Your Guide To Travel Cambodia Yourself

If you’re looking for information and guides for your Cambodia trip? Then you’re at the right place!

This is one of the pages where we document our adventures in Cambodia to?share with you travel information of Cambodia. Hence, if you hope to travel Cambodia yourself, then we hope these information helps you!

We will keep this page updated with more information about Cambodia.


7 Amazing Facts Of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the reason why so many tourists flock to Cambodia. Alright, I’m one of them. So you may have seen many magnificent images of this 7th Wonder of the World. But here are 7 facts that you want to know before you visit the great Angkor Wat!

Click here to find out how many elephants, sandstone, and laborers were required to build Angkor Wat!

angkor wat siem reap


Ta Phrom: The Amazing Stuffs You Can Find In the “Tomb Raider Temple”

If you walk around Siem Reap, and mention the words – Tomb Raider, Angeline Jolie, Tomb Raider Temple – the Cambodians will direct you to the Ta Phrom temple. Why is it called the Tomb Raider Temple? I found the answer when I’m there!

Click here to?see the famous (or overly-grown) trees of Ta Phrom too!?



Bayon Temple: The Smiling Faces You Cannot Miss

Don’t you love it when every ancient temple in Siem Reap has its unique features? When you’re at the Bayon Temple, you can’t help but notice hundreds of faces smiling at you. Maybe you can’t see it in the image below. Zoom in to locate?the faces!

Click the link below to also find out a ‘possible scam’ in the temple.



Phare: The One Show You Cannot Miss in Cambodia

Other than temple tours, you’d also love to watch some entertainment or cultural shows there. If you’re looking for one, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS: Phare Circus. They are not your ordinary cultural or entertainment shows. They are performed by young and hardworking artists from under-privileged families.

Phare Circus is on a social mission to improve the lives to many youths in Cambodia.

That’s not all. Their shows are highly entertaining!

Enough of me selling.?Just click on this link to see it yourself!?



Stay tuned as we add more travel tips and information about Cambodia!


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