What to do in Stuttgart for 2 days?

Your short and simple guide to tour Stuttgart!

Wondering what to do in?Stuttgart, Germany for two days? That’s what this page is about! We travelled around Stuttgart in May 2013 for two full days and we had lots of fun. That’s what we want to share with you here!

This is a section on our travels outside Singapore, where we share how you can also travel Europe yourself!

During our travel, we had our friendly German friend,?Dani?who brought us around, and he recommended us to many exciting places! If you’re planning to travel Stuttgart yourself, which what we strongly encourage, we hope the tips and information we share will help you!



What’s Fun?

Stuttgart is the sixth largest city in Germany, located in Baden-Wurttemberg in Southern Germany. It is shaped in a valley and you can have a view of Stuttgart by standing on the hill. Beautiful sight indeed!

Well, if you did not already know, many places in Europe encourage recycling by placing these machines like the photo below at supermarkets to collect used bottles. You can even at least ?0.15 or more, depending on how many bottles you recycled.

Not a bad deal to less off your future purchase at the supermarket huh?

(I saw someone brought a bag of 30 bottles to this machine and drop them one by one. Imagine how much savings he had… I’m not kidding!)



One of our friends who was having her university exchange program in Germany (say Hi to Rebecca!) joined us in our tour in Cologne and Stuttgart. You’ll see her in the pictures later!

We only had two days in Stuttgart but we are thankful to have our friend Dani, a local, to bring us around and we get to visit places that we will not get to visit if we were by ourselves.


Day One

Stuttgart is the birth place of Mercedes Benz and while we were in Germany, we visited the Mercedes Museum.



(From this picture, can you guess who is who? :P)

We got to see the first automobile,?Benz Patent Motorwagen, which was designed by Karl Benz all the way back in 1886.



Did you know that one of the cars which was popular during the Germany?s Nazi period was produced by Mercedes Benz and Hitler had driven multiple of these cars during the car? Why? Simply because the car has bulletproof windshields!

Dani drove us to the Mercedes Benz factory and booked a tour so we could see how the car was being assembled right in front of our eyes! It was truly an eye-opener for us, everything is with precision.

Also, seeing how the use of robots helped with the production of the car, it?s just amazing.

[Oops! No pictures from the factory as photography is not allowed 🙁 ]



That?s Marcus in the SLS AMG Mercedes that was produced at the place where we were at.

Well, it?s not a daily thing that we can get to sit in an SLS! Cars in Singapore are?so expensive?but in Germany, a standard C-class Mercedes, like the photo below, that is fully equipped and modified only cost ?44,000 which is about SGD$72,000, but this amount can only get you the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) which is the quota license in Singapore.

(That said, if you want to get a Benz in Singapore… you might have to fork out S$150,000 and above! – A fact in 2013)


We also get to see some cool Benz that we didn’t get to see elsewhere!


Overall, thanks to Dani for helping us to book this Mercedes factory tour, it was really an eye-opening experience for us!



What to do in Stuttgart #1 – Join the Mercedes factory tour!


Day Two

After numerous chilly summer, the sun was out! We visited the Stuttgart centre where all the shopping is at.



As the summer in Germany is short, there were many people enjoying the sun and having picnic on the grass; that?s something you do not get to see here in Singapore. We did not get to shop in Stuttgart but if shopping is for you do remember to visit Stuttgart downtown.

Dani said It?s just like Singapore?s Orchard Road. Shopaholics you will love it for sure!

What to do in Stuttgart #2 – Shopping in downtown Stuttgart?


Since Stuttgart is shaped like a valley, you have to stand at a higher altitude to overlook the entire city and that?s exactly what we did. Look how beautiful it is!



What to do in Stuttgart #3 – Photo taking at a higher altitude overlooking the valley

After the short 5 minutes photo taking by the road side, we headed to Wurttemberg Mountain we could still see the house from here. After which, Dani brought us to?Sepulchral Chapel, it?s located on Wurttemberg Mountain where you can view Stuttgart?s surrounding and its vineyards.



