Your Guide To Travel Taiwan Yourself

Looking for information about traveling Taiwan yourself? You’re at the right place! Taiwan is one of Singaporean’s favorite travel location, we?included!

I (Marcus) travelled the whole of Taiwan in 2013 with my friends, and both of us travelled together in 2015. We love Taiwan so much that we even took our pre wedding photographs there!

hey, do you want a personal tour??

You can have a personalized walking tour around Taipei with our Taiwan friends from Like It Formosa!?The walking tour is organized by a group of young 20-something Taiwanese locals who want to share their love and passion about Taiwan. Tours are conducted in English. Book your tours here!

Also, we will keep this page updated for information about Taiwan travel, because we know we will be there again, and again!

The Ultimate Guide To Travel Taiwan in 14 Days


In 2013, 3 Chinese Nationals, 1 Singaporean, and 1 Scottish embark on a trip to explore Taiwan. As undergrads then, we did our own research, plan our own itinerary, and make sure the whole trip is affordable. How did the trip turn out?

Click here to read all the places we visited, and the amount of money I spent too!?


What to do in Kenting?


Kenting is probably our most favorite place in Taiwan. Not that we don’t like other cities like Taipei or Tainan, but Kenting is just so different from other places! We got to ride around to explore the nature and the southern tip of Taiwan, we went out to the sea for some water games, and more!

If you’re planning a long trip to Taiwan, you must not skip Kenting! Find out all the things you can do in Kenting here!


Taiwan Wedding Photography with Naza Bridal Studio

taiwan wedding photography naza review

Right after the 2013 Taiwan trip, we saw an opportunity to take our wedding photos in Taiwan too. We got our package for S$999, but our overall cost is almost S$4000. What happened? What did we buy? How was the overall experience?

Click here to find out the awesome experience we had, and some important things you have to know before you sign up an overseas wedding photography package too!


Stay tuned as we add more travel tips and information about Taiwan!

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