singapore

national museum of singapore

The?National Museum of Singapore?is the oldest museum in Singapore, with a long history dating back to 1887. You may thought, ?What?s there in a museum of over a hundred years old?? It can be easily passed off as an old museum with dusty national archives piling high and deep? but hey, I can guarantee it?s [Continue Reading…]


6. Singapore Philatelic Museum


The Singapore Philatelic Museum?is simply the place where stamp collectors would love to be at. They have a huge collection of postage stamps and philatelic materials of Singapore and many countries around the world! If anyone would ask me about stamps, I tell them I only know they are used to paste of envelops before [Continue Reading…]


7. The Peranakan Museum

peranakan museum

When you see ?The Peranakan Museum??, I bet you may immediately wonder,?What does Peranakan mean?? The ?Peranakan? may seems to be foreign to you, if you don?t reside in the Southeast Asia region. It?s foreign to me too, until I discover so much fascinating facts about their people, tradition, and culture! ? The Peranakan Museum [Continue Reading…]


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