What to do in Munich for 2 days

A short and simple guide to tour Munich!

If you are wondering what to do in Munich for?two?days, then this page is for you.?We traveled around Munich in the month of May 2013, which is the summer period, for two full days and we had lots of fun.

This is a section on our travels outside Singapore, where we share how you can also travel Europe yourself!

If you’re planning to travel Munich yourself, which what we strongly encourage, we hope the tips and information we share will help you!Click each of the links to jump to important sections, or simply follow us on a tour!

First, Let’s cheers, Welcome to Munich!?



What’s Fun?

Munich is one state that anyone who want to have a vacation in Germany, Must Not Miss! It is the capital, and the largest city in the German state of Bavaria.

From what I heard, they say the Munich of Germany is just like the Texas of United States. They have their own unique culture, language, and is simply different from any other town and cities of Germany.

As part of our Germany tour, we only had two days inside Munich, but we had a fulfilling one!


Day One

First up, if you wonder what to do in Munich, then its City Center, Karlplatz, is where you should start! The city center is a bustling place full of activities. And definitely you can walk around the city centre alone.

However, we would like to recommend you a?walking tour, with a guide, to bring you around the city centre. Because that’s what we did, and it’s highly worth it!



Munich city centre is not just a place for shopping or sight-seeing only. It has rich historical background at every structure and building that is still present today.

The 2-hour walking tour that we joined had an amazing tour guide who shared lots of interesting stories at every stage of the tour.

From what I learned, the Munich central which Valerie was standing, has many WWII bombs that were left uncovered underground. These bombs are only found during construction works. Wow, how scary is that?

What to do in Munich #1 -?Join a walking tour!


We were also brought to this historical beer hall,?HofBrauhaus. Beer halls are common in Germany, but this particular one is special. It is where Hitler(I’m sure you know who he is!)?gave his first speech to his Nazi Party.



Today, it’s a lively beer hall and restaurant serving good food and music. It’s packed everyday, and we can’t even get a seat when we came early before dinner time. If you can, dining at this historical beer hall is something you must do in Munich!

What to do in Munich #2 – Have your dinner at HofBrauhaus!


Another historical site we went, is the Odeonplatz. Does this look familiar to you? This is where the infamous fatal gun battle took place, during the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923.


The structures we saw there were built centuries ago, although renovation works are carried out to preserve and maintain its structure, they still look exactly the same as they were captured in historical films.



A note 50 Million Dollar German Mark?

This was shown to us by our guide. That was what happened during hyperinflation in WWII. But that’s not all. The note was printed only on one side, because the ink to print the other side of the note, cost more than the value of the whole note.

Another prominent site that we encounter is the Hotel Torbrau.



A grand hotel? Yes, it’s a grand hotel today. But back in the days, it was where Hitler formed his secret SS army.

What to do in Munich #3 – Visit historical sites!


Next, a town hall you won’t miss in Munich. This is a grand and old town hall at Marienplatz.



From what we learned, the town hall is not destroyed during WWII, as it was the German base then. Also, whenever the clock at the top of the hall strikes 11am, 12pm and 5pm, the figurines will start to dance around, like a musical box.

Do catch it (at the right time) when you’re there!

If you would like to experience the fun we had, we recommend you check out?Radius (Viator) Munich Tours. You can purchase the tickets?online, or offline at the centre at Munich Hbf.

Day Two

The next day, we made a trip out of Munich to a town nearby, called Fussen. It’s for our tour to the famous?Neuschwanstein Castle!?Is it touristy? Yes. Lots of tourists, hey, it’s something you must see if you’re traveling to Munich!



Similar to Day 1, we joined a one-day tour to?Neuschwanstein Castle?after the amazing experience we had with the Radius tour guides on the first day. Fussen is outside of Munich and it took us a 2-hr train ride to reach there.

The whole town is totally different from Munich city. Fussen is more of a farmland, a village-like place, and less of business and commercial activities.? The Neuschwanstein Castle was built by King Ludwig II in 1892, but it was left incomplete due to his sudden death.

His castle is up the hill, and it took us some 20 minutes of hiking to reach it. Along the way, we saw his dad’s castle – on a lower hill.


Hiking up to the Neuschwanstein Castle was quite a tiring process, but we reach it?



…the view of the castle is simply magical. Just like the one we see in fairytales, doesn’t it?

Here’s some more pics for you. Take it and use as wallpaper or save it if you want. If you visit during the winter season, you’ll get another scene of the castle – in snow!



And the picture below is taken from the inside of the Neuschwanstein castle. Can you see the bridge where we took the whole caste earlier on?



The castle tour continued with a guide showing us around the inside of the castle, and the parts which are left incomplete by the King. No photography is allowed inside, but we must say, the interior of the house is majestic and impressive.

The tour to Neuschwanstein at Fussen took almost a day, and by the time we returned back to Munich, it’s evening.

What to do in Munich #4 – Visit Neuschwanstein Castle!


As it’s our last day at Munich, we thought we must visit a place every football fan must visit -?The Allianz Arena, the home of Bayern Munich Football Club! It’s also the stadium for the Munich Olympic Games!

Football is in the blood of Germans. I’m (Marcus) a football fan too, and I’ve seen enough of Allianz Arena from TV screens, but never a Live one. However, as the German League has already ended when we visit, there are no more matches played at the stadium!!

But if you like to experience the German football culture, watch a match live in a stadium!

And visit them during the football season, and not when the season ends!