Sepulchral Chapel was built from 1820 to 1824 and was used as a Russian orthodox worship place from 1825 to 1899. To declare his love for her, King Wilhelm built this chapel for Queen Katrina after she passed away in 1819.

This chapel is also called the??Chapel Of Love??because of the love story of King Wilhelm and his adored wife.


You should visit Sepulchral Chapel in the evening for beautiful sunset views! Oh, do remember to wear more layers during the winter especially, as it can be rather chilly up in the mountain.

What to do in Stuttgart- #4 Visit Sepulchral Chapel in the evening



To wrap up our sightseeing in Stuttgart, Dani drove us to a special place for lunch! In the photo above do you see the?castle?in the background that?s above the mountain? That?s Burg Hohenzollern or Hohenzollern Castle. It?s located 50 kilometres south of Stuttgart.

We stopped by here for a picnic; it was a once in a lifetime experience!



Thanks for Dani?s mum for preparing the food, we ate till our stomachs were so full.

What to do in Stuttgart #5 – Picnicking at the base of Burg Hohenzollern


The castle is located on top of Mount Hohenzollern which is at an elevation of more than 2,500ft above sea level, surrounding Hechigen and nearby Bisingen to the south. Both located at the foothills of Schwabische Alb. Look how beautiful it is from the castle?s view!

(Looking down from the top of the castle, did you find that spot where we did the above jump shot?)



It was first constructed in the early part of 11th century. This castle is considered as the ancestral seat of the Hohenzollern family which emerged during the Middle Ages and eventually became German Emperors.

We had to trek uphill in order to get to the castle, luckily there was Dani to bring us as close as possible to the castle so all we had to do was to trek 15-20 minutes uphill and we arrive at the front of the castle.


This was taken after we?ve entered the castle. Look how sunny it was!



The castle that stands today is the third version of it and it was built between 1846 and 1867 and was built in the Gothic-Revival style. As the castle was built as a family memorial, no one was residing in it until 1945, when the last Prussian Crown Prince Wilhelm was buried with his wife Crown Princess Cecilie.

Take a look at some of the pictures we took at the castle!


So there’s a restaurant at the top of the castle. Seems to be a nice place for an unusual dining experience.


That?s me with the view of the forest.



Here?s to the wonderful group of people that we were at the castle with! After spending about an hour at the castle, admiring its beauty and its surrounding, we left and trekked downhill to get back to the carpark.


Well, indeed we burnt off some calories from the feasting!

What to do in Stuttgart #6 – Visit Burg Hohenzollern


Anything else in Stuttgart??

There are many other things you can do in Stuttgart if you?re planning to stay for more than two days! Here are some suggested places to visit:

  • Bad Cannstatter Volksfest ? If you?re visiting Stuttgart in fall, be sure not to miss this beer festival!
  • Stuttgart State Opera ? Treat yourself to a classical or modern production in this cultural town.
  • Altes Schloss (Old Castle) ? Visit this thousand year old castle and travel back in to the Middle Ages.
  • The Mercedes-Benz Arena ? Watch and support your favourite team and experience the German sports scene.


Where to stay in Stuttgart?

If you?ve read our other entries on our Europe trip (Cologne,?Amsterdam,Munich,?Berlin), yes indeed we chose to look for room rentals through Airbnb!

Airbnb is an awesome site where you can rent rooms and apartments for a fraction of the cost as compared to hotels. What?s better than staying with a local? You can get first-hand information to the places they visit and the food they eat.



We stayed with a wonderful young French family who has been living in Stuttgart for the past five years. The host was really nice to prepare breakfast for us in the morning. Room was cosy and comfortable. One down side is that there is no lift in the apartment so be prepared to carry to your luggage up the stairs!



This is how the exterior of the apartment looked like and we stayed on the highest floor. We felt very welcomed by Adele and Romain as we enter their apartment. Prior to the arrival Adele and I had were corresponded numerously over email and it felt like meeting a person whom I?ve already known.

