Do you want to get tons of tourists to stay at your gorgeous hotel, or visit your amazing attraction, and have lots of fun at your country, every single day?

We would like to welcome you again for dropping by popular travel blog, Travel Yourself Today. As you already know, we review extensively about the travels we had at every country we been to, telling every traveler what is fun, what is not, what to buy, where to buy? and many more important tips before they embark on their trip!

If you have read some of our travel reviews before your trip, it is highly likely that you are searching for travel tips on Google, and you found us! And this is what we do best!

We are not your regular travel bloggers who just review a travel destination and send a few tweets about it.

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After multiple requests, we are finally opening up our blog for sponsorship. If you run a business in a travel and hospitality industry, we want to work with you! We want to help you get your business out to thousands of passionate travelers every month! We are open about our traffic stats.

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1. Monthly Page Views

On average, our travel blog receives an average of 12,000 page views a month. The Google Analytics data below is taken from the entire month of January 2016. You can clearly see the number of pageviews for that month is 13,902.


2. We are BIG on Search Engines

Majority of the traffic comes from real visitors who are googling about travel reviews before they travel. And they found us! These search engine visitors are valuable because they are interested about your country/city and are making their way there!



3. Worldwide audience

Our visitors come from almost every country you can think of! tyt-GA-Countries-Jan2016


Why should you sponsor Travel Yourself Today?

In today’s digital age, almost anyone can be a travel blogger. Anyone can go on a trip, take a few images, start a free blog, and they can call themselves a travel blogger.

So, why should you work with us to help promote your travel and destination business? Here are top 3 reasons why we are your preferred partner:


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Other than just bloggers ourselves, we are also proficient in Search Engine Optimisation, the ability to get our content ranked highly on Google search results to attract highly targeted visitors – the travelers who are planning their trips. They are the people your business exactly want! You and I will love search engine visitors because:


i. They are the people who will be traveling to your destination very soon!

People read reviews to get more information before they buy. Travelers read our travel review because they want to know the things to do at their destination before they arrive. These readers are travelers, and they are highly likely to buy from you than anyone other type of readers!


ii. Your content can be found anytime, anywhere.

Social media visitors may get interested in your content for a while, but they may not find your content anymore when they are planning their travels. However with SEO, your content can easily be found by any visitor who uses Google anywhere, anytime.


iii. You are attracting your buyers, not hard-selling them

When the readers found your content and love the helpful travel advice you give for them, they will trust you and buy from you. This is totally different from push-advertising which more often than not, push your visitors away, than getting them to buy from you.


2. You can expect unlimited targeted traffic

When you partner with us, we are not only relying on our usual blog or social media account traffic only, which most travel bloggers do.

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(Note: these are not random web visitors, but real travelers who found their way while searching for Phuket travel tips!) You can expect your business to be exposed to thousands of highly targeted travelers month after month as well! .


3. You can expect awesome write-ups!

When we write travel reviews, we are not your usual ‘freelance writer’ who write 500-800 words trying to fill up the word limit. Also, we are not your ‘creative writer’ who use big or fanciful words to impress confuse readers.

We are your average traveler who gets to the ground, experience the best (and the worst), and write it as it is. No fanciful or creative writing, just awesome write-ups that people will love and enjoy sharing with their friends!

Another one of our successful write-up, is a review of our Taiwan wedding photography experience. taiwan-wedding-photography-review-post


The 6000-word write-up has been read by over 5000 readers and shared over 190 times on social media channels! Yes, you can be sure your write-up will be awesome, and get loved by readers as well!


Who are our target audience?

Independent travelers, solo travelers, and travelers who love to plan their own itineraries (and hate joining tour groups!) Our readers are interested in:

  • Destination Day Tours
  • Unique Hotel Reviews
  • Independent Trip
  • Unusual Travel Experiences
  • Insider Travel Reviews
  • Couple Travels


Ways You Can Work With Us

Do you want us to write about our entire trip experience in your city/country? Let us get the word out about your travel destination, from the time we depart to the time we return, and everything in between.

Do you want your travel destination, accommodation, or travel service reviewed in a blog post by us, and get read by thousands of travelers month after month? Our reviews are always more than 1000 words and will be optimised for search engine traffic to ensure perpetual quality readers to your review.

Digital Marketing Service:

Do you want to reach potential buyers to your travel business with powerful effective digital marketing strategies? Let our partner agency tailor a unique plan to dominate your industry online!


Disclaimer: Our readers will always come first, and we are always open with them. We are honest in our reviews and we indicate if our trips or services are sponsored or discounted. We are committed to help our readers make the best decisions in planning their trips and holidays.

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