If you go in the morning, you can join their guided tour of the stadium, and history of Bayern Munich Football Club. We went at night, but a trip outside the iconic stadium is still worthwhile.

What to do in Munich #5 – Visit the Allianz Arena!



The stadium looks a cool blue here. But before I left, it turns Gold! And then I realized, the stadium changes color every 30 minutes. Amazing huh?

Is that all you can do for 2 days in Munich? Of course not! After reading our 2 day tour, and you still wondered what to do in Munich for 2 days, fret not. You can replace the places we went to with a tour to Salzburg, Dachau Concentration Camp, or even a Munich Ghost Walking Tour!

And similarly, we would recommend a Munich tour package with?Radius tour, because we have bought it ourselves, and we enjoyed it!


Where to stay in Munich?

For most tourists to Munich, they will stay in hotels. However, if you know us enough, we just love to do things the other way. We do not stay in hotels (unless highly necessary)! We looked for room rentals through Airbnb.

Airbnb.com is an awesome site where you have hosts open up their empty rooms?to travelers for a fee, and usually it cost really cheap as compared to hotels.

So where did we stay in Munich? We stayed in an apartment near Freimann. And here is our host Konstantin. You can find out more about his apartment through his?room listing on Airbnb. We had an awesome stay, and we highly recommend it!

(We don’t receive commission from recommending our Airbnb hosts’ apartment. We recommend it because we are well-received by them, and enjoyed our stay. So we hope you do enjoy too!)?



Oh, and if you’re a football fan, then I must say his apartment is the best for your stay. It’s just two metro stops from the Allianz Arena! Imagine reaching home in 10 minutes after watching a Bundesliga match?

What to do in Munich #6 – Stay with a local!

Alternatively, you can stay in hotels too, which is everywhere around the city. Before you book, do compare the hotel rates.


Visitors’ Info

How to go to Munich?


You can fly into Munich from wherever you are. There is an airport in Munich. Munich Airport is one of the busiest airport which provides domestic and international flights. Not sure if there are flights into Munich? Check them below.


You can also take the DB, or the speed train into Munich, and you will arrive at Munich Haupbahnhof, the Munich Central train station. That’s how we get into Munich, from Stuttgart. To board the train, you have to get a Bahn ticket first.

You can get your?Bahn ticket online, or you can purchase at any train station around Germany. But before you buy any tickets, be sure to check the timing first. You can check the train timing online.


Did you rent a car for your Europe trip? Then yes, you can drive into Munich too.

How to travel around Munich

Metro Train

That’s the transport we took in Munich, and I must say, it’s very convenient! The Munich metro brings us to everywhere we want to go. The metro lines are highly connected here, so it may be confusing to you when you first saw it?



But you will understand it after a while. Buy a ticket at the ticket machine and select your ticket type. If you’re traveling around Munich for 2 days like us, you may want to get a one-day ticket, which saves you more money.


The taxi is another choice of transport, however, we don’t think it’s necessary, unless you’re in a rush to somewhere. Taxi rates are quite high in Germany. Take it only when necessary.


Definitely you can drive if you have a rental car. However, finding parking lots can be an issue sometimes.

What to eat in Munich?

That’s what we eat in Munich, for two days.


Oh, and what we drink (everyday)!



Like other parts of Germany, pork knuckle and beer are the main food in Munich. However, I must say the pork knuckle here taste a lot better than other parts of Germany, that we had it almost every meal in Munich (except breakfast!).

What to do in Munich #7 – Eat Pork Knuckle and Drink Beer!



Not sure where to eat? Then try this?Augustiner Restaurant?at Karlplatz, Munich city. It’s been there for centuries, and they serve some good German food and beer!

However, not everyone eats pork or drink beer. Sad to say, a tour guide told us that if you don’t take pork or beer, then it’s not recommended to stay in Munich for more than 3 days.

But fret not, there are also fast food centers (like McDonalds) and vegetarian restaurants too!

Cost of Living in Munich

It’s interesting that we talk about cost of living in Munich when we are just travelers. However, as we have toured other cities in Germany, we found that the cost of living is higher than other parts that we’ve been to (Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg).

Munich is a big and busy city and hence, prices can be higher.

Hence, you can expect a meal at a restaurant for two to cost about ?30 (1 main dish and a drink each).

So, prepare more cash for your trip to Munich!


Yay or Nay?


Why we love Munich:

  • Bustling place full of historical sites I saw in WWII movies
  • Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle is magical
  • If you love WWII history, especially about Hitler’s Rise to Power, then that’s where you should be.
  • Food and Drink Culture. I may be here for Oktoberfest!
  • Lively and happening city – we hardly get bored here!
  • Football Fever! (For football fans like me!)


Why we may not love Munich:

  • Can be quite costly
  • Lack of food choices – sorry, Singaporeans are too pampered by their own food variety! Even though they have really good pork knuckle, you’ll go like “WHAT! PORK KNUCKLE AGAIN!?!?”


What Say You?

We enjoy Munich, and we can tell you, 2 days in Munich is not enough. But we’re glad we did quite a number of things in just 2 days. What to do in Munich?

After reading this, we hope you don’t have to worry anymore!

This is just our short guide on what to do in Munich for two days. To get more travel tips on Munich, we recommend you visit?www.Inside-Munich.com. We found a lot of useful information for our trip there!

The owner Marion has been living there for more than 15 years and she shares all the insider know how about her favorite city with her visitors. If you ever plan a trip to Munich or Bavaria, visit her website for more information!


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