Exploring Singapore Nature

A Singapore nature walk?may not be one like a jungle trail in the Amazon, but it does offer you a glimpse of wildlife in an urban city!

If you travel around Singapore, you will find buildings and skyscrapers everywhere. But on the other side, you will also find how?beautiful?Singapore nature can be. Locals and tourists love exploring the nature of Singapore by taking frequent outdoor trips and thrills to parks, gardens and natural reserves all over island.

We love to make frequent outdoor trips with my friends to gardens and parks in Singapore too! Other than exploring nature, we simply love to surround ourselves in a?natural?environment, to relax and?get away?from the stressful city life.

If you’re a?nature lover, then this page is for you!

Here,?we share the fun and adventure?in our nature walks and trails around Singapore, including essential information and tips for locals and tourists too!

You’re welcomed to share with us your and discovery and experiences in your nature walks too!


Changi Boardwalk

changi boardwalk sunrise


Catching sunrises can be a very romantic thing to do. If you?re an avid fan, then you must watch the sunrise at Changi Boardwalk! As the sun rises from the east, catching it at the Changi Boardwalk or the Changi beach gives you the best view of the morning sun! We?ve caught the sunrise at [?]


East Coast Park



The East Coast Park is a 185 hectare park located at the east of Singapore. It is very popular for many visitors and locals who made the trip there for its beaches, food and greenery. The park is also one of our favorite hangouts, where we can have a whole morning of?outdoor activities?with our friends, [?]


Gardens By The Bay

gardens by the bay


Gardens By The Bay is one of the latest attraction of Singapore in 2012. It is so popular that it hits?1 million visitors?less than two months after its opening! Singapore has many nature parks and gardens, but what makes Gardens By The Bay so special? The Gardens was constructed with the local government?s vision of [?]


Jurong Bird Park



Jurong Bird Park?is famously known as Asia?s Largest Bird Park. It is even listed as one of the ?must-visit? attractions when you are in Singapore. But is it a ?must-visit? attraction for you?? I don?t know about you, but if you?re a bird lover, I?m sure you will definitely love this place! We visited the?Jurong [?]

MacRitchie Reservoir

macritchie reservoir

We all know how stressful work can be in our fast-moving society today. Time is everything, and sometimes, we work so much that we don?t even have time for ourselves. Once in a while, we even want to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life? So one of the best places to [?]


Marina Barrage



Marina Barrage?is Singapore?s 15th reservoir, and the only one located in the city. But wait, probably you are thinking? ?Why is it that a reservoir is listed as one of Singapore?s attractions?? or ?What else can people do at a?reservoir, other than looking how it can provide water supply for the nation?? These are just [?]


Pulau Ubin

pulau ubin


If you wonder how Singapore was like in its early days, make a trip to Pulau Ubin and you?ll know! A tour around Pulau Ubin, an island off the northeastern coast of Singapore, will bring you back to the kampung (village) days of Singapore in the 1960s. While most of the early inhabitants have moved [?]


Singapore Botanic Gardens



Did you know the Singapore Botanic Gardens has been here since 1859? We didn?t too! (until we googled it!) The Botanic Gardens was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1822, but was closed in 1829. It later opened its door by an Agri-Horticultural Society in 1859, before handled over to the government of Singapore.Today, the [?]


Singapore Zoo



The?Singapore Zoo?is one of the ?must-go? attractions you must visit when you?re here. Other than just another ?zoo?, it is also the home to thousand of species, of which many are endangered. The zoo is also a?fun hangout?for families and friends! Couples love it. Kids love it. Thousands of visitors everyday! They call it the [?]


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