As our friend stayed with us during the two days when we were in Stuttgart, Adele kindly made special arrangements so that our friend doesn?t have to look for another place to stay.



Furthermore, we get to have breakfast with the ladyboss too!?We were really thankful for such an accommodating host.



Here?s a picture of us with Adele and her 2 year-old daughter. This place is just 4 U-Bahn stops away from Stuttgart Central Station, it was really convenient to get to places! We would definitely stay here again if we are visiting Stuttgart in the future.

Do remember to check out?Adele’s listing on Airbnb.

What to do in Stuttgart #7 – Stay with a local!

(We don’t receive commission from recommending our Airbnb hosts’ apartment. We recommend it because we are well-received by them, and enjoyed our stay. So we hope you do enjoy too!)?

Alternatively, you can choose to stay in a hotel in Downtown Stuttgart. Do check out the hotel listings in Stuttgart too.


Visitors’ Info

How to go to Stuttgart??


Stuttgart has one airport located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, it has flight from major cities in Germany and Europe. If you?re flying into Germany and wish to fly into Stuttgart, you can do a domestic flight from major cities in Germany like Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt.


You can get to Stuttgart by train as well from major cities in Germany. With the DB or the speed train, you will reach Stuttgart Haupbahnhof, which is also the Stuttgart Central Station. That was how we got into Stuttgart from Heidelberg! It was a short journey and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

However, to board the train you will need to get a bahn ticket. You can get your?Bahn ticket online, or you can purchase at any train station around Germany. But before you buy any tickets, be sure to check the timing first. You can check the train timing online.


Did you rent a car in Germany? Then you can drive into Stuttgart as well.


How to travel around Stuttgart?


You can travel around Stuttgart by train, there are S-bahn and U-bahn. For short distance you can take the U-bahn and for long distances you can take the S-bahn because it has fewer stations than the U-bahn. That was how we travel from the Central Station to our Airbnb apartment as the U-bahn station is just right in front of the apartment, so it was really convenient.


Walking is not a problem when you are in the inner city as everything can be reached within 30 minutes by foot. What?s more is that you can get to burn the calories off!


You can drive if you have a rented car however the streets of Stuttgart can be rather confusing for tourists so driving is not recommended. Furthermore, it may be difficult to find parking in the city. (Parking can be quite expensive in Stuttgart too!)


What to eat in Stuttgart?

In our opinion, the best schnitzel we had in our entire trip in Germany would our?1kg schnitzel!


Look how gigantic that piece of meat is!



Pork goes well with beer! Here?s?radler, Marcus? favourite alcoholic drink. It?s 50% beer and 50% soft drink (eg. Sprit or 7-up). It has a very light and refreshing flavour to it, unlike any of the other beer we have tried.

An unforgettable experience! You should visit this authentic restaurant if you are in Stuttgart. Here?s their website 😕http://www.sportpark-neuwirtshaus.de/impressum.html

Just one down side is that it?s may be out of the way for most of you but with a car you can get to the place.


Yay or Nay?


Why we love Stuttgart:

  • ? A place with scenery especially if you are standing at a higher altitude, looking down at the Stuttgart valley.
  • The food – we had the most delicious schnitzel in our entire Germany trip!
  • If you love cars, you will like Stuttgart because it is where cars like Mercedes, Porsche and Audi originated from.


Why we may not love Stuttgart:

  • As Stuttgart is shaped like a valley, there are many slopes around the entire city which can be tiring to climb uphill.
  • If you really want to travel around Stuttgart, you might need a car to make your trip convenient. [or find a local friend to bring you around!]


What Say You?

Stuttgart was fun for us as we had a friend to bring us around so we can get to experience how a local lives; living wondering memories during our short stay here.

There are many places that we have not been to, like vineyards; we are sure to visit one of them when we return the next time round! Before we end off this post… One More Jump!?


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