Singapore River Cruise

“You don’t have to travel by boat to Singapore River?but”

Hop onto?Singapore River Cruise, and let it bring you for a sight-seeing tour of landmarks and attractions around Singapore’s iconic river!

Looking back at Singapore’s early days, bumboats were a common scene around Singapore river. Merchants and businessmen all gathered at Boat Quay to trade their goods.

However, since trade at the river ended, these bumboats were nowhere to be seen? until we have the Singapore River Cruise?today!


River Cruise

The river cruise today serves locals and tourists daily, providing a unique Singapore River experience via the three quays -?Boat Quay,?Clarke Quay?and Robertson Quay, and Marina Bay.

While you are on the 40-60min cruise ride, you will be able to spot different landmarks and attractions.?So what will you see??You’ll find out when you’re on it! Download the route map?here.

Don’t worry if you might feel see-sick. The boat travels slow enough for you to even stand steadily on it.

Going around on a walking Singapore River tour? Then hop on to the cruise when your legs are giving way. It can be perfect time for you to relax, and view the same attractions, but now from the river!

singapore-river-cruise-backTicket Prices:

Tale of 2 Quays
Duration: 40 min
Highlights: Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Marina Bay

Adult: $17
Child: $10
*Last trip at 10:30pm

Tale of 3 Quays
Duration: 60 min
Highlights: Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, Marina Bay

Adult: $22
Child: $12
*Last trip at early evening.

Water Taxi

Other than sight-seeing, you can also board the Water Taxi to bring you to specific locations at the river.


Below is the price chart of the Water Taxi to and from certain locations.

?Fullerton /
?Liang Court /RSP
?RQ /
GCW ??
MBS $4 $4 $8 $12 $16
Fullerton / Merlion $4 $4 $4 $8 $12
RLS / BQ $8 $4 $4 $4 $8
Liang Court / RSP $12 $8 $4 $4 $4
RQ / GCW $16 $12 $8 $4 $4


MBS:?Marina Bay Sands
RLS:?Raffles Landing Site
BQ:?Boat Quay
RSP: River Side Point
RQ: Robertson Quay
GCW: Grand Copthorne Water Front

Here we go!


So how’s your experience on the Singapore River Cruise? Share with us in the comments below!